Michael White | Crystal Nakatsu | David McDonald  
Salt Fork, Ohio, USA 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Fifth International Natural Language Generation Conference
[W08-1100]: Michael White | Crystal Nakatsu | David McDonald

Pdf Export Search Prominence and Phrasing in Spoken Discourse Processing
[W08-1101]: Shari R. Speer | Kiwako Ito

Pdf Export Search Language, Embodiment and Social Intelligence
[W08-1102]: Matthew Stone

Pdf Export Search Generating Textual Summaries of Bar Charts
[W08-1103]: Seniz Demir | Sandra Carberry | Kathleen McCoy

Pdf Export Search Using Spatial Reference Frames to Generate Grounded Textual Summaries of Georeferenced Data
[W08-1104]: Ross Turner | Somayajulu Sripada | Ehud Reiter | Ian Davy

Pdf Export Search Dependency Tree Based Sentence Compression
[W08-1105]: Katja Filippova | Michael Strube

Pdf Export Search Extractive vs. NLG-based Abstractive Summarization of Evaluative Text: The Effect of Corpus Controversiality
[W08-1106]: Giuseppe Carenini | Jackie C. K. Cheung

Pdf Export Search Referring Expressions as Formulas of Description Logic
[W08-1107]: Carlos Areces | Alexander Koller | Kristina Striegnitz

Pdf Export Search Attribute Selection for Referring Expression Generation: New Algorithms and Evaluation Methods
[W08-1108]: Albert Gatt | Anja Belz

Pdf Export Search The Use of Spatial Relations in Referring Expression Generation
[W08-1109]: Jette Viethen | Robert Dale

Pdf Export Search Using Tactical NLG to Induce Affective States: Empirical Investigations
[W08-1110]: Ielka van der Sluis | Chris Mellish

Pdf Export Search Practical Grammar-Based NLG from Examples
[W08-1111]: David DeVault | David Traum | Ron Artstein

Pdf Export Search Accurate and Robust LFG-Based Generation for Chinese
[W08-1112]: Yuqing Guo | Haifeng Wang | Josef van Genabith

Pdf Export Search Automated Metrics That Agree With Human Judgements On Generated Output for an Embodied Conversational Agent
[W08-1113]: Mary Ellen Foster

Pdf Export Search Simple but effective feedback generation to tutor abstract problem solving
[W08-1114]: Xin Lu | Barbara Di Eugenio | Stellan Ohlsson | Davide Fossati

Pdf Export Search What's In a Message? Interpreting Geo-referenced Data for the Visually-impaired
[W08-1115]: Kavita Thomas | Yaji Sripada

Pdf Export Search Evolving Questions in Text Planning
[W08-1116]: Mick O'Donnell

Pdf Export Search The Effect of Dialogue System Output Style Variation on Users' Evaluation Judgments and Input Style
[W08-1117]: Ivana Kruijff-Korbayova | Ciprian Gerstenberger | Olga Kukina | Jan Schehl

Pdf Export Search Evaluating an Ontology-Driven WYSIWYM Interface
[W08-1118]: Feikje Hielkema | Chris Mellish | Peter Edwards

Pdf Export Search The Importance of Narrative and Other Lessons from an Evaluation of an NLG System that Summarises Clinical Data
[W08-1119]: Ehud Reiter | Albert Gatt | Francois Portet | Marian van der Meulen

Pdf Export Search Building a Large-scale Commercial NLG System for an EMR
[W08-1120]: Mary Dee Harris

Pdf Export Search Degree of Abstraction in Referring Expression Generation and its Relation with the Construction of the Contrast Set
[W08-1121]: Raquel Hervás | Pablo Gervás

Pdf Export Search Parser-Based Retraining for Domain Adaptation of Probabilistic Generators
[W08-1122]: Deirdre Hogan | Jennifer Foster | Joachim Wagner | Josef van Genabith

Pdf Export Search Creation of a New Domain and Evaluation of Comparison Generation in a Natural Language Generation System
[W08-1123]: Matthew Marge | Amy Isard | Johanna Moore

Pdf Export Search Generating Baseball Summaries from Multiple Perspectives by Reordering Content
[W08-1124]: Alice Oh | Howard Shrobe

Pdf Export Search A Dynamic Programming Approach to Document Length Constraints
[W08-1125]: Keith Vander Linden

Pdf Export Search REG Challenge Preface
[W08-1126]: Anja Belz | Albert Gatt

Pdf Export Search The GREC Challenge 2008: Overview and Evaluation Results
[W08-1127]: Anja Belz | Eric Kow | Jette Viethen | Albert Gatt

Pdf Export Search IS-G: The Comparison of Different Learning Techniques for the Selection of the Main Subject References
[W08-1128]: Bernd Bohnet

Pdf Export Search CNTS: Memory-Based Learning of Generating Repeated References
[W08-1129]: Iris Hendrickx | Walter Daelemans | Kim Luyckx | Roser Morante | Vincent Van Asch

Pdf Export Search OSU-2: Generating Referring Expressions with a Maximum Entropy Classifier
[W08-1130]: Emily Jamison | Dennis Mehay

Pdf Export Search The TUNA Challenge 2008: Overview and Evaluation Results
[W08-1131]: Albert Gatt | Anja Belz | Eric Kow

Pdf Export Search The Fingerprint of Human Referring Expressions and their Surface Realization with Graph Transducers
[W08-1132]: Bernd Bohnet

Pdf Export Search Referring Expression Generation Using Speaker-based Attribute Selection and Trainable Realization (ATTR)
[W08-1133]: Giuseppe Di Fabbrizio | Amanda J. Stent | Srinivas Bangalore

Pdf Export Search NIL-UCM: Most-Frequent-Value-First Attribute Selection and Best-Scoring-Choice Realization
[W08-1134]: Pablo Gervás | Raquel Hervás | Carlos León

Pdf Export Search USP-EACH Frequency-based Greedy Attribute Selection for Referring Expressions Generation
[W08-1135]: Diego Jesus de Lucena | Ivandré Paraboni

Pdf Export Search Referring Expression Generation Challenge 2008 DIT System Descriptions (DIT-FBI, DIT-TVAS, DIT-CBSR, DIT-RBR, DIT-FBI-CBSR, DIT-TVAS-RBR)
[W08-1136]: John D. Kelleher | Brian Mac Namee

Pdf Export Search OSU-GP: Attribute Selection Using Genetic Programming
[W08-1137]: Josh King

Pdf Export Search GRAPH: The Costs of Redundancy in Referring Expressions
[W08-1138]: Emiel Krahmer | Mariët Theune | Jette Viethen | Iris Hendrickx

Pdf Export Search JU-PTBSGRE: GRE Using Prefix Tree Based Structure
[W08-1139]: Sibabrata Paladhi | Sivaji Bandyopadhyay

Pdf Export Search From TUNA Attribute Sets to Portuguese Text: a First Report
[W08-1140]: Daniel Bastos Pereira | Ivandré Paraboni

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