Gabriela Ferraro | Stephen Wan  
Melbourne, Australia 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Australasian Language Technology Association Workshop 2014
[U14-1000]: Gabriela Ferraro | Stephen Wan

Pdf Export Search Deep QA: Moving beyond the hype to examine the challenges in creating a cognitive assistant for humans
[U14-1001]: Jennifer Lai

Pdf Export Search The Effect of Dependency Representation Scheme on Syntactic Language Modelling
[U14-1002]: Sunghwan Kim | John Pate | Mark Johnson

Pdf Export Search Multilingual lexical resources to detect cognates in non-aligned texts
[U14-1003]: Haoxing Wang | Laurianne Sitbon

Pdf Export Search Automated Generation of Test Suites for Error Analysis of Concept Recognition Systems
[U14-1004]: Tudor Groza | Karin Verspoor

Pdf Export Search Trading accuracy for faster named entity linking
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Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Biographical Event Extraction Using Wikipedia Traffic
[U14-1006]: Alexander Hogue | Joel Nothman | James R. Curran

Pdf Export Search A Comparative Study of Weighting Schemes for the Interpretation of Spoken Referring Expressions
[U14-1007]: Su Nam Kim | Ingrid Zukerman | Thomas Kleinbauer | Masud Moshtaghi

Pdf Export Search Developing a Sina Weibo Incident Monitor for Disasters
[U14-1008]: Bella Robinson | Hua Bai | Robert Power | Xunguo Lin

Pdf Export Search Finding expertise using online community dialogue and the Duality of Expertise
[U14-1009]: Michael Niemann

Pdf Export Search Impact of Citing Papers for Summarisation of Clinical Documents
[U14-1010]: Diego Molla | Christopher Jones | Abeed Sarker

Pdf Export Search The Effect of Temporal-based Term Selection for Text Classification
[U14-1011]: Fumiyo Fukumoto | Shougo Ushiyama | Yoshimi Suzuki | Suguru Matsuyoshi

Pdf Export Search Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Conditional Random Fields For Spoken Language Understanding Using Unaligned Data
[U14-1012]: Mohammad Aliannejadi | Masoud Kiaeeha | Shahram Khadivi | Saeed Shiry Ghidary

Pdf Export Search Alveo, a Human Communication Science Virtual Laboratory
[U14-1013]: Dominique Estival | Steve Cassidy

Pdf Export Search OCR and Automated Translation for the Navigation of non-English Handsets: A Feasibility Study with Arabic
[U14-1014]: Jennifer Biggs | Michael Broughton

Pdf Export Search Exploring Temporal Patterns in Emergency Department Triage Notes with Topic Models
[U14-1015]: Simon Kocbek | Karin Verspoor | Wray Buntine

Pdf Export Search Challenges in Information Extraction from Tables in Biomedical Research Publications: a Dataset Analysis
[U14-1016]: Tatyana Shmanina | Lawrence Cavedon | Ingrid Zukerman

Pdf Export Search Deep Belief Networks and Biomedical Text Categorisation
[U14-1017]: Antonio Jimeno Yepes | Andrew MacKinlay | Justin Bedo | Rahil Garvani | Qiang Chen

Pdf Export Search Sinhala-Tamil Machine Translation: Towards better Translation Quality
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Pdf Export Search Analysis of Coreference Relations in the Biomedical Literature
[U14-1019]: Miji Choi | Karin Verspoor | Justin Zobel

Pdf Export Search Finnish Native Language Identification
[U14-1020]: Shervin Malmasi | Mark Dras

Pdf Export Search A Data-driven Approach to Studying Given Names and their Gender and Ethnicity Associations
[U14-1021]: Shervin Malmasi

Pdf Export Search Overview of the 2014 ALTA Shared Task: Identifying Expressions of Locations in Tweets
[U14-1022]: Diego Mollá | Sarvnaz Karimi

Pdf Export Search Identifying Twitter Location Mentions
[U14-1023]: Bo Han | Antonio Jimeno Yepes | Andrew MacKinlay | Qiang Chen

Pdf Export Search A Multi-Strategy Approach for Location Mining in Tweets: AUT NLP Group Entry for ALTA-2014 Shared Task
[U14-1024]: Parma Nand | Rivindu Perera | Anju Sreekumar | He Lingmin

Pdf Export Search Automatic Identification of Expressions of Locations in Tweet Messages using Conditional Random Fields
[U14-1025]: Fei Liu | Afshin Rahimi | Bahar Salehi | Miji Choi | Ping Tan | Long Duong