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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the ACL 2001 Workshop on Sharing Tools and Resources

Pdf Export Search Preface
[W01-1501]: Mike Rosner

Pdf Export Search Introduction: Extending NLP Tools Repositories for the Interaction with Language Data Resource Repositories
[W01-1502]: Thierry Declerck

Pdf Export Search The TELRI tool catalogue: structure and prospects
[W01-1503]: Erjavec Tomaz | Varadi Tamas

Pdf Export Search An Archive for all of Europe
[W01-1504]: Wynne Martin

Pdf Export Search SiSSA - An Infrastructure for NLP Application Development
[W01-1505]: A. Lavelli | F. Pianesi | E. Maci | I. Prodanoff | L. Dini | G. Mazzini

Pdf Export Search The OLAC Metadata Set and Controlled Vocabularies
[W01-1506]: S. Bird | G. Simons

Pdf Export Search International Standards for Multilingual Resource Sharing: The ISLE Computational Lexicon Working Group
[W01-1507]: N. Calzolari | A. Lenci | A. Zampolli

Pdf Export Search Multimedia Language Resources
[W01-1508]: D. Broeder | P. Wittenburg

Pdf Export Search Tools and resources for Tree Adjoining Grammars
[W01-1509]: F. Barthelemy | P. Bouiller | Philippe Deschamp | L. Kaouane | √Čric Villemont de la Clergerie

Pdf Export Search Resource Sharing Amongst HPSG and LTAG Communities by a Method of Grammar Conversion between FB-LTAG and HPSG
[W01-1510]: N. Yoshinaga | Y. Miyao | K. Torisawa | J. Tsuji

Pdf Export Search Covering Treebanks with GLARF
[W01-1511]: A. Meyers | R. Grishman | M. Kosaka | S. Zhao

Pdf Export Search Using an Open-Source Unification-Based System for CL/NLP Teaching
[W01-1512]: A. Copestake | John Carroll | D. Flickinger | R. Malouf | S. Oepen

Pdf Export Search How to Integrate Linguistic information in FILES and generate feedback for grammar errors
[W01-1513]: R. Delmonte | L. Chiran | C. Bacalu

Pdf Export Search Annotation Graphs and Servers and Multi-Modal Resources: Infrastructure for Interdisciplinary Education, Research and Development
[W01-1514]: C. Cierri | S. Bird

Pdf Export Search Annotation Tools Based on the Annotation Graph API
[W01-1515]: S. Bird | K. Maeda | X. Ma | H. Lee