Peter Machonis | Anabela Barreiro | Kristina Kocijan | Max Silberztein  
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search STYLUS: A Resource for Systematically Derived Language Usage
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Pdf Export Search Contemporary Amharic Corpus: Automatically Morpho-Syntactically Tagged Amharic Corpus
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Pdf Export Search Gold Corpus for Telegraphic Summarization
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Pdf Export Search Design of a Tigrinya Language Speech Corpus for Speech Recognition
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Pdf Export Search Parallel Corpora for bi-Directional Statistical Machine Translation for Seven Ethiopian Language Pairs
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Pdf Export Search Using Embeddings to Compare FrameNet Frames Across Languages
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Pdf Export Search Contractions: To Align or Not to Align, That Is the Question
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Pdf Export Search Enabling Code-Mixed Translation: Parallel Corpus Creation and MT Augmentation Approach
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