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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Inference in Computational Semantics (ICoS-5)

Pdf Export Search Anaphora resolution and minimal models
[W06-3901]: Ariel Cohen

Pdf Export Search Extracting formal specifications from natural language regulatory documents
[W06-3902]: Nikhil Dinesh | Aravind Joshi | Insup Lee | Bonnie Webber

Pdf Export Search How to change a person's mind: Understanding the difference between the effects and consequences of speech acts
[W06-3903]: Debora Field | Allan Ramsay

Pdf Export Search Towards a redundancy elimination algorithm for underspecified descriptions
[W06-3904]: Alexander Koller | Stefan Thater

Pdf Export Search Towards a redundancy elimination algorithm for underspecified descriptions
[W06-3905]: Leonardo Lesmo | Livio Robaldo | Jelle Gerbrandy

Pdf Export Search Controlled Language for Geographical Information System Queries
[W06-3906]: Sela Mador-Haim | Yoad Winter | Anthony Braun

Pdf Export Search Computing relative polarity for textual inference
[W06-3907]: Rowan Nairn | Cleo Condoravdi | Lauri Karttunen

Pdf Export Search Using Answer Set Programming in an inference-based approach to Natural Language Semantics
[W06-3908]: Farid Nouioua | Pascal Nicolas

Pdf Export Search A Bootstrapping Algorithm for Automatically Harvesting Semantic Relations
[W06-3909]: Marco Pennacchiotti | Patrick Pantel

Pdf Export Search Concepts across categories
[W06-3910]: Hilke Reckman | Crit Cremers

Pdf Export Search Multi-dimensional Temporal Logic for Events and States
[W06-3911]: Satoshi Tojo

Pdf Export Search Considerations on the nature of metaphorical meaning arising from a computational treatment of metaphor interpretation
[W06-3912]: A.M. Wallington | R. Agerri | J.A. Barnden | S.R. Glasbey | M.G. Lee

Pdf Export Search Supporting temporal question answering: strategies for offline data collection
[W06-3913]: David Ahn | Steven Schockaert | Martine De Cock | Etienne Kerre

Pdf Export Search Formal semantics of verbs for knowledge inference
[W06-3914]: Igor Boyko

Pdf Export Search Ingredients of a first-order account of bridging
[W06-3915]: Philipp Cimiano

Pdf Export Search A Computational Theory of Inference for Arithmetic Explanation
[W06-3916]: Albert Goldfain

Pdf Export Search Towards a Logical Foundation of Semantic Networks - A Typology of Descriptive Means for Semantic Inference
[W06-3917]: Hermann Helbig | Ingo Glöckner

Pdf Export Search The Alligator theorem prover for dependent type systems: Description and proof samples
[W06-3918]: Paul Piwek