Sasa Petrovic | Ethan Selfridge | Emily Pitler | Miles Osborne | Thamar Solorio  
Portland, OR, USA 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the ACL 2011 Student Session
[P11-3000]: Sasa Petrovic | Ethan Selfridge | Emily Pitler | Miles Osborne | Thamar Solorio

Pdf Export Search Word Alignment Combination over Multiple Word Segmentation
[P11-3001]: Ning Xi | Guangchao Tang | Boyuan Li | Yinggong Zhao

Pdf Export Search Sentence Ordering Driven by Local and Global Coherence for Summary Generation
[P11-3002]: Renxian Zhang

Pdf Export Search Pre- and Postprocessing for Statistical Machine Translation into Germanic Languages
[P11-3003]: Sara Stymne

Pdf Export Search Exploring Entity Relations for Named Entity Disambiguation
[P11-3004]: Danuta Ploch

Pdf Export Search Extracting and Classifying Urdu Multiword Expressions
[P11-3005]: Annette Hautli | Sebastian Sulger

Pdf Export Search A Latent Topic Extracting Method based on Events in a Document and its Application
[P11-3006]: Risa Kitajima | Ichiro Kobayashi

Pdf Export Search Syntax-based Statistical Machine Translation using Tree Automata and Tree Transducers
[P11-3007]: Daniel Emilio Beck

Pdf Export Search ConsentCanvas: Automatic Texturing for Improved Readability in End-User License Agreements
[P11-3008]: Oliver Schneider | Alex Garnett

Pdf Export Search Disambiguating temporal-contrastive connectives for machine translation
[P11-3009]: Thomas Meyer

Pdf Export Search PsychoSentiWordNet
[P11-3010]: Amitava Das

Pdf Export Search Optimistic Backtracking - A Backtracking Overlay for Deterministic Incremental Parsing
[P11-3011]: Gisle Ytrestøl

Pdf Export Search An Error Analysis of Relation Extraction in Social Media Documents
[P11-3012]: Gregory Brown

Pdf Export Search Effects of Noun Phrase Bracketing in Dependency Parsing and Machine Translation
[P11-3013]: Nathan Green

Pdf Export Search Towards a Framework for Abstractive Summarization of Multimodal Documents
[P11-3014]: Charles Greenbacker

Pdf Export Search Sentiment Analysis of Citations using Sentence Structure-Based Features
[P11-3015]: Awais Athar

Pdf Export Search Combining Indicators of Allophony
[P11-3016]: Luc Boruta

Pdf Export Search Turn-Taking Cues in a Human Tutoring Corpus
[P11-3017]: Heather Friedberg

Pdf Export Search Predicting Clicks in a Vocabulary Learning System
[P11-3018]: Aaron Michelony

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Morphology in Turkish Named Entity Recognition System
[P11-3019]: Reyyan Yeniterzi

Pdf Export Search Social Network Extraction from Texts: A Thesis Proposal
[P11-3020]: Apoorv Agarwal

Pdf Export Search Automatic Headline Generation using Character Cross-Correlation
[P11-3021]: Fahad Alotaiby

Pdf Export Search K-means Clustering with Feature Hashing
[P11-3022]: Hajime Senuma