Keh-Yih Su | Jian Su | Janyce Wiebe | Haizhou Li  
Suntec, Singapore 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the ACL-IJCNLP 2009 Conference Short Papers
[P09-2000]: Keh-Yih Su | Jian Su | Janyce Wiebe | Haizhou Li

Pdf Export Search Variational Inference for Grammar Induction with Prior Knowledge
[P09-2001]: Shay Cohen | Noah A Smith

Pdf Export Search Bypassed alignment graph for learning coordination in Japanese sentences
[P09-2002]: Hideharu Okuma | Kazuo Hara | Masashi Shimbo | Yuji Matsumoto

Pdf Export Search An Earley Parsing Algorithm for Range Concatenation Grammars
[P09-2003]: Laura Kallmeyer | Wolfgang Maier | Yannick Parmentier

Pdf Export Search Using Syntax to Disambiguate Explicit Discourse Connectives in Text
[P09-2004]: Emily Pitler | Ani Nenkova

Pdf Export Search Hybrid Approach to User Intention Modeling for Dialog Simulation
[P09-2005]: Sangkeun Jung | Cheongjae Lee | Kyungduk Kim | Gary Geunbae Lee

Pdf Export Search Homophones and Tonal Patterns in English-Chinese Transliteration
[P09-2006]: Oi Yee Kwong

Pdf Export Search Capturing Errors in Written Chinese Words
[P09-2007]: Chao-Lin Liu | Kan-Wen Tien | Min-Hua Lai | Yi-Hsuan Chuang | Shih-Hung Wu

Pdf Export Search A Novel Word Segmentation Approach for Written Languages with Word Boundary Markers
[P09-2008]: Han-Cheol Cho | Do-Gil Lee | Jung-Tae Lee | Pontus Stenetorp | Jun’ichi Tsujii | Hae-Chang Rim

Pdf Export Search Part of Speech Tagger for Assamese Text
[P09-2009]: Navanath Saharia | Dhrubajyoti Das | Utpal Sharma | Jugal Kalita

Pdf Export Search Improving data-driven dependency parsing using large-scale LFG grammars
[P09-2010]: Lilja Øvrelid | Jonas Kuhn | Kathrin Spreyer

Pdf Export Search Incremental Parsing with Monotonic Adjoining Operation
[P09-2011]: Yoshihide Kato | Shigeki Matsubara

Pdf Export Search Bayesian Learning of a Tree Substitution Grammar
[P09-2012]: Matt Post | Daniel Gildea

Pdf Export Search A Unified Single Scan Algorithm for Japanese Base Phrase Chunking and Dependency Parsing
[P09-2013]: Manabu Sassano | Sadao Kurohashi

Pdf Export Search Comparing the Accuracy of CCG and Penn Treebank Parsers
[P09-2014]: Stephen Clark | James R. Curran

Pdf Export Search A Framework for Entailed Relation Recognition
[P09-2015]: Dan Roth | Mark Sammons | V.G.Vinod Vydiswaran

Pdf Export Search A Combination of Active Learning and Semi-supervised Learning Starting with Positive and Unlabeled Examples for Word Sense Disambiguation: An Empirical Study on Japanese Web Search Query
[P09-2016]: Makoto Imamura | Yasuhiro Takayama | Nobuhiro Kaji | Masashi Toyoda | Masaru Kitsuregawa

Pdf Export Search Detecting Compositionality in Multi-Word Expressions.
[P09-2017]: Ioannis Korkontzelos | Suresh Manandhar

Pdf Export Search Directional Distributional Similarity for Lexical Expansion
[P09-2018]: Lili Kotlerman | Ido Dagan | Idan Szpektor | Maayan Zhitomirsky-Geffet

Pdf Export Search Generalizing over Lexical Features: Selectional Preferences for Semantic Role Classification
[P09-2019]: Beñat Zapirain | Eneko Agirre | Lluís Màrquez

Pdf Export Search A Syntactic and Lexical-Based Discourse Segmenter
[P09-2020]: Milan Tofiloski | Julian Brooke | Maite Taboada

Pdf Export Search Realistic Grammar Error Simulation using Markov Logic
[P09-2021]: Sungjin Lee | Gary Geunbae Lee

Pdf Export Search Discriminative Approach to Predicate-Argument Structure Analysis with Zero-Anaphora Resolution
[P09-2022]: Kenji Imamura | Kuniko Saito | Tomoko Izumi

Pdf Export Search Predicting Barge-in Utterance Errors by using Implicitly-Supervised ASR Accuracy and Barge-in Rate per User
[P09-2023]: Kazunori Komatani | Alexander I. Rudnicky

Pdf Export Search Automatic Generation of Information-seeking Questions Using Concept Clusters
[P09-2024]: Shuguang Li | Suresh Manandhar

Pdf Export Search Correlating Human and Automatic Evaluation of a German Surface Realiser
[P09-2025]: Aoife Cahill

Pdf Export Search Leveraging Structural Relations for Fluent Compressions at Multiple Compression Rates
[P09-2026]: Sourish Chaudhuri | Naman K. Gupta | Noah A. Smith | Carolyn P. Rose

Pdf Export Search Query-Focused Summaries or Query-Biased Summaries?
[P09-2027]: Rahul Katragadda | Vasudeva Varma

Pdf Export Search Using Generation for Grammar Analysis and Error Detection
[P09-2028]: Michael Goodman | Francis Bond

Pdf Export Search An Integrated Multi-document Summarization Approach based on Word Hierarchical Representation
[P09-2029]: You Ouyang | Wenjie Li | Qin Lu

Pdf Export Search Co-Feedback Ranking for Query-Focused Summarization
[P09-2030]: Furu Wei | Wenjie Li | Yanxiang He

Pdf Export Search Reducing SMT Rule Table with Monolingual Key Phrase
[P09-2031]: Zhongjun He | Yao Meng | Yajuan Lü | Hao Yu | Qun Liu

Pdf Export Search A Statistical Machine Translation Model Based on a Synthetic Synchronous Grammar
[P09-2032]: Hongfei Jiang | Muyun Yang | Tiejun Zhao | Sheng Li | Bo Wang

Pdf Export Search English-Chinese Bi-Directional OOV Translation based on Web Mining and Supervised Learning
[P09-2033]: Yuejie Zhang | Yang Wang | Xiangyang Xue

Pdf Export Search The Backtranslation Score: Automatic MT Evalution at the Sentence Level without Reference Translations
[P09-2034]: Reinhard Rapp

Pdf Export Search Sub-Sentence Division for Tree-Based Machine Translation
[P09-2035]: Hao Xiong | Wenwen Xu | Haitao Mi | Yang Liu | Qun Liu

Pdf Export Search Asynchronous Binarization for Synchronous Grammars
[P09-2036]: John DeNero | Adam Pauls | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search Hidden Markov Tree Model in Dependency-based Machine Translation
[P09-2037]: Zdenek Zabokrtsky | Martin Popel

Pdf Export Search Word to Sentence Level Emotion Tagging for Bengali Blogs
[P09-2038]: Dipankar Das | Sivaji Bandyopadhyay

Pdf Export Search Extracting Comparative Sentences from Korean Text Documents Using Comparative Lexical Patterns and Machine Learning Techniques
[P09-2039]: Seon Yang | Youngjoong Ko

Pdf Export Search Opinion and Generic Question Answering Systems: a Performance Analysis
[P09-2040]: Alexandra Balahur | Ester Boldrini | Andrés Montoyo | Patricio Martínez-Barco

Pdf Export Search Automatic Satire Detection: Are You Having a Laugh?
[P09-2041]: Clint Burfoot | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Hierarchical Multi-Label Text Categorization with Global Margin Maximization
[P09-2042]: Xipeng Qiu | Wenjun Gao | Xuanjing Huang

Pdf Export Search Toward finer-grained sentiment identification in product reviews through linguistic and ontological analyses
[P09-2043]: Hye-Jin Min | Jong C. Park

Pdf Export Search Finding Hedges by Chasing Weasels: Hedge Detection Using Wikipedia Tags and Shallow Linguistic Features
[P09-2044]: Viola Ganter | Michael Strube

Pdf Export Search Mining User Reviews: from Specification to Summarization
[P09-2045]: Xinfan Meng | Houfeng Wang

Pdf Export Search An Ontology-Based Approach for Key Phrase Extraction
[P09-2046]: Chau Q. Nguyen | Tuoi T. Phan

Pdf Export Search Query Segmentation Based on Eigenspace Similarity
[P09-2047]: Chao Zhang | Nan Sun | Xia Hu | Tingzhu Huang | Tat-Seng Chua

Pdf Export Search Learning Semantic Categories from Clickthrough Logs
[P09-2048]: Mamoru Komachi | Shimpei Makimoto | Kei Uchiumi | Manabu Sassano

Pdf Export Search A Rose is a Roos is a Ruusu: Querying Translations for Web Image Search
[P09-2049]: Janara Christensen | Mausam | Oren Etzioni

Pdf Export Search Extracting Paraphrases of Technical Terms from Noisy Parallel Software Corpora
[P09-2050]: Xiaoyin Wang | David Lo | Jing Jiang | Lu Zhang | Hong Mei

Pdf Export Search Mining Association Language Patterns for Negative Life Event Classification
[P09-2051]: Liang-Chih Yu | Chien-Lung Chan | Chung-Hsien Wu | Chao-Cheng Lin

Pdf Export Search Automatic Compilation of Travel Information from Automatically Identified Travel Blogs
[P09-2052]: Hidetsugu Nanba | Haruka Taguma | Takahiro Ozaki | Daisuke Kobayashi | Aya Ishino | Toshiyuki Takezawa

Pdf Export Search Play the Language: Play Coreference
[P09-2053]: Barbora Hladká | Jiří Mírovský | Pavel Schlesinger

Pdf Export Search Chinese Term Extraction Using Different Types of Relevance
[P09-2054]: Yuhang Yang | Tiejun Zhao | Qin Lu | Dequan Zheng | Hao Yu

Pdf Export Search iChi: a bilingual dictionary generating tool
[P09-2055]: István Varga | Shoichi Yokoyama

Pdf Export Search CATiB: The Columbia Arabic Treebank
[P09-2056]: Nizar Habash | Ryan Roth

Pdf Export Search A Beam-Search Extraction Algorithm for Comparable Data
[P09-2057]: Christoph Tillmann

Pdf Export Search Optimizing Word Alignment Combination For Phrase Table Training
[P09-2058]: Yonggang Deng | Bowen Zhou

Pdf Export Search Bridging Morpho-Syntactic Gap between Source and Target Sentences for English-Korean Statistical Machine Translation
[P09-2059]: Gumwon Hong | Seung-Wook Lee | Hae-Chang Rim

Pdf Export Search Toward Smaller, Faster, and Better Hierarchical Phrase-based SMT
[P09-2060]: Mei Yang | Jing Zheng

Pdf Export Search Handling phrase reorderings for machine translation
[P09-2061]: Yizhao Ni | Craig Saunders | Sandor Szedmak | Mahesan Niranjan

Pdf Export Search Syntax is from Mars while Semantics from Venus! Insights from Spectral Analysis of Distributional Similarity Networks
[P09-2062]: Chris Biemann | Monojit Choudhury | Animesh Mukherjee

Pdf Export Search Introduction of a new paraphrase generation tool based on Monte-Carlo sampling
[P09-2063]: Jonathan Chevelu | Thomas Lavergne | Yves Lepage | Thierry Moudenc

Pdf Export Search Prediction of Thematic Rank for Structured Semantic Role Labeling
[P09-2064]: Weiwei Sun | Zhifang Sui | Meng Wang

Pdf Export Search Transfer Learning, Feature Selection and Word Sense Disambiguation
[P09-2065]: Paramveer S. Dhillon | Lyle H. Ungar

Pdf Export Search From Extractive to Abstractive Meeting Summaries: Can It Be Done by Sentence Compression?
[P09-2066]: Fei Liu | Yang Liu

Pdf Export Search Automatic Story Segmentation using a Bayesian Decision Framework for Statistical Models of Lexical Chain Features
[P09-2067]: Wai-Kit Lo | Wenying Xiong | Helen Meng

Pdf Export Search Investigating Pitch Accent Recognition in Non-native Speech
[P09-2068]: Gina-Anne Levow

Pdf Export Search A Stochastic Finite-State Morphological Parser for Turkish
[P09-2069]: Haşim Sak | Tunga Güngör | Murat Saraçlar

Pdf Export Search Parsing Speech Repair without Specialized Grammar Symbols
[P09-2070]: Tim Miller | Luan Nguyen | William Schuler

Pdf Export Search Efficient Inference of CRFs for Large-Scale Natural Language Data
[P09-2071]: Minwoo Jeong | Chin-Yew Lin | Gary Geunbae Lee

Pdf Export Search Iterative Scaling and Coordinate Descent Methods for Maximum Entropy
[P09-2072]: Fang-Lan Huang | Cho-Jui Hsieh | Kai-Wei Chang | Chih-Jen Lin

Pdf Export Search Automatic Cost Estimation for Tree Edit Distance Using Particle Swarm Optimization
[P09-2073]: Yashar Mehdad

Pdf Export Search Markov Random Topic Fields
[P09-2074]: Hal Daume III

Pdf Export Search Multi-Document Summarization using Sentence-based Topic Models
[P09-2075]: Dingding Wang | Shenghuo Zhu | Tao Li | Yihong Gong

Pdf Export Search Validating the web-based evaluation of NLG systems
[P09-2076]: Alexander Koller | Kristina Striegnitz | Donna Byron | Justine Cassell | Robert Dale | Sara Dalzel-Job | Johanna Moore | Jon Oberlander

Pdf Export Search Extending a Surface Realizer to Generate Coherent Discourse
[P09-2077]: Eva Banik

Pdf Export Search The Lie Detector: Explorations in the Automatic Recognition of Deceptive Language
[P09-2078]: Rada Mihalcea | Carlo Strapparava

Pdf Export Search Generalizing Dependency Features for Opinion Mining
[P09-2079]: Mahesh Joshi | Carolyn Penstein-Rosé

Pdf Export Search Graph Ranking for Sentiment Transfer
[P09-2080]: Qiong Wu | Songbo Tan | Xueqi Cheng

Pdf Export Search The Contribution of Stylistic Information to Content-based Mobile Spam Filtering
[P09-2081]: Dae-Neung Sohn | Jung-Tae Lee | Hae-Chang Rim

Pdf Export Search Learning foci for Question Answering over Topic Maps
[P09-2082]: Alexander Mikhailian | Tiphaine Dalmas | Rani Pinchuk

Pdf Export Search Do Automatic Annotation Techniques Have Any Impact on Supervised Complex Question Answering?
[P09-2083]: Yllias Chali | Sadid Hasan | Shafiq Joty

Pdf Export Search Where’s the Verb? Correcting Machine Translation During Question Answering
[P09-2084]: Wei-Yun Ma | Kathy McKeown

Pdf Export Search A Note on the Implementation of Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes
[P09-2085]: Phil Blunsom | Trevor Cohn | Sharon Goldwater | Mark Johnson

Pdf Export Search A Succinct N-gram Language Model
[P09-2086]: Taro Watanabe | Hajime Tsukada | Hideki Isozaki

Pdf Export Search Modeling Morphologically Rich Languages Using Split Words and Unstructured Dependencies
[P09-2087]: Deniz Yuret | Ergun Bicici

Pdf Export Search Improved Smoothing for N-gram Language Models Based on Ordinary Counts
[P09-2088]: Robert C. Moore | Chris Quirk

Pdf Export Search Updating a Name Tagger Using Contemporary Unlabeled Data
[P09-2089]: Cristina Mota | Ralph Grishman

Pdf Export Search Arabic Cross-Document Coreference Resolution
[P09-2090]: Asad Sayeed | Tamer Elsayed | Nikesh Garera | David Alexander | Tan Xu | Doug Oard | David Yarowsky | Christine Piatko

Pdf Export Search The Impact of Query Refinement in the Web People Search Task
[P09-2091]: Javier Artiles | Julio Gonzalo | Enrique Amigó

Pdf Export Search Composite Kernels For Relation Extraction
[P09-2092]: Frank Reichartz | Hannes Korte | Gerhard Paass

Pdf Export Search Predicting Unknown Time Arguments based on Cross-Event Propagation
[P09-2093]: Prashant Gupta | Heng Ji