Alexandra Balahur | Saif M. Mohammad | Veronique Hoste | Roman Klinger  
Brussels, Belgium 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity, Sentiment and Social Media Analysis
[W18-6200]: Alexandra Balahur | Saif M. Mohammad | Veronique Hoste | Roman Klinger

Pdf Export Search Identifying Affective Events and the Reasons for their Polarity
[W18-6201]: Ellen Riloff

Pdf Export Search Deep contextualized word representations for detecting sarcasm and irony
[W18-6202]: Suzana Ilić | Edison Marrese-Taylor | Jorge Balazs | Yutaka Matsuo

Pdf Export Search Implicit Subjective and Sentimental Usages in Multi-sense Word Embeddings
[W18-6203]: Yuqi Sun | Haoyue Shi | Junfeng Hu

Pdf Export Search Language Independent Sentiment Analysis with Sentiment-Specific Word Embeddings
[W18-6204]: Carl Saroufim | Akram Almatarky | Mohammad AbdelHady

Pdf Export Search Creating a Dataset for Multilingual Fine-grained Emotion-detection Using Gamification-based Annotation
[W18-6205]: Emily Öhman | Kaisla Kajava | Jörg Tiedemann | Timo Honkela

Pdf Export Search IEST: WASSA-2018 Implicit Emotions Shared Task
[W18-6206]: Roman Klinger | Orphee De Clercq | Saif Mohammad | Alexandra Balahur

Pdf Export Search Amobee at IEST 2018: Transfer Learning from Language Models
[W18-6207]: Alon Rozental | Daniel Fleischer | Zohar Kelrich

Pdf Export Search IIIDYT at IEST 2018: Implicit Emotion Classification With Deep Contextualized Word Representations
[W18-6208]: Jorge Balazs | Edison Marrese-Taylor | Yutaka Matsuo

Pdf Export Search NTUA-SLP at IEST 2018: Ensemble of Neural Transfer Methods for Implicit Emotion Classification
[W18-6209]: Alexandra Chronopoulou | Aikaterini Margatina | Christos Baziotis | Alexandros Potamianos

Pdf Export Search Sentiment analysis under temporal shift
[W18-6210]: Jan Lukeš | Anders Søgaard

Pdf Export Search Not Just Depressed: Bipolar Disorder Prediction on Reddit
[W18-6211]: Ivan Sekulic | Matej Gjurković | Jan Šnajder

Pdf Export Search Topic-Specific Sentiment Analysis Can Help Identify Political Ideology
[W18-6212]: Sumit Bhatia | Deepak P

Pdf Export Search Saying no but meaning yes: negation and sentiment analysis in Basque
[W18-6213]: Jon Alkorta | Koldo Gojenola | Mikel Iruskieta

Pdf Export Search Leveraging Writing Systems Change for Deep Learning Based Chinese Emotion Analysis
[W18-6214]: Rong Xiang | Yunfei Long | Qin Lu | Dan Xiong | I-Hsuan Chen

Pdf Export Search Ternary Twitter Sentiment Classification with Distant Supervision and Sentiment-Specific Word Embeddings
[W18-6215]: Mats Byrkjeland | Frederik Gørvell de Lichtenberg | Björn Gambäck

Pdf Export Search Linking News Sentiment to Microblogs: A Distributional Semantics Approach to Enhance Microblog Sentiment Classification
[W18-6216]: Tobias Daudert | Paul Buitelaar

Pdf Export Search Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis into the Wild
[W18-6217]: Caroline Brun | Vassilina Nikoulina

Pdf Export Search The Role of Emotions in Native Language Identification
[W18-6218]: Ilia Markov | Vivi Nastase | Carlo Strapparava | Grigori Sidorov

Pdf Export Search Self-Attention: A Better Building Block for Sentiment Analysis Neural Network Classifiers
[W18-6219]: Artaches Ambartsoumian | Fred Popowich

Pdf Export Search Dual Memory Network Model for Biased Product Review Classification
[W18-6220]: Yunfei Long | Mingyu Ma | Qin Lu | Rong Xiang | Chu-Ren Huang

Pdf Export Search Measuring Issue Ownership using Word Embeddings
[W18-6221]: Amaru Cuba Gyllensten | Magnus Sahlgren

Pdf Export Search Sentiment Expression Boundaries in Sentiment Polarity Classification
[W18-6222]: Rasoul Kaljahi | Jennifer Foster

Pdf Export Search Exploring and Learning Suicidal Ideation Connotations on Social Media with Deep Learning
[W18-6223]: Ramit Sawhney | Prachi Manchanda | Puneet Mathur | Rajiv Shah | Raj Singh

Pdf Export Search UTFPR at IEST 2018: Exploring Character-to-Word Composition for Emotion Analysis
[W18-6224]: Gustavo Paetzold

Pdf Export Search HUMIR at IEST-2018: Lexicon-Sensitive and Left-Right Context-Sensitive BiLSTM for Implicit Emotion Recognition
[W18-6225]: Behzad Naderalvojoud | Alaettin Ucan | Ebru Akcapinar Sezer

Pdf Export Search NLP at IEST 2018: BiLSTM-Attention and LSTM-Attention via Soft Voting in Emotion Classification
[W18-6226]: Qimin Zhou | Hao Wu

Pdf Export Search SINAI at IEST 2018: Neural Encoding of Emotional External Knowledge for Emotion Classification
[W18-6227]: Flor Miriam Plaza del Arco | Eugenio Martínez-Cámara | Maite Martin | L. Alfonso Urena Lopez

Pdf Export Search EmoNLP at IEST 2018: An Ensemble of Deep Learning Models and Gradient Boosting Regression Tree for Implicit Emotion Prediction in Tweets
[W18-6228]: Man Liu

Pdf Export Search HGSGNLP at IEST 2018: An Ensemble of Machine Learning and Deep Neural Architectures for Implicit Emotion Classification in Tweets
[W18-6229]: wenting wang

Pdf Export Search DataSEARCH at IEST 2018: Multiple Word Embedding based Models for Implicit Emotion Classification of Tweets with Deep Learning
[W18-6230]: Yasas Senarath | Uthayasanker Thayasivam

Pdf Export Search NL-FIIT at IEST-2018: Emotion Recognition utilizing Neural Networks and Multi-level Preprocessing
[W18-6231]: Samuel Pecar | Michal Farkaš | Marian Simko | Peter Lacko | Maria Bielikova

Pdf Export Search UWB at IEST 2018: Emotion Prediction in Tweets with Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory Neural Network
[W18-6232]: Pavel Přibáň | Jiří Martínek

Pdf Export Search USI-IR at IEST 2018: Sequence Modeling and Pseudo-Relevance Feedback for Implicit Emotion Detection
[W18-6233]: Esteban Rissola | Anastasia Giachanou | Fabio Crestani

Pdf Export Search EmotiKLUE at IEST 2018: Topic-Informed Classification of Implicit Emotions
[W18-6234]: Thomas Proisl | Philipp Heinrich | Besim Kabashi | Stefan Evert

Pdf Export Search BrainT at IEST 2018: Fine-tuning Multiclass Perceptron For Implicit Emotion Classification
[W18-6235]: Vachagan Gratian | Marina Haid

Pdf Export Search Disney at IEST 2018: Predicting Emotions using an Ensemble
[W18-6236]: Wojciech Witon | Pierre Colombo | Ashutosh Modi | Mubbasir Kapadia

Pdf Export Search Sentylic at IEST 2018: Gated Recurrent Neural Network and Capsule Network Based Approach for Implicit Emotion Detection
[W18-6237]: Prabod Rathnayaka | Supun Abeysinghe | Chamod Samarajeewa | Isura Manchanayake | Malaka Walpola

Pdf Export Search Fast Approach to Build an Automatic Sentiment Annotator for Legal Domain using Transfer Learning
[W18-6238]: Viraj Salaka | Menuka Warushavithana | Nisansa de Silva | Amal Shehan Perera | Gathika Ratnayaka | Thejan Rupasinghe

Pdf Export Search What Makes You Stressed? Finding Reasons From Tweets
[W18-6239]: Reshmi Gopalakrishna Pillai | Mike Thelwall | Constantin Orasan

Pdf Export Search EmojiGAN: learning emojis distributions with a generative model
[W18-6240]: Bogdan Mazoure | Thang DOAN | Saibal Ray

Pdf Export Search Identifying Opinion-Topics and Polarity of Parliamentary Debate Motions
[W18-6241]: Gavin Abercrombie | Riza Theresa Batista-Navarro

Pdf Export Search Homonym Detection For Humor Recognition In Short Text
[W18-6242]: Sven van den Beukel | Lora Aroyo

Pdf Export Search Emo2Vec: Learning Generalized Emotion Representation by Multi-task Training
[W18-6243]: Peng Xu | Andrea Madotto | Chien-Sheng Wu | Ji Ho Park | Pascale Fung

Pdf Export Search Learning representations for sentiment classification using Multi-task framework
[W18-6244]: Hardik Meisheri | Harshad Khadilkar

Pdf Export Search Super Characters: A Conversion from Sentiment Classification to Image Classification
[W18-6245]: Baohua Sun | Lin Yang | Patrick Dong | Wenhan Zhang | Jason Dong | Charles Young

Pdf Export Search Learning Comment Controversy Prediction in Web Discussions Using Incidentally Supervised Multi-Task CNNs
[W18-6246]: Nils Rethmeier | Marc Hübner | Leonhard Hennig

Pdf Export Search Words Worth: Verbal Content and Hirability Impressions in YouTube Video Resumes
[W18-6247]: Skanda Muralidhar | Laurent Nguyen | Daniel Gatica-Perez

Pdf Export Search Predicting Adolescents' Educational Track from Chat Messages on Dutch Social Media
[W18-6248]: Lisa Hilte | Walter Daelemans | Reinhild Vandekerckhove

Pdf Export Search Arabizi sentiment analysis based on transliteration and automatic corpus annotation
[W18-6249]: Imane GUELLIL | Ahsan Adeel | Faical AZOUAOU | fodil benali | Ala-eddine Hachani | Amir Hussain

Pdf Export Search UBC-NLP at IEST 2018: Learning Implicit Emotion With an Ensemble of Language Models
[W18-6250]: Hassan Alhuzali | Mohamed Elaraby | Muhammad Abdul-Mageed