Lori Levin | John Kiango | Judith Klavans | Guy De Pauw | Gilles-Maurice de Schryver | Peter Waiganjo Wagacha  
Athens, Greece 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the First Workshop on Language Technologies for African Languages
[W09-0700]: Lori Levin | John Kiango | Judith Klavans | Guy De Pauw | Gilles-Maurice de Schryver | Peter Waiganjo Wagacha

Pdf Export Search Collecting and Evaluating Speech Recognition Corpora for Nine Southern Bantu Languages
[W09-0701]: Jaco Badenhorst | Charl Van Heerden | Marelie Davel | Etienne Barnard

Pdf Export Search The SAWA Corpus: A Parallel Corpus English - Swahili
[W09-0702]: Guy De Pauw | Peter Waiganjo Wagacha | Gilles-Maurice de Schryver

Pdf Export Search Information Structure in African Languages: Corpora and Tools
[W09-0703]: Christian Chiarcos | Ines Fiedler | Mira Grubic | Andreas Haida | Katharina Hartmann | Julia Ritz | Anne Schwarz | Amir Zeldes | Malte Zimmermann

Pdf Export Search A Computational Approach to Yorùbá Morphology
[W09-0704]: Raphael Finkel | Odetunji Ajadi Odejobi

Pdf Export Search Using Technology Transfer to Advance Automatic Lemmatisation for Setswana
[W09-0705]: Hendrik Johannes Groenewald

Pdf Export Search Part-of-Speech Tagging of Northern Sotho: Disambiguating Polysemous Function Words
[W09-0706]: Gertrud Faaß | Ulrich Heid | Elsabé Taljard | Danie Prinsloo

Pdf Export Search Development of an Amharic Text-to-Speech System Using Cepstral Method
[W09-0707]: Tadesse Anberbir | Tomio Takara

Pdf Export Search Building Capacities in Human Language Technology for African Languages
[W09-0708]: Tunde Adegbola

Pdf Export Search Initial Fieldwork for LWAZI: A Telephone-Based Spoken Dialog System for Rural South Africa
[W09-0709]: Tebogo Gumede | Madelaine Plauché

Pdf Export Search Setswana Tokenisation and Computational Verb Morphology: Facing the Challenge of a Disjunctive Orthography
[W09-0710]: Rigardt Pretorius | Ansu Berg | Laurette Pretorius | Biffie Viljoen

Pdf Export Search Interlinear Glossing and its Role in Theoretical and Descriptive Studies of African and other Lesser–Documented Languages
[W09-0711]: Dorothee Beermann | Pavel Mihaylov

Pdf Export Search Towards an Electronic Dictionary of Tamajaq Language in Niger
[W09-0712]: Chantal Enguehard | Issouf Modi

Pdf Export Search A Repository of Free Lexical Resources for African Languages: The Project and the Method
[W09-0713]: Piotr Bański | Beata Wójtowicz

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Cross-Linguistic Similarities in Zulu and Xhosa Computational Morphology
[W09-0714]: Laurette Pretorius | Sonja Bosch

Pdf Export Search Methods for Amharic Part-of-Speech Tagging
[W09-0715]: Björn Gambäck | Fredrik Olsson | Atelach Alemu Argaw | Lars Asker

Pdf Export Search An Ontology for Accessing Transcription Systems (OATS)
[W09-0716]: Steven Moran