Timothy Baldwin | James Curran | Menno van Zaanen  
Sydney, Australia 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Australasian Language Technology Workshop 2005
[U05-1000]: Timothy Baldwin | James Curran | Menno van Zaanen

Pdf Export Search Dimensions of Deep Grammar Validation
[U05-1001]: Dan Flickinger

Pdf Export Search Text Summarization: News and Beyond
[U05-1002]: Kathy McKeown

Pdf Export Search From Non-segmenting Language Processing to Web Language Engineering
[U05-1003]: Virach Sornlertlamvanich

Pdf Export Search Disambiguating Conjunctions in Named Entities
[U05-1004]: Pawel Mazur | Robert Dale

Pdf Export Search Learning of Graph Rules for Question Answering
[U05-1005]: Diego Molla | Menno van Zaanen

Pdf Export Search A Statistical Approach towards Unknown Word Type Prediction for Deep Grammars
[U05-1006]: Yi Zhang | Valia Kordoni

Pdf Export Search Tagging Unknown Words with Raw Text Features
[U05-1007]: David Vadas | James R. Curran

Pdf Export Search POS Tagging with a More Informative Tagset
[U05-1008]: Andrew MacKinlay | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Augmenting Approximate Similarity Searching with Lexical Information
[U05-1009]: James Gorman | James R. Curran

Pdf Export Search Word Prediction in a Running Text: A Statistical Language Modeling for the Persian Language
[U05-1010]: Masood Ghayoomi | Seyyed Mostafa Assi

Pdf Export Search Using Diverse Information Sources to Retrieve Samples of Low Density Languages
[U05-1011]: Andrew MacKinlay

Pdf Export Search Faking it: Synthetic Text-to-speech Synthesis for Under-resourced Languages – Experimental Design
[U05-1012]: Harold Somers

Pdf Export Search Dual-Type Automatic Speech Recogniser Designs for Spoken Dialogue Systems
[U05-1013]: Jason Littlefield | Michael Broughton

Pdf Export Search Efficient Knowledge Acquisition for Extracting Temporal Relations
[U05-1014]: Son Bao Pham | Achim Hoffmann

Pdf Export Search Formal Grammars for Linguistic Treebank Queries
[U05-1015]: Mark Dras | Steve Cassidy

Pdf Export Search Extracting Exact Answers using a Meta Question Answering System
[U05-1016]: Luiz Augusto Pizzato | Diego Molla

Pdf Export Search Multimedia Presentation of Grammatical Description: Design Issues
[U05-1017]: Simon Musgrave

Pdf Export Search Structuring Documents Efficiently
[U05-1018]: Robert Marshall | Steven Bird | Peter Stuckey

Pdf Export Search Round-trip Translation: What Is It Good For?
[U05-1019]: Harold Somers

Pdf Export Search Evaluating the Utility of Appraisal Hierarchies as a Method for Sentiment Classification
[U05-1020]: Jeremy Fletcher | Jon Patrick

Pdf Export Search Efficient Grapheme-phoneme Alignment for Japanese
[U05-1021]: Lars Yencken | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Statistical Interpretation of Compound Nominalisations
[U05-1022]: Jeremy Nicholson | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Paraphrase Identification by Text Canonicalization
[U05-1023]: Yitao Zhang | Jon Patrick

Pdf Export Search Words and Word Usage: Newspaper Text versus the Web
[U05-1024]: Vinci Liu | James R. Curran

Pdf Export Search Automatic Induction of a POS Tagset for Italian
[U05-1025]: Raffaella Bernardi | Andrea Bolognesi | Corrado Seidenari | Fabio Tamburini

Pdf Export Search A Dual-Iterative Method for Concept-Word Acquisition from Large-Scale Chinese Corpora
[U05-1026]: Guogang Tian | Cungen Cao

Pdf Export Search Programming With Unrestricted Natural Language
[U05-1027]: David Vadas | James R. Curran

Pdf Export Search Identifying FrameNet Frames for Verbs from a Real-Text Corpus
[U05-1028]: Matthew Honnibal | Tobias Hawker

Pdf Export Search A Distributed Architecture for Interactive Parse Annotation
[U05-1029]: Baden Hughes | James Haggerty | Joel Nothman | Saritha Manickam | James R. Curran

Pdf Export Search Multi-document Summarisation and the PASCAL Textual Entailment Challenge
[U05-1030]: Nicola Stokes | Eamonn Newman

Pdf Export Search Design and Development of a Speech-driven Control for a In-car Personal Navigation System
[U05-1031]: Ying Su | Tao Bai | Catherine I. Watson

Pdf Export Search Combining Confidence Scores with Contextual Features for Robust Multi-Device Dialogue
[U05-1032]: Lawrence Cavedon | Matthew Purver | Florin Ratiu

Pdf Export Search Automatic Utterance Segmentation in Instant Messaging Dialogue
[U05-1033]: Edward Ivanovic