Sarvnaz Karimi | Karin Verspoor  
Brisbane, Australia 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Australasian Language Technology Association Workshop 2013 (ALTA 2013)
[U13-1000]: Sarvnaz Karimi | Karin Verspoor

Pdf Export Search Robust Computational Semantics
[U13-1001]: Mark Steedman

Pdf Export Search Concurrent Discourse Relations
[U13-1002]: Bonnie Webber

Pdf Export Search Classifying English Documents by National Dialect
[U13-1003]: Marco Lui | Paul Cook

Pdf Export Search Crowd-Sourcing of Human Judgments of Machine Translation Fluency
[U13-1004]: Yvette Graham | Timothy Baldwin | Alistair Moffat | Justin Zobel

Pdf Export Search The Effect of the Within-speaker Sample Size on the Performance of Likelihood Ratio Based Forensic Voice Comparison: Monte Carlo Simulations
[U13-1005]: Shunichi Ishihara

Pdf Export Search Noise in Speech-to-Text Voice: Analysis of Errors and Feasibility of Phonetic Similarity for Their Correction
[U13-1006]: Hanna Suominen | Gabriela Ferraro

Pdf Export Search Examining the Impact of Coreference Resolution on Quote Attribution
[U13-1007]: Tim O’Keefe | Kellie Webster | James R. Curran | Irena Koprinska

Pdf Export Search Multi-Objective Optimization for Clustering of Medical Publications
[U13-1008]: Asif Ekbal | Sriparna Saha | Diego Molla | K Ravikumar

Pdf Export Search A Study: From Electronic Laboratory Notebooks to Generated Queries for Literature Recommendation
[U13-1009]: Oldooz Dianat | Cecile Paris | Stephen Wan

Pdf Export Search A Comparative Study of Likelihood Ratio Based Forensic Text Comparison in Procedures: Multivariate Kernel Density vs. Gaussian Mixture Model-Universal Background Model
[U13-1010]: Shunichi Ishihara

Pdf Export Search Finding Fires with Twitter
[U13-1011]: Robert Power | Bella Robinson | David Ratcliffe

Pdf Export Search Impact of Corpus Diversity and Complexity on NER Performance
[U13-1012]: Tatyana Shmanina | Ingrid Zukerman | Antonio Jimeno Yepes | Lawrence Cavedon | Karin Verspoor

Pdf Export Search Cumulative Progress in Language Models for Information Retrieval
[U13-1013]: Antti Puurula

Pdf Export Search Error Detection in Automatic Speech Recognition
[U13-1014]: Farshid Zavareh | Ingrid Zukerman | Su Nam Kim | Thomas Kleinbauer

Pdf Export Search Working with Defaults in a Controlled Natural Language
[U13-1015]: Rolf Schwitter

Pdf Export Search Rhythm, Metrics, and the Link to Phonology
[U13-1016]: Jason Brown | Sam Mandal

Pdf Export Search Differences in Speaker Individualising Information between Case Particles and Fillers in Spoken Japanese
[U13-1017]: Shunichi Ishihara

Pdf Export Search Automatic Climate Classification of Environmental Science Literature
[U13-1018]: Jared Willett | David Martinez | J. Angus Webb | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Overview of the 2013 ALTA Shared Task
[U13-1019]: Diego Molla

Pdf Export Search Recovering Casing and Punctuation using Conditional Random Fields
[U13-1020]: Marco Lui | Li Wang

Pdf Export Search e-Learning with Kaggle in Class: Adapting the ALTA Shared Task 2013 to a Class Project
[U13-1021]: Karin Verspoor | Jeremy Nicholson