He He | Tao Lei | Will Roberts  
Berlin, Germany 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the ACL 2016 Student Research Workshop
[P16-3000]: He He | Tao Lei | Will Roberts

Pdf Export Search Controlled and Balanced Dataset for Japanese Lexical Simplification
[P16-3001]: Tomonori Kodaira | Tomoyuki Kajiwara | Mamoru Komachi

Pdf Export Search Dependency Forest based Word Alignment
[P16-3002]: Hitoshi Otsuki | Chenhui Chu | Toshiaki Nakazawa | Sadao Kurohashi

Pdf Export Search Identifying Potential Adverse Drug Events in Tweets Using Bootstrapped Lexicons
[P16-3003]: Eric Benzschawel

Pdf Export Search Generating Natural Language Descriptions for Semantic Representations of Human Brain Activity
[P16-3004]: Eri Matsuo | Ichiro Kobayashi | Shinji Nishimoto | Satoshi Nishida | Hideki Asoh

Pdf Export Search Improving Twitter Community Detection through Contextual Sentiment Analysis
[P16-3005]: Alron Jan Lam

Pdf Export Search Significance of an Accurate Sandhi-Splitter in Shallow Parsing of Dravidian Languages
[P16-3006]: Devadath V V | Dipti Misra Sharma

Pdf Export Search Improving Topic Model Clustering of Newspaper Comments for Summarisation
[P16-3007]: Clare Llewellyn | Claire Grover | Jon Oberlander

Pdf Export Search Arabizi Identification in Twitter Data
[P16-3008]: Taha Tobaili

Pdf Export Search Robust Co-occurrence Quantification for Lexical Distributional Semantics
[P16-3009]: Dmitrijs Milajevs | Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh | Matthew Purver

Pdf Export Search Singleton Detection using Word Embeddings and Neural Networks
[P16-3010]: Hessel Haagsma

Pdf Export Search A Dataset for Joint Noun-Noun Compound Bracketing and Interpretation
[P16-3011]: Murhaf Fares

Pdf Export Search An Investigation on The Effectiveness of Employing Topic Modeling Techniques to Provide Topic Awareness For Conversational Agents
[P16-3012]: Omid Moradiannasab

Pdf Export Search Improving Dependency Parsing Using Sentence Clause Charts
[P16-3013]: Vincent Kríž | Barbora Hladka

Pdf Export Search Graph- and surface-level sentence chunking
[P16-3014]: Ewa Muszyńska

Pdf Export Search From Extractive to Abstractive Summarization: A Journey
[P16-3015]: Parth Mehta

Pdf Export Search Putting Sarcasm Detection into Context: The Effects of Class Imbalance and Manual Labelling on Supervised Machine Classification of Twitter Conversations
[P16-3016]: Gavin Abercrombie | Dirk Hovy

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Authorial Clustering Based on Syntactic Structure
[P16-3017]: Alon Daks | Aidan Clark

Pdf Export Search Suggestion Mining from Opinionated Text
[P16-3018]: Sapna Negi

Pdf Export Search An Efficient Cross-lingual Model for Sentence Classification Using Convolutional Neural Network
[P16-3019]: Yandi Xia | Zhongyu Wei | Yang Liu

Pdf Export Search QA-It: Classifying Non-Referential It for Question Answer Pairs
[P16-3020]: Timothy Lee | Alex Lutz | Jinho D. Choi

Pdf Export Search Building a Corpus for Japanese Wikification with Fine-Grained Entity Classes
[P16-3021]: Davaajav Jargalsaikhan | Naoaki Okazaki | Koji Matsuda | Kentaro Inui

Pdf rev Pdf Export Search A Personalized Markov Clustering and Deep Learning Approach for Arabic Text Categorization
[P16-3022]: Vasu Jindal