Chris Callison-Burch | Stephen Wan  
Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the ACL Student Research Workshop
[P05-2000]: Chris Callison-Burch | Stephen Wan

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[P05-2001]: Xiaofei Lu

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Pdf Export Search Using Emoticons to Reduce Dependency in Machine Learning Techniques for Sentiment Classification
[P05-2008]: Jonathon Read

Pdf Export Search Learning Meronyms from Biomedical Text
[P05-2009]: Angus Roberts

Pdf Export Search Using Readers to Identify Lexical Cohesive Structures in Texts
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Pdf Export Search Towards an Optimal Lexicalization in a Natural-Sounding Portable Natural Language Generator for Dialog Systems
[P05-2011]: Inge M. R. De Bleecker

Pdf Export Search Phrase Linguistic Classification and Generalization for Improving Statistical Machine Translation
[P05-2012]: Adrià de Gispert

Pdf Export Search Automatic Induction of a CCG Grammar for Turkish
[P05-2013]: Ruken Cakici

Pdf Export Search Dialogue Act Tagging for Instant Messaging Chat Sessions
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Pdf Export Search Learning Strategies for Open-Domain Natural Language Question Answering
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Pdf Export Search Dependency-Based Statistical Machine Translation
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Pdf Export Search Minimalist Parsing of Subjects Displaced from Embedded Clauses in Free Word Order Languages
[P05-2017]: Asad B. Sayeed

Pdf Export Search Centrality Measures in Text Mining: Prediction of Noun Phrases that Appear in Abstracts
[P05-2018]: Zhuli Xie

Pdf Export Search A Corpus-Based Approach to Topic in Danish dialog
[P05-2019]: Philip Diderichsen | Jakob Elming

Pdf Export Search Learning Information Structure in the Prague Treebank
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Pdf Export Search Speech Recognition of Czech—Inclusion of Rare Words Helps
[P05-2021]: Petr Podvesky | Pavel Machek

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Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Discrimination and Labeling of Ambiguous Names
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Pdf Export Search A Domain-Specific Statistical Surface Realizer
[P05-2026]: Jeffrey Russell