Maria Teresa Lino | Maria Francisca Xavier | Fátima Ferreira | Rute Costa | Raquel Silva  
Lisbon, Portugal 
European Language Resources Association (ELRA) 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'04)
[L04-1000]: Maria Teresa Lino | Maria Francisca Xavier | Fátima Ferreira | Rute Costa | Raquel Silva

Pdf Export Search Can We Talk? Prospects for Automatically Training Spoken Dialogue Systems
[L04-1001]: Marilyn Walker

Pdf Export Search Strategic Directions of National and International Research Funding
[L04-1002]: Hans Uszkoreit

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Content Processing
[L04-1003]: Gregor Thurmair

Pdf Export Search Collaborative Commentary: Opening Up Spoken Language Databases
[L04-1004]: Brian MacWhinney

Pdf Export Search Getting to the Heart of the Matter; Speech is More than Just the Expression of Text or Language
[L04-1005]: Nick Campbell

Pdf Export Search Industrial Needs for Language Resources
[L04-1006]: Bente Maegaard

Pdf Export Search Thesaurus or Logical Ontology, Which do we Need for Mining Text?
[L04-1007]: Junichi Tsujii

Pdf Export Search Information Extraction from Hindi Texts
[L04-1008]: Kamlesh Dutta | Saroj Kaushik | Nupur Prakash

Pdf Export Search The Language Belongs to the People!
[L04-1009]: Cornelis H.A. Koster | Stefan Gradmann

Pdf Export Search ALLES: Integrating NLP in ICALL Applications
[L04-1010]: Paul Schmidt | Sandrine Garnier | Mike Sharwood | Toni Badia | Lourdes Díaz | Martí Quixal | Ana Ruggia | Antonio S. Valderrabanos | Alberto J. Cruz | Enrique Torrejon | Celia Rico | Jorge Jimenez

Pdf Export Search The Automatic Content Extraction (ACE) Program – Tasks, Data, and Evaluation
[L04-1011]: George Doddington | Alexis Mitchell | Mark Przybocki | Lance Ramshaw | Stephanie Strassel | Ralph Weischedel

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Corpus-based Approach to the Resolution of English –ing
[L04-1012]: Lee Schwartz | Takako Aikawa

Pdf Export Search On the Problems of Creating a Golden Standard of Inflected Forms in Portuguese
[L04-1013]: Diana Santos | Anabela Barreiro

Pdf Export Search INSPIRE: Evaluation of a Smart-Home System for Infotainment Management and Device Control
[L04-1014]: Sebastian Möller | Jan Krebber | Alexander Raake | Paula Smeele | Martin Rajman | Mirek Melichar | Vincenzo Pallotta | Gianna Tsakou | Basilis Kladis | Anestis Vovos | Jettie Hoonhout | Dietmar Schuchardt | Nikos Fakotakis | Todor Ganchev | Ilyas Potamitis

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Multimodal NLG Using Production Experiments
[L04-1015]: Ielka van der Sluis | Emiel Krahmer

Pdf Export Search Concept Creation in Lexical Ontologies
[L04-1016]: Nuno Seco | Tony Veale | Jer Hayes

Pdf Export Search Polysemy and Category Structure in WordNet: An Evidential Approach
[L04-1017]: Tony Veale

Pdf Export Search Towards a Reference Annotation Framework
[L04-1018]: Susanne Salmon-Alt | Laurent Romary

Pdf Export Search A New ITU-T Recommendation on the Evaluation of Telephone-Based Spoken Dialogue Systems
[L04-1019]: Sebastian Möller

Pdf Export Search Raising the Bar: Stacked Conservative Error Correction Beyond Boosting
[L04-1020]: Dekai Wu | Grace Ngai | Marine Carpuat

Pdf Export Search An Analysis of the Relative Difficulty of Reuters-21578 Subsets
[L04-1021]: Franca Debole | Fabrizio Sebastiani

Pdf Export Search Experiences in Collection of Handwriting Data for Online Handwriting Recognition in Indic Scripts
[L04-1022]: Ajay S. Bhaskarabhatla | Sriganesh Madhvanath

Pdf Export Search Collocation Extraction Using Web Statistics
[L04-1023]: Hsin-Hsi Chen | Yi-Cheng Yu | Chih-Long Lin

Pdf Export Search An XML Representation for Annotated Handwriting Datasets for Online Handwriting Recognition
[L04-1024]: Ajay S. Bhaskarabhatla | Sriganesh Madhvanath

Pdf Export Search Reusing Language Resources for Speech Applications involving Emotion
[L04-1025]: Christina Alexandris | Stavroula-Evita Fotinea

Pdf Export Search Designing and Recording an Audiovisual Database of Emotional Speech in Basque
[L04-1026]: Eva Navas | Amaia Castelruiz | Iker Luengo | Jon Sánchez | Inmaculada Hernáez

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Different Similarity Measures for the Extraction of Multiword Units in a Reinforcement Learning Environment
[L04-1027]: Gaël Dias | Sérgio Nunes

Pdf Export Search Terminal Device Oriented Comparable Corpora and its Alignment- Towards Extracting Paraphrasing Patterns
[L04-1028]: Hiroshi Nakagawa | Hidetaka Masuda | Dai Sato

Pdf Export Search Towards Basic Categories for Describing Properties of Texts in a Corpus
[L04-1029]: Serge Sharoff

Pdf Export Search Using Weighted Abduction to Align Term Variant Translations in Bilingual Texts
[L04-1030]: Michael Carl | Ecaterina Rascu | Johann Haller

Pdf Export Search Investigation on Semantics to Improve the COVAX System
[L04-1031]: Luciana Bordoni

Pdf Export Search Incremental Knowledge Acquisition from WordNet and EuroWordNet
[L04-1032]: Wim Peters

Pdf Export Search Finding Semantic Associations on Express Lane
[L04-1033]: Vivi Năstase | Rada Mihalcea

Pdf Export Search Infrastructure for Collaborative Annotation of Speech
[L04-1034]: Mickel Grönroos | Manne Miettinen

Pdf Export Search Automatic Language-Independent Induction of Gazetteer Lists
[L04-1035]: Diana Maynard | Kalina Bontcheva | Hamish Cunningham

Pdf Export Search Corpus Design, Recording and Phonetic Analysis of Greek Emotional Database
[L04-1036]: Nikos Fakotakis

Pdf Export Search Human Dialogue Modelling Using Annotated Corpora
[L04-1037]: Yorick Wilks | Nick Webb | Andrea Setzer | Mark Hepple | Roberta Catizone

Pdf Export Search CrossTowns: Automatically Generated Phonetic Lexicons of Cross-lingual Pronunciation Variants of European City Names
[L04-1038]: Stefan Schaden

Pdf Export Search Pattern Discovery in Named Organization Corpus
[L04-1039]: Hsin-Hsi Chen | Yi-Lin Chu

Pdf Export Search Connector Usage in the English Essay Writing of Japanese EFL Learners
[L04-1040]: Masumi Narita | Chieko Sato | Masatoshi Sugiura

Pdf Export Search Detection of Domain Specific Terminology Using Corpora Comparison
[L04-1041]: Patrick Drouin

Pdf Export Search Comparative Evaluation of a Stochastic Parser on Semantic and Syntactic-semantic Labels
[L04-1042]: Wolfgang Minker

Pdf Export Search Sinica BOW (Bilingual Ontological Wordnet): Integration of Bilingual WordNet and SUMO
[L04-1043]: Chu-Ren Huang | Ru-Yng Chang | Hshiang-Pin Lee

Pdf Export Search How to Disassemble Alphabetical Processions - Morphological Treatment of Unknown Words
[L04-1044]: Stephan Bopp | Sandro Pedrazzini | Elisabeth Maier

Pdf Export Search Creating Slovenian Language Resources for Development of Speech-to-speech Translation Components
[L04-1045]: Darinka Verdonik | Matej Rojc | Zdravko Kačič

Pdf Export Search Automatic Bilingual Lexicon Acquisition Using Random Indexing of Aligned Bilingual Data
[L04-1046]: Magnus Sahlgren

Pdf Export Search The Development and Integration of the LDA-Toolkit Into COST249 SpeechDat(II) SIG Reference Recognizer
[L04-1047]: Bojan Kotnik | Zdravko Kačič | Bogomir Horvat

Pdf Export Search Duration Modeling For Turkish Text-to-Speech Synthesis System
[L04-1048]: Özlem Öztürk | Özgul Salor | Tolga Çiloğlu | Mubeccel Demirekler

Pdf Export Search Clustering Concept Hierarchies from Text
[L04-1049]: Philipp Cimiano | Andreas Hotho | Steffen Staab

Pdf Export Search NIST Language Technology Evaluation Cookbook
[L04-1050]: Alvin F. Martin | John S. Garofolo | Jonathan C. Fiscus | Audrey N. Le | David S. Pallett | Mark A. Przybocki | Gregory A. Sanders

Pdf Export Search Definition, Dictionaries and Tagger for Extended Named Entity Hierarchy
[L04-1051]: Satoshi Sekine | Chikashi Nobata

Pdf Export Search Sejong Korean Corpora in the Making
[L04-1052]: Beom-mo Kang | Hunggyu Kim

Pdf Export Search Creation and Assessment of Korean Speech and Noise DB in Car Environment
[L04-1053]: Yong-Ju Lee | Bong-Wan Kim | Young-Il Kim | Dae-Lim Choi | Kwang-Hyun Lee | Yongnam Um

Pdf Export Search Automatic Generation of Glosses in the OntoLearn System
[L04-1054]: Alessandro Cucchiarelli | Roberto Navigli | Francesca Neri | Paola Velardi

Pdf Export Search The COST278 Pan-European Broadcast News Database
[L04-1055]: An Vandecatseye | Jean-Pierre Martens | Joao Neto | Hugo Meinedo | Carmen Garcia-Mateo | Javier Dieguez | France Mihelic | Janez Zibert | Jan Nouza | Petr David | Matus Pleva | Anton Cizmar | Harris Papageorgiou | Christina Alexandris

Pdf Export Search A Spoken Afrikaans Language Resource Designed for Research on Pronunciation Variations
[L04-1056]: Daan Wissing | Jean-Pierre Martens | Ulrike Janke | Wim Goedertier

Pdf Export Search The BITS Speech Synthesis Corpus for German
[L04-1057]: Tania Ellbogen | Florian Schiel | Alexander Steffen

Pdf Export Search MAUS Goes Iterative
[L04-1058]: Florian Schiel

Pdf Export Search EuroWordNet as a Resource for Cross-language Information Retrieval
[L04-1059]: Mark Stevenson | Paul Clough

Pdf Export Search Finding the Correct Interpretation of Swedish Compounds, a Statistical Approach
[L04-1060]: Jonas Sjöbergh | Viggo Kann

Pdf Export Search Automatic Extraction of Hyponyms from Japanese Newspapers. Using Lexico-syntactic Patterns
[L04-1061]: Maya Ando | Satoshi Sekine | Shun Ishizaki

Pdf Export Search Extending a Verb-lexicon Using a Semantically Annotated Corpus
[L04-1062]: Karin Kipper | Benjamin Snyder | Martha Palmer

Pdf Export Search The Centre for Dutch Language and Speech Technology (TST Centre)
[L04-1063]: J.C.T. Beeken | P.H.J. van der Kamp

Pdf Export Search A Global Data Category Registry for Interoperable Language Resources
[L04-1064]: Sue Ellen Wright

Pdf Export Search The Integrated Language Database of 8th - 21st-Century Dutch
[L04-1065]: J. G. Kruyt

Pdf Export Search From Acts and Topics to Transactions and Dialogue Smoothness
[L04-1066]: Hans Dybkjær | Laila Dybkjær

Pdf Export Search Grouping Synonymous Sentences from a Parallel Corpus
[L04-1067]: Hideki Kashioka

Pdf Export Search Discovery of (New) Knowledge and the Analysis of Text Corpora
[L04-1068]: Khurshid Ahmad | Maria Teresa Musacchio

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Microphone Array Front-Ends for ASR - an Extension of the AURORA Framework
[L04-1069]: Harald Höge | Josef G. Bauer | Christian Geißler | Panji Setiawan | Kai Steinert

Pdf Export Search Development of Slovenian Broadcast News Speech Database
[L04-1070]: Janez Žibert | France Mihelič

Pdf Export Search A Named Entity Recognizer for Danish
[L04-1071]: Eckhard Bick

Pdf Export Search The GENOMA-KB Project: Towards the Integration of Concepts, Terms, Textual Corpora and Entities
[L04-1072]: M. Teresa Cabré | Carme Bach | Rosa Estopà | Judit Feliu | Gemma Martínez | Jorge Vivaldi

Pdf Export Search Portuguese Large-scale Language Resources for NLP Applications
[L04-1073]: Elisabete Ranchhod | Paula Carvalho | Cristina Mota | Anabela Barreiro 

Pdf Export Search Development of a Corpus Workbench for the METU Turkish Corpus
[L04-1074]: Umut Özge | Bilge Say

Pdf Export Search Mercedes, a Term-in-Context Highlighter
[L04-1075]: Raúl Araya | Jordi Vivaldi

Pdf Export Search The Bilingual Web Dictionary on Demand
[L04-1076]: Henrik Selsøe Sørensen

Pdf Export Search Making an XML-based Japanese-Slovene Learners' Dictionary
[L04-1077]: Tomaž Erjavec | Kristina Hmeljak Sangawa | Irena Srdanović | Anton ml. Vahčič

Pdf Export Search MULTEXT-East Version 3: Multilingual Morphosyntactic Specifications, Lexicons and Corpora
[L04-1078]: Tomaž Erjavec

Pdf Export Search A Galician Textual Corpus for Morphosyntactic Tagging with Application to Text-to-Speech Synthesis
[L04-1079]: Lorena Seijo Pereiro | Ana Martínez Ínsua | Francisco Méndez Pazó | Francisco Campillo Díaz | Eduardo Rodríguez Banga

Pdf Export Search The SPARTACUS-Database: a Spanish Sentence Database for Offline Handwriting Recognition
[L04-1080]: Salvador España | María José Castro | José Luis Hidalgo

Pdf Export Search Exploring Balkanet Shared Ontology for Multilingual Conceptual Indexing
[L04-1081]: Sofia Stamou | Goran Nenadic | Dimitris Christodoulakis

Pdf Export Search Building a Paraphrase Corpus for Speech Translation
[L04-1082]: Mitsuo Shimohata | Eiichiro Sumita | Yuji Matsumoto

Pdf Export Search Incremental Methods to Select Test Sentences for Evaluating Translation Ability
[L04-1083]: Yasuhiro Akiba | Eiichiro Sumita | Hiromi Nakaiwa | Seiichi Yamamoto | Hiroshi G. Okuno

Pdf Export Search Reusable Lexical Representations for Idioms
[L04-1084]: Jan Odijk

Pdf Export Search The Design of Czech Language Formal Listening Tests for the Evaluation of TTS Systems
[L04-1085]: Daniel Tihelka | Jindřich Matoušek

Pdf Export Search A Data-driven Adaptation of Prosody in a Multilingual TTS
[L04-1086]: Janez Stergar | Caglayan Erdem | Bogomir Horvat | Zdravko Kačič

Pdf Export Search MiniCors and Cast3LB: Two Semantically Tagged Spanish Corpora
[L04-1087]: M. Taulé | M. Civit | N. Artigas | M. García | L. Màrquez | M.A. Martí | B. Navarro

Pdf Export Search Probabilistic Detection of Context-Sensitive Spelling Errors
[L04-1088]: Johnny Bigert

Pdf Export Search Acquisition and Annotation of Slovenian Broadcast News Database
[L04-1089]: Andrej Žgank | Tomaž Rotovnik | Mirjam Sepesy Maučec | Darinka Verdonik | Janez Kitak | Damjan Vlaj | Vladimir Hozjan | Zdravko Kačič | Bogomir Horvat

Pdf Export Search The COST 278 MASPER Initiative - Crosslingual Speech Recognition with Large Telephone Databases
[L04-1090]: Andrej Žgank | Zdravko Kačič | Frank Diehl | Klara Vicsi | Gyorgy Szaszak | Jozef Juhar | Slavomir Lihan

Pdf Export Search Utilizing the One-Sense-per-Discourse Constraint for Fully Unsupervised Word Sense Induction and Disambiguation
[L04-1091]: Reinhard Rapp

Pdf Export Search A Freely Available Automatically Generated Thesaurus of Related Words
[L04-1092]: Reinhard Rapp

Pdf Export Search Using a Parallel Transcript/Subtitle Corpus for Sentence Compression
[L04-1093]: Vincent Vandeghinste | Erik Tjong Kim Sang

Pdf Export Search Handling Subtle Sense Distinctions Through Wordnet Semantic Types
[L04-1094]: Sofia Stamou | Dimitris Christodoulakis

Pdf Export Search Multi-lingual Evaluation of a Natural Language Generation System
[L04-1095]: Athanasios Karasimos | Amy Isard

Pdf Export Search The Tüba-D/Z Treebank: Annotating German with a Context-Free Backbone
[L04-1096]: Heike Telljohann | Erhard Hinrichs | Sandra Kübler

Pdf Export Search The NIST Meeting Room Pilot Corpus
[L04-1097]: John S. Garofolo | Christophe D. Laprun | Martial Michel | Vincent M. Stanford | Elham Tabassi

Pdf Export Search Securing Interpretability: The Case of Ega Language Documentation
[L04-1098]: Dafydd Gibbon | Catherine Bow | Steven Bird | Baden Hughes

Pdf Export Search A Comparative Study on Human Communication Behaviors and Linguistic Characteristics for Speech-to-Speech Translation
[L04-1099]: Toshiyuki Takezawa | Genichiro Kikui

Pdf Export Search Cost-effective Cross-lingual Document Classification
[L04-1100]: Núria Bel | Cornelis H.A. Koster | Marta Villegas

Pdf Export Search A Powerful and Versatile XML Format for Representing Role-semantic Annotation
[L04-1101]: Katrin Erk | Sebastian Padó

Pdf Export Search The MULI Project: Annotation and Analysis of Information Structure in German and English
[L04-1102]: Stefan Baumann | Caren Brinckmann | Silvia Hansen-Schirra | Geert-Jan Kruijff | Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová | Stella Neumann | Erich Steiner | Elke Teich | Hans Uszkoreit

Pdf Export Search Putting the Dutch PAROLE Corpus to Work
[L04-1103]: P. H. J. van der Kamp | J. G. Kruyt

Pdf Export Search Acquiring Reusable Multilingual Phonotactic Resources
[L04-1104]: Julie Carson-Berndsen | Robert Kelly

Pdf Export Search Phonological Treebanks. Issues in Generation and Application
[L04-1105]: Moritz Neugebauer | Stephen Wilson

Pdf Export Search Methodology for Rapid Prototyping and Testing of ASR Based User Interfaces
[L04-1106]: Pedro Concejero Cerezo | Juan José Rodríguez Soler | Daniel Tapias Merino | Alberto J. Sánchez García

Pdf Export Search Open Resources for Language Technology
[L04-1107]: Lars Degerstedt | Arne Jönsson

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Text Mining for Ontology Extraction: An Evaluation of Statistical Measures
[L04-1108]: Marie-Laure Reinberger | Walter Daelemans

Pdf Export Search A Multilingual Phonological Resource Toolkit for Ubiquitous Speech Technology
[L04-1109]: Daniel Aioanei | Julie Carson-Berndsen | Anja Geumann | Robert Kelly | Moritz Neugebauer | Stephen Wilson

Pdf Export Search Benchmarking Ontology Tools. A Case Study for the WebODE Platform.
[L04-1110]: Oscar Corcho | Raúl García-Castro | Asunción Gómez-Pérez

Pdf Export Search A Chatbot as a Novel Corpus Visualization Tool
[L04-1111]: Bayan Abu Shawar | Eric Atwell

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Variants of the Lesk Approach for Disambiguating Words
[L04-1112]: Florentina Vasilescu | Philippe Langlais | Guy Lapalme

Pdf Export Search The Rationale for Building an Ontology Expressly for NLP
[L04-1113]: Sergei Nirenburg | Marjorie McShane | Stephen Beale

Pdf Export Search Some Meaning Procedures of Ontological Semantics
[L04-1114]: Marjorie McShane | Stephen Beale | Sergei Nirenburg

Pdf Export Search Using the Penn Treebank to Evaluate Non-Treebank Parsers
[L04-1115]: Eric K. Ringger | Robert C. Moore | Eugene Charniak | Lucy Vanderwende | Hisami Suzuki

Pdf Export Search Comparison of Some Automatic and Manual Methods for Summary Evaluation Based on the Text Summarization Challenge 2
[L04-1116]: Hidetsugu Nanba | Manabu Okumura

Pdf Export Search The Lancaster Corpus of Mandarin Chinese: A Corpus for Monolingual and Contrastive Language Study
[L04-1117]: Anthony McEnery | Zhonghua Xiao

Pdf Export Search Highlighting Latent Structure in Documents
[L04-1118]: H. Folch | B. Habert | M. Jardino | N. Pernelle | M.C. Rousset | A. Termier

Pdf Export Search Word Sense Disambiguation as a Wordnets' Validation Method in Balkanet
[L04-1119]: Dan Tufis | Radu Ion | Nancy Ide

Pdf Export Search Term Translations in Parallel Corpora: Discovery and Consistency Check
[L04-1120]: Dan Tufis

Pdf Export Search The Corpógrafo – a Web-based Environment for Corpora Research
[L04-1121]: Luís Sarmento | Belinda Maia | Diana Santos

Pdf Export Search Automatic Classification of Geographic Named Entities
[L04-1122]: Daniel Ferrés | Marc Massot | Muntsa Padró | Horacio Rodríguez | Jordi Turmo

Pdf Export Search Acquiring Bayesian Networks from Text
[L04-1123]: Olivia Sanchez-Graillet | Massimo Poesio

Pdf Export Search Developping Tools and Building Linguistic Resources for Vietnamese Morpho-syntactic Processing
[L04-1124]: Thanh Bon Nguyen | Thi Minh Huyen Nguyen | Laurent Romary | Xuan Luong Vu

Pdf Export Search SpeechRecorder - a Universal Platform Independent Multi-Channel Audio Recording Software
[L04-1125]: Christoph Draxler | Klaus Jänsch

Pdf Export Search An Evaluation Protocol for Text Mining Tools : ALCESTE, SAS Text Miner, SPAD-CRM and Temis Text Mining Solutions Testing
[L04-1126]: Yasmina Quatrain | Sylvaine Nugier | Anne Peradotto

Pdf Export Search Using PiTagger for Lemmatization and PoS Tagging of a Spontaneous Speech Corpus: C-Oral-Rom Italian
[L04-1127]: Alessandro Panunzi | Eugenio Picchi | Massimo Moneglia

Pdf Export Search Introducing the La Repubblica Corpus: A Large, Annotated, TEI(XML)-compliant Corpus of Newspaper Italian
[L04-1128]: Marco Baroni | Silvia Bernardini | Federica Comastri | Lorenzo Piccioni | Alessandra Volpi | Guy Aston | Marco Mazzoleni

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Semantic Web Technologies for Intelligent Access to Historical Documents
[L04-1129]: Nancy Ide | David Woolner

Pdf Export Search Using Cooccurrence Statistics and the Web to Discover Synonyms in a Technical Language
[L04-1130]: Marco Baroni | Sabrina Bisi

Pdf Export Search Semi-supervised Learning by Fuzzy Clustering and Ensemble Learning
[L04-1131]: Hiroyuki Shinnou | Minoru Sasaki

Pdf Export Search Speech & Expression; the Value of a Longitudinal Corpus
[L04-1132]: Nick Campbell

Pdf Export Search A Complete Understanding Speech System Based on Semantic Concepts
[L04-1133]: Salma Jamoussi | Kamel Smaïli | Dominique Fohr | Jean-Paul Haton

Pdf Export Search The CLaRK System: XML-based Corpora Development System for Rapid Prototyping
[L04-1134]: Kiril Simov | Alexander Simov | Hristo Ganev | Krasimira Ivanova | Ilko Grigorov

Pdf Export Search NLP-enhanced Error Checking for Catalan Unrestricted Text
[L04-1135]: Toni Badia | Àngel Gil | Martí Quixal | Oriol Valentín

Pdf Export Search Open-source Tools for Creation, Maintenance, and Storage of Lexical Resources for Language Generation from Ontologies
[L04-1136]: Kalina Bontcheva

Pdf Export Search User Query Analysis for the Specification and Evaluation of a Dialogue Processing and Retrieval System
[L04-1137]: Agnes Lisowska | Andrei Popescu-Belis | Susan Armstrong

Pdf Export Search Creation of Reusable Components and Language Resources for Named Entity Recognition in Russian
[L04-1138]: Borislav Popov | Angel Kirilov | Diana Maynard | Dimitar Manov

Pdf Export Search Abstracting a Dialog Act Tagset for Meeting Processing
[L04-1139]: Andrei Popescu-Belis

Pdf Export Search Online Evaluation of Coreference Resolution
[L04-1140]: Andrei Popescu-Belis | Loïs Rigouste | Susanne Salmon-Alt | Laurent Romary

Pdf Export Search FreeLing: An Open-Source Suite of Language Analyzers
[L04-1141]: Xavier Carreras | Isaac Chao | Lluís Padró | Muntsa Padró

Pdf Export Search Phrase-Based Dependency Evaluation of a Japanese Parser
[L04-1142]: Hisami Suzuki

Pdf Export Search Functional Requirements for an Interlinear Text Editor
[L04-1143]: Baden Hughes | Catherine Bow | Steven Bird

Pdf Export Search Management of Metadata in Linguistic Fieldwork: Experience from the ACLA Project
[L04-1144]: Baden Hughes | David Penton | Steven Bird | Catherine Bow | Gillian Wigglesworth | Patrick McConvell | Jane Simpson

Pdf Export Search A Search Tool for Corpora with Positional Tagsets and Ambiguities
[L04-1145]: Adam Przepiórkowski | Zygmunt Krynicki | Łukasz Dębowski | Marcin Woliński | Daniel Janus | Piotr Bański

Pdf Export Search The American English SALA-II Data Collection
[L04-1146]: Peter A. Heeman

Pdf Export Search How Does Automatic Machine Translation Evaluation Correlate with Human Scoring as the Number of Reference Translations Increases?
[L04-1147]: Andrew Finch | Yasuhiro Akiba | Eiichiro Sumita

Pdf Export Search Evaluating the FOKS Error Model
[L04-1148]: Slaven Bilac | Timothy Baldwin | Hozumi Tanaka

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of a Speech Cuer: From Motion Capture to a Concatenative Text-to-cued Speech System
[L04-1149]: Guillaume Gibert | Gérard Bailly | Frédéric Eliséi | Denis Beautemps | Rémi Brun

Pdf Export Search Beyond TREC's Filtering Track
[L04-1150]: Nikolaos Nanas | Victoria Uren | Anne de Roeck | John Domingue

Pdf Export Search A Corpus-based Syntactic Lexicon for Adverbs
[L04-1151]: Sanni Nimb

Pdf Export Search The Future of Evaluation for Cross-Language Information Retrieval Systems
[L04-1152]: Carol Peters | Martin Braschler | Khalid Choukri | Julio Gonzalo | Michael Kluck

Pdf Export Search SALA II Across the Finish Line: A Large Collection of Mobile Telephone Speech Databases from North and Latin America completed
[L04-1153]: Henk van den Heuvel | Phil Hall | Harald Höge | Asunción Moreno | Antonio Rincon | Francesco Senia

Pdf Export Search Parallel Corpora for the Galician Language: Building and Processing of the CLUVI (Linguistic Corpus of the University of Vigo)
[L04-1154]: Xavier Gómez-Guinovart | Elena Sacau Fontenla

Pdf Export Search PBIE: A Data Preparation Toolkit Toward Developing a Parsing-Based Information Extraction System
[L04-1155]: Junko Hosaka | Igor V. Kurochkin | Akihiko Konagaya

Pdf Export Search A Syntactically Annotated Corpus of Tibetan
[L04-1156]: Andreas Wagner | Bettina Zeisler

Pdf Export Search Lexical Entry Templates for Robust Deep Parsing
[L04-1157]: Montserrat Marimon | Núria Bel

Pdf Export Search Tiered Tagging Revisited
[L04-1158]: Dan Tufis | Liviu Dragomirescu

Pdf Export Search A Methodology and Associated Tools for Building Interlingual Wordnets
[L04-1159]: Dan Tufis | Eduard Barbu

Pdf Export Search Construction of a Bilingual Arabic-Spanish Lexicon of Verbs Based on a Parallel Corpus
[L04-1160]: Doaa Samy | Antonio Moreno-Sandoval | José M. Guirao

Pdf Export Search A XML-Based Term Extraction Tool for Basque
[L04-1161]: I. Alegria | A. Gurrutxaga | P. Lizaso | X. Saralegi | S. Ugartetxea | R. Urizar

Pdf Export Search A Bayesian Model for Shallow Syntactic Parsing of Natural Language Texts
[L04-1162]: Manolis Maragoudakis | Nikos Fakotakis | George Kokkinakis

Pdf Export Search Multifunctional Computational Lexicon of Contemporary Portuguese: An Available Resource for Multitype Applications
[L04-1163]: Florbela Barreto | Raquel Amaro

Pdf Export Search Use and Evaluation of Prosodic Annotations in Dutch
[L04-1164]: Jacques Duchateau | Tim Ceyssens | Hugo Van hamme

Pdf Export Search Resources and Techniques for Multilingual Information Extraction
[L04-1165]: Stephan Busemann | Hans-Ulrich Krieger

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Factors Impacting the Accuracy of Forced Alignments in a Multimodal Corpus
[L04-1166]: Lei Chen | Yang Liu | Mary Harper | Eduardo Maia | Susan McRoy

Pdf Export Search Automatic Audio and Manual Transcripts Alignment, Time-code Transfer and Selection of Exact Transcripts
[L04-1167]: C. Barras | G. Adda | M. Adda-Decker | B. Habert | P. Boula de Mareüil | P. Paroubek

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of a Spoken Phonetic Database in Basque Language
[L04-1168]: V. Guijarrubia | I. Torres | L.J. Rodríguez

Pdf Export Search Using Paradigm Tables to Generate New Utterances Similar to those Existing in Linguistic Resources
[L04-1169]: Yves Lepage | Guilhem Peralta

Pdf Export Search Collection and Evaluation of Broadcast News Data for Arabic
[L04-1170]: Mohamed Afify | Ossama Emam

Pdf Export Search A Language Resources Infrastructure for Bulgarian
[L04-1171]: Kiril Simov | Petya Osenova | Sia Kolkovska | Elisaveta Balabanova | Dimitar Doikoff

Pdf Export Search "You Stupid Tin Box" - Children Interacting with the AIBO Robot: A Cross-linguistic Emotional Speech Corpus
[L04-1172]: A. Batliner | C. Hacker | S. Steidl | E. Nöth | S. D'Arcy | M. Russell | M. Wong

Pdf Export Search The Role of MultiWord Terminology in Knowledge Management
[L04-1173]: James Dowdall | Will Lowe | Jeremy Ellman | Fabio Rinaldi | Michael Hess

Pdf Export Search The OPUS Corpus - Parallel and Free:
[L04-1174]: Jörg Tiedemann | Lars Nygaard

Pdf Export Search Selecting the Correct English Synset for a Spanish Sense
[L04-1175]: Javier Farreres | Horacio Rodríguez

Pdf Export Search Collection of SLR in the Asian-Pacific Area
[L04-1176]: Asunción Moreno | Khalid Choukri | Phil Hall | Henk van den Heuvel | Eric Sanders | Francesco Senia | Herbert Tropf

Pdf Export Search Derivational Relations in Flectional Languages - Czech Case
[L04-1177]: Jaroslava Hlaváčová | Jana Klímová

Pdf Export Search Standards for Language Codes: developing ISO 639
[L04-1178]: David Dalby | Lee Gillam | Christopher Cox | Debbie Garside

Pdf Export Search SLR Validation: Current Trends and Developments
[L04-1179]: Henk van den Heuvel | Dorota Iskra | Eric Sanders | Folkert de Vriend

Pdf Export Search Identifying Definitions in Text Collections for Question Answering
[L04-1180]: Horacio Saggion

Pdf Export Search Multiple Sequence Alignment for Characterizing the Lineal Structure of Revision
[L04-1181]: Laura Alonso | Irene Castellón | Jordi Escribano | Xavier Messeguer | Lluís Padró

Pdf Export Search Mining the Web for Discourse Markers
[L04-1182]: Ben Hutchinson

Pdf Export Search A Pattern Extraction Workbench Combining Multiple Linguistic Levels
[L04-1183]: Magnus Merkel | Andreas Lange

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Coreference Annotations for Text-to-Hypertext Conversion
[L04-1184]: Anke Holler | Jan Frederik Maas | Angelika Storrer

Pdf Export Search "Why do you Ignore me?" - Proof that not all Direct Speech is Bad
[L04-1185]: Laura Hasler

Pdf Export Search "Human Language Technology Elements in a Knowledge Organisation System - The VID Project"
[L04-1186]: Costanza Navarretta | Bolette Sandford Pedersen | Dorte Haltrup Hansen

Pdf Export Search Generic Text Summarization Using WordNet
[L04-1187]: Kedar Bellare | Anish Das Sarma | Atish Das Sarma | Navneet Loiwal | Vaibhav Mehta | Ganesh Ramakrishnan | Pushpak Bhattacharyya

Pdf Export Search Development of Bilingual Domain-Specific Ontology for Automatic Conceptual Indexing
[L04-1188]: Natalia V. Loukachevitch | Boris V. Dobrov

Pdf Export Search Development of Ontologies with Minimal Set of Conceptual Relations
[L04-1189]: Natalia V. Loukachevitch | Boris V. Dobrov

Pdf Export Search Providing On-line Access to Portuguese Language Resources: Corpora and Lexicons
[L04-1190]: Maria Fernanda Bacelar do Nascimento | Amália Mendes | Luísa Pereira

Pdf Export Search Automatisation of the Activity of Term Collection in Different Languages
[L04-1191]: Bruno Cartoni | Pierrette Bouillon | Yalina Alphonse | Sabine Lehmann

Pdf Export Search Automatically Selecting Domain Markers for Terminology Extraction
[L04-1192]: Jorge Vivaldi | Horacio Rodríguez

Pdf Export Search The Ongoing Evaluation Campaign of Syntactic Parsing of French: EASY
[L04-1193]: Anne Vilnat | Patrick Paroubek | Laura Monceaux | Isabelle Robba | Véronique Gendner | Gabriel Illouz | Michèle Jardino

Pdf Export Search Annotators’ Agreement: The Case of Topic-Focus Articulation
[L04-1194]: Kateřina Veselá | Jiří Havelka | Eva Hajičová

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Lexical Resources for a Semantic Tagger
[L04-1195]: Scott S. L. Piao | Paul Rayson | Dawn Archer | Tony McEnery

Pdf Export Search Multimodal Meaning Representation for Generic Dialogue Systems Architectures
[L04-1196]: Frédéric Landragin | Alexandre Denis | Annalisa Ricci | Laurent Romary

Pdf Export Search STO: A Danish Lexicon Resource - Ready for Applications
[L04-1197]: Anna Braasch | Sussi Olsen

Pdf Export Search A Domain-Independent Approach to IE Rule Development
[L04-1198]: Kalliopi Zervanou | John McNaught

Pdf Export Search The French MEDIA/EVALDA Project: the Evaluation of the Understanding Capability of Spoken Language Dialogue Systems
[L04-1199]: Laurence Devillers | Hélène Maynard | Sophie Rosset | Patrick Paroubek | Kevin McTait | D. Mostefa | Khalid Choukri | Laurent Charnay | Caroline Bousquet | Nadine Vigouroux | Frédéric Béchet | Laurent Romary | Jean-Yves Antoine | J. Villaneau | Myriam Vergnes | J. Goulian

Pdf Export Search The C-ORAL-ROM CORPUS. A Multilingual Resource of Spontaneous Speech for Romance Languages
[L04-1200]: Emanuela Cresti | Fernanda Bacelar do Nascimento | Antonio Moreno Sandoval | Jean Veronis | Philippe Martin | Khalid Choukri

Pdf Export Search Principles of a System for Terminological Concept Modelling
[L04-1201]: Bodil Nistrup Madsen | Hanne Erdman Thomsen | Carl Vikner

Pdf Export Search On the Usefulness of Large Spoken Language Corpora for Linguistic Research
[L04-1202]: Christophe Van Bael | Helmer Strik | Henk van den Heuvel

Pdf Export Search WALA: A Multilingual Resource Repository for West African Languages
[L04-1203]: Dafydd Gibbon | Firmin Ahoua | Eddi Gbéry | Eno-Abasi Urua | Moses Ekpenyong

Pdf Export Search Annotating a Corpus for Building a Domain-specific Knowledge Base
[L04-1204]: Sabine Bartsch

Pdf Export Search A Comparison of Summarisation Methods Based on Term Specificity Estimation
[L04-1205]: Constantin Orăsan | Viktor Pekar | Laura Hasler

Pdf Export Search Measurements of Spoken Language Variability in a Multilingual Corpus. Predictable Aspects
[L04-1206]: Massimo Moneglia

Pdf Export Search Reliability of Lexical and Prosodic Cues in Two Real-life Spoken Dialog Corpora
[L04-1207]: L. Devillers | I. Vasilescu

Pdf Export Search WordNet Affect: an Affective Extension of WordNet
[L04-1208]: Carlo Strapparava | Alessandro Valitutti

Pdf Export Search The GENOMA-KB Platform: Queries over Integrated Linguistic Resources
[L04-1209]: Margarita Hospedales | Manel Rodríguez

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Consensus on the Annotation of Prosodic Breaks in the Romance Corpus of Spontaneous Speech "C-ORAL-ROM"
[L04-1210]: Morena Danieli | Juan María Garrido | Massimo Moneglia | Andrea Panizza | Silvia Quazza | Marc Swerts

Pdf Export Search Towards the Use of Word Stems and Suffixes for Statistical Machine Translation
[L04-1211]: Maja Popović | Hermann Ney

Pdf Export Search Language Model Adaptation for Statistical Machine Translation Based on Information Retrieval
[L04-1212]: Matthias Eck | Stephan Vogel | Alex Waibel

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Name-Matching for Coreference Resolution
[L04-1213]: Olga Uryupina

Pdf Export Search Design and Implementation of a Semantic Search Engine for Portuguese
[L04-1214]: Carlos Amaral | Dominique Laurent | André Martins | Afonso Mendes | Cláudia Pinto

Pdf Export Search Converting Treebank Annotations to Language Neutral Syntax
[L04-1215]: Richard Campbell | Eric Ringger

Pdf Export Search Methodology For Building Thematic Indexes In Medicine For French
[L04-1216]: Yalina Alphonse | Pierrette Bouillon

Pdf Export Search Transcrigal: A Bilingual System for Automatic Indexing of Broadcast News
[L04-1217]: Carmen Garcia-Mateo | Javier Dieguez-Tirado | Laura Docio-Fernandez | Antonio Cardenal-Lopez

Pdf Export Search Abar-Hitz: An Annotation Tool for the Basque Dependency Treebank
[L04-1218]: Arantza Díaz de Ilarraza | Aitzpea Garmendia | Maite Oronoz

Pdf Export Search Creating Multi-purpose Linguistic Resources for Modern Greek: a Deep Modern Greek Grammar
[L04-1219]: Valia Kordoni | Julia Neu

Pdf Export Search Enriching the Spanish EuroWordNet by Collocations
[L04-1220]: Leo Wanner | Margarita Alonso Ramos | Antonia Martí

Pdf Export Search FrameNet as a "Net"
[L04-1221]: Charles J. Fillmore | Collin F. Baker | Hiroaki Sato

Pdf Export Search AV@CAR: A Spanish Multichannel Multimodal Corpus for In-Vehicle Automatic Audio-Visual Speech Recognition
[L04-1222]: Alfonso Ortega | Federico Sukno | Eduardo LLeida | Alejandro Frangi | Antonio Miguel | Luis Buera | Ernesto Zacur

Pdf Export Search Creation of a Doctor-Patient Dialogue Corpus Using Standardized Patients
[L04-1223]: Robert S. Melvin | Win May | Shrikanth Narayanan | Panayiotis Georgiou | Shadi Ganjavi

Pdf Export Search Talkbank: Building an Open Unified Multimodal Database of Communicative Interaction
[L04-1224]: Brian MacWhinney | Steven Bird | Christopher Cieri | Craig Martell

Pdf Export Search A Fine-Grained Evaluation Method for Speech-to-Speech Machine Translation Using Concept Annotations
[L04-1225]: Robert S. Belvin | Susanne Riehemann | Kristin Precoda

Pdf Export Search Rethinking Reusable Resources
[L04-1226]: David M. de Matos | Ricardo Ribeiro | Nuno J. Mamede

Pdf Export Search The Cross-Breeding of Dictionaries
[L04-1227]: Adam Meyers | Ruth Reeves | Catherine Macleod | Rachel Szekely | Veronika Zielinska | Brian Young

Pdf Export Search Annotating Noun Argument Structure for NomBank
[L04-1228]: Adam Meyers | Ruth Reeves | Catherine Macleod | Rachel Szekely | Veronika Zielinska | Brian Young | Ralph Grishman

Pdf Export Search Concept-based Queries: Combining and Reusing Linguistic Corpus Formats and Query Languages
[L04-1229]: Felix Sasaki | Andreas Witt | Dafydd Gibbon | Thorsten Trippel

Pdf Export Search Co-reference in Japanese Task-oriented Dialogues: A Contribution to the Development of Language-specific and Language-general Annotation Schemes and Resources
[L04-1230]: Felix Sasaki | Andreas Witt

Pdf Export Search Constructing Word-Sense Association Networks from Bilingual Dictionary and Comparable Corpora
[L04-1231]: Hiroyuki Kaji | Osamu Imaichi

Pdf Export Search Utilization of Multiple Language Resources for Robust Grammar-Based Tense and Aspect Classification
[L04-1232]: Alexis Palmer | Jonas Kuhn | Carlota Smith

Pdf Export Search Retrieving Annotated Corpora for Corpus Annotation
[L04-1233]: Yoshida Kyôsuke | Hashimoto Taiichi | Tokunaga Takenobu | Tanaka Hozumi

Pdf Export Search Classification of Japanese Spatial Nouns
[L04-1234]: Tokunaga Takenobu | Koyama Tomofumi | Saito Suguru | Nakajima Masayuki

Pdf Export Search Meaningful Clusters
[L04-1235]: Antonio Sanfilippo | Gus Calapristi | Vernon Crow | Beth Hetzler | Alan Turner

Pdf Export Search Multi-Document Summarization Using Multiple-Sequence Alignment
[L04-1236]: V. Finley Lacatusu | Steven J. Maiorano | Sanda M. Harabagiu

Pdf Export Search RevisionBank: A Resource for Revision-based Multi-document Summarization and Evaluation
[L04-1237]: Jahna Otterbacher | Dragomir Radev

Pdf Export Search The Lácio-Web: Corpora and Tools to Advance Brazilian Portuguese Language Investigations and Computational Linguistic Tools
[L04-1238]: Sandra Aluisio | Gisele Montilha Pinheiro | Aline M. P. Manfrin | Leandro H. M. de Oliveira | Luiz C. Genoves Jr. | Stella E. O. Tagnin

Pdf Export Search CST Bank: A Corpus for the Study of Cross-document Structural Relationships
[L04-1239]: Dragomir Radev | Jahna Otterbacher | Zhu Zhang

Pdf Export Search Applying Computational Linguistic Techniques in a Documentary Project for Q'anjob'al (Mayan, Guatemala)
[L04-1240]: Jonas Kuhn | B'alam Mateo-Toledo

Pdf Export Search Information Retrieval System Using Latent Contextual Relevance
[L04-1241]: Minoru Sasaki | Hiroyuki Shinnou

Pdf Export Search Toward Text Understanding: Integrating Relevance-tagged Corpus and Automatically Constructed Case Frames
[L04-1242]: Daisuke Kawahara | Ryohei Sasano | Sadao Kurohashi

Pdf Export Search Lexical Analysis of Agglutinative Languages Using a Dictionary of Lemmas and Lexical Transducers
[L04-1243]: Sun-Mee Bae | Key-Sun Choi

Pdf Export Search Evaluation and Adaptation of a Specialised Language Checking Tool for Non-specialised Machine Translation and Non-expert MT Users for Multi-lingual Telecooperation
[L04-1244]: Rita Nüebel

Pdf Export Search A Critical Survey of the Methodology for IE Evaluation
[L04-1245]: A. Lavelli | M. E. Califf | F. Ciravegna | D. Freitag | C. Giuliano | N. Kushmerick | L. Romano

Pdf Export Search Enriching WordNet Via Generative Metonymy and Creative Polysemy
[L04-1246]: Jer Hayes | Tony Veale | Nuno Seco

Pdf Export Search Evaluation and Adaptation of the Celex Dutch Morphological Database
[L04-1247]: Tom Laureys | Guy De Pauw | Hugo Van hamme | Walter Daelemans | Dirk Van Compernolle

Pdf Export Search A Model of Semantic Representations Analysis for Chinese Sentences
[L04-1248]: Li Tang | Donghong Ji | Lingpeng Yang | Yu Nie

Pdf Export Search A Comparison of Two Variant Corpora: The Same Content with Different Source
[L04-1249]: Kyonghee Paik | Kiyonori Ohtake | Kazuhide Yamamoto

Pdf Export Search Training a Sentence-Level Machine Translation Confidence Measure
[L04-1250]: Christopher B. Quirk

Pdf Export Search Software Tools for Morphological Tagging of Zulu Corpora and Lexicon Development
[L04-1251]: Sonja E. Bosch | Laurette Pretorius

Pdf Export Search Improving Collocation Extraction for High Frequency Words
[L04-1252]: David Wible | Chin-Hwa Kuo | Nai-Lung Tsao

Pdf Export Search Annotation of Coreference Relations Among Linguistic Expressions and Images in Biological Articles
[L04-1253]: Ai Kawazoe | Asanobu Kitamoto | Nigel Collier

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Cross-Language Information Retrieval Using the Domain-Specific GIRT Data as Parallel German-English Corpus
[L04-1254]: Michael Kluck

Pdf Export Search Generating Coreferential Descriptions from a Structured Model of the Context
[L04-1255]: Hélène Manuélian

Pdf Export Search Open Collaborative Development of the Thai Language Resources for Natural Language Processing
[L04-1256]: Thatsanee Charoenporn | Virach Sornlertlamvanich | Sawit Kasuriya | Chatchawarn Hansakunbuntheung | Hitoshi Isahara

Pdf Export Search Automatic Translation Memory Fuzzy Match Post-Editing: A Step Beyond Traditional TM/MT Integration
[L04-1257]: Lambros Kranias | Anna Samiotou

Pdf Export Search Linguistic Annotation of the Spoken Dutch Corpus: If We Had To Do It All Over Again
[L04-1258]: Ineke Schuurman | Wim Goedertier | Heleen Hoekstra | Nelleke Oostdijk | Richard Piepenbrock | Machteld Schouppe

Pdf Export Search Combining Symbolic and Statistical Methods in Morphological Analysis and Unknown Word Guessing
[L04-1259]: Attila Novák | Viktor Nagy | Csaba Oravecz

Pdf Export Search A New Approach to the Corpus-based Statistical Investigation of Hungarian Multi-word Lexemes
[L04-1260]: Balázs Kis | Begoña Villada | Gosse Bouma | Gábor Ugray | Tamás Bíró | Gábor Pohl | John Nerbonne

Pdf Export Search Discarding Noise in an Automatically Acquired Lexicon of Support verb Constructions
[L04-1261]: M. Begoña Villada Moirón

Pdf Export Search Translation Memories Enrichment by Statistical Bilingual Segmentation
[L04-1262]: Francisco Nevado | Francisco Casacuberta | Josu Landa

Pdf Export Search The African Speech Technology Project: An Assessment
[L04-1263]: J. C. Roux | P. H. Louw | T. R. Niesler

Pdf Export Search Automatic Phonemic Labeling and Segmentation of Spoken Dutch
[L04-1264]: Kris Demuynck | Tom Laureys | Patrick Wambacq | Dirk Van Compernolle

Pdf Export Search Using Large Multi-purpose Corpora for Specific Research Questions: Discourse Phenomena Related to Wh-questions in the Spoken Dutch Corpus
[L04-1265]: Nelleke Oostdijk | Lou Boves

Pdf Export Search Methods of Digital Access for Legal Language Documentation
[L04-1266]: Paola Mariani | Costanza Badii

Pdf Export Search Architecture for Distributed Language Resource Management and Archiving
[L04-1267]: Peter Wittenburg | Heidi Johnson | Markus Buchhorn | Hennie Brugman | Daan Broeder

Pdf Export Search Creation and Validation of Large Lexica for Speech-to-Speech Translation Purposes
[L04-1268]: Hanne Fersøe | Elviira Hartikainen | Henk van den Heuvel | Giulio Maltese | Asuncíon Moreno | Shaunie Shammass | Ute Ziegenhain

Pdf Export Search Enlarging the Croatian Morphological Lexicon by Automatic Lexical Acquisition from Raw Corpora
[L04-1269]: Antoni Oliver | Marko Tadić

Pdf Export Search Learning to Predict Pitch Accents Using Bayesian Belief Networks for Greek Language
[L04-1270]: Panagiotis Zervas | Manolis Maragoudakis | Nikos Fakotakis | George Kokkinakis

Pdf Export Search A Grammar and Style Checker Based on Internet Searches
[L04-1271]: Joaquim Moré | Salvador Climent | Antoni Oliver

Pdf Export Search Cross-Disciplinary Integration of Metadata Descriptions
[L04-1272]: Peter Wittenburg | Greg Gulrajani | Daan Broeder | Marcus Uneson

Pdf Export Search Representing Italian Complex Nominals: A Pilot Study
[L04-1273]: Valeria Quochi

Pdf Export Search Text Corpora, Local Grammars and Prediction
[L04-1274]: Hayssam Traboulsi | David Cheng | Khurshid Ahmad

Pdf Export Search SMOR: A German Computational Morphology Covering Derivation, Composition and Inflection
[L04-1275]: Helmut Schmid | Arne Fitschen | Ulrich Heid

Pdf Export Search The Overview of the SST Speech Corpus of Japanese Learner English and Evaluation Through the Experiment on Automatic Detection of Learners' Errors
[L04-1276]: Emi Izumi | Kiyotaka Uchimoto | Hitoshi Isahara

Pdf Export Search Dynamic Lexicographic Data Modelling. A Diachronic Dictionary Development Report
[L04-1277]: Paul Gévaudan | Dirk Wiebel

Pdf Export Search Re-using High-quality Resources for Continued Evaluation of Automated Summarization Systems
[L04-1278]: Laura Alonso | Maria Fuentes | Marc Massot | Horacio Rodríguez

Pdf Export Search Corpus-based Learning of Lexical Resources for German Named Entity Recognition
[L04-1279]: Marc Rössler

Pdf Export Search Collaborative Annotation of Sign Language Data with Peer-to-Peer Technology
[L04-1280]: Hennie Brugman | Onno Crasborn | Albert Russel

Pdf Export Search Semantic Categorization of Spanish Se-constructions
[L04-1281]: Glòria Vàzquez | Ana Fernández Montraveta | Irene Castellón | Laura Alonso

Pdf Export Search Web Services Architecture for Language Resources
[L04-1282]: Angelo Dalli | Valentin Tablan | Kalina Bontcheva | Yorick Wilks | Daan Broeder | Hennie Brugman | Peter Wittenburg

Pdf Export Search A Large Metadata Domain of Language Resources
[L04-1283]: Daan Broeder | Thierry Declerck | Laurent Romary | Markus Uneson | Sven Strömqvist | Peter Wittenburg

Pdf Export Search MetaMorpho TM: A Rule-Based Translation Corpus
[L04-1284]: Tamás Gröbler | Gábor Hodász | Balázs Kis

Pdf Export Search Annotating Multi-media/Multi-modal Resources with ELAN
[L04-1285]: Hennie Brugman | Albert Russel

Pdf Export Search Annotation of Anaphoric Expressions in an Aligned Bilingual Corpus
[L04-1286]: Agnès Tutin | Meriam Haddara | Ruslan Mitkov | Constantin Orasan

Pdf Export Search Unexpected Productions May Well be Errors
[L04-1287]: Tylman Ule | Kiril Simov

Pdf Export Search A Framework for Evaluating the Suitability of Non-English Corpora for Language Engineering
[L04-1288]: Avik Sarkar | Anne De Roeck

Pdf Export Search Intelligent Building of Language Resources for HLT Applications
[L04-1289]: Anna Samiotou | Lambros Kranias | Dimitrios Kokkinakis

Pdf Export Search Collecting Spontaneously Spoken Queries for Information Retrieval
[L04-1290]: Tomoyosi Akiba | Atsushi Fujii | Katunobu Itou

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Pattern Libraries for Question Answering: a Case Study for Definition Questions
[L04-1291]: Hristo Tanev | Milen Kouylekov | Matteo Negri | Bonaventura Coppola | Bernardo Magnini

Pdf Export Search Automatic Transformation of Phrase Treebanks to Dependency Trees
[L04-1292]: Michael Daum | Kilian A. Foth | Wolfgang Menzel

Pdf Export Search Computational Lexicography and Carlo Emilio Gadda, Principe dell'Analisi e Duca della Buona Cognizione
[L04-1293]: Maria Luigia Ceccotti | Manuela Sassi

Pdf Export Search An Annotation Scheme for a Rhetorical Analysis of Biology Articles
[L04-1294]: Yoko Mizuta | Nigel Collier

Pdf Export Search Textual Distraction as a Basis for Evaluating Automatic Summarisers
[L04-1295]: Antoinette Renouf | Andrew Kehoe

Pdf Export Search Verb Valency Descriptors for a Syntactic Treebank
[L04-1296]: Milena Slavcheva

Pdf Export Search Integrated Language Technologies for Multilingual Information Services in the MEMPHIS Project
[L04-1297]: Walter Kasper | Jörg Steffen | Jakub Piskorski | Paul Buitelaar

Pdf Export Search Automatic Generation of Compound Word Lexicon for Hindi Speech Synthesis
[L04-1298]: S.R. Deepa | Kalika Bali | A.G. Ramakrishnan | Partha Pratim Talukdar

Pdf Export Search Summarization of Multimodal Information
[L04-1299]: Saif Ahmad | Paulo C F de Oliveira | Khurshid Ahmad

Pdf Export Search Design of an Interactive Web-based User Interface for Speech Database Query Formation
[L04-1300]: Toomas Altosaar | Matti Karjalainen

Pdf Export Search Migrating Language Resources from SGML to XML: The Text Encoding Initiative Recommendations
[L04-1301]: Syd Bauman | Alejandro Bia | Lou Burnard | Tomaž Erjavec | Christine Ruotolo | Susan Schreibman

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Conversation with Hans Christian Andersen
[L04-1302]: Niels Ole Bernsen | Laila Dybkjær | Svend Kiilerich

Pdf Export Search The New Dutch-Flemish HLT Programme: a Concerted Effort to Stimulate the HLT Sector
[L04-1303]: Catia Cucchiarini | Elisabeth D'Halleweyn

Pdf Export Search Related Word-pairs Extraction Without Dictionaries
[L04-1304]: Eiko Yamamoto | Kyoji Umemura

Pdf Export Search What is my Style? Using Stylistic Features of Portuguese Web Texts to Classify Web Pages According to Users' Needs
[L04-1305]: Rachel Aires | Aline Manfrin | Sandra Aluísio | Diana Santos

Pdf Export Search BootCaT: Bootstrapping Corpora and Terms from the Web
[L04-1306]: Marco Baroni | Silvia Bernardini

Pdf Export Search N-Gram Language Modeling for Robust Multi-Lingual Document Classification
[L04-1307]: Jörg Steffen

Pdf Export Search A Word Alignment System Based on a Translation Equivalence Extractor
[L04-1308]: Ana-Maria Barbu

Pdf Export Search Using Profiles for IMDI Metadata Creation
[L04-1309]: Daan Broeder | Peter Wittenburg | Onno Crasborn

Pdf Export Search Rethinking Readability of Digital Editions – The Case of the AAC's "Digital Brenner"
[L04-1310]: Karlheinz Mörth

Pdf Export Search Automatic Building Gazetteers of Co-referring Named Entities
[L04-1311]: Daniel Ferrés | Marc Massot | Muntsa Padró | Horacio Rodríguez | Jordi Turmo

Pdf Export Search Semi-Automatic Derivation of a French Lexicon from CLIPS
[L04-1312]: Nilda Ruimy | Pierrette Bouillon | Bruno Cartoni

Pdf Export Search The American National Corpus First Release
[L04-1313]: Nancy Ide | Keith Suderman

Pdf Export Search Identifying Morphosyntactic Preferences in Collocations
[L04-1314]: Stefan Evert | Ulrich Heid | Kristina Spranger

Pdf Export Search Towards General-Purpose Annotation Tools – How Far Are We Today?
[L04-1315]: Laila Dybkjær | Niels Ole Bernse

Pdf Export Search Automated Morphological Segmentation and Evaluation
[L04-1316]: Uwe D. Reichel | Karl Weilhammer

Pdf Export Search A Registry of Standard Data Categories for Linguistic Annotation
[L04-1317]: Nancy Ide | Laurent Romary

Pdf Export Search A Natural Language Approach to Information Management: Tracking Scientific Advances Through the Structure of Words
[L04-1318]: Andrew Hippisley | Chara Karavasili

Pdf Export Search Building a Maritime Domain Lexicon: a Few Considerations on the Database Structure and the Semantic Coding
[L04-1319]: Rita Marinelli | Adriana Roventini | Alessandro Enea

Pdf Export Search Creating Open Language Resources for Hungarian
[L04-1320]: Péter Halácsy | András Kornai | László Németh | András Rung | István Szakadát | Viktor Trón

Pdf Export Search Test Collections for Patent-to-Patent Retrieval and Patent Map Generation in NTCIR-4 Workshop
[L04-1321]: Atsushi Fujii | Makoto Iwayama | Noriko Kando

Pdf Export Search Part-of-Speech Annotation of Biology Research Abstracts
[L04-1322]: Yuka Tateisi | Jun-ichi Tsujii

Pdf Export Search Making Monolingual Corpora Comparable: a Case Study of Bulgarian and Croatian
[L04-1323]: Božo Bekavac | Petya Osenova | Kiril Simov | Marko Tadić

Pdf Export Search Corporate Voice, Tone of Voice and Controlled Language Techniques
[L04-1324]: Lina Henriksen | Bart Jongejan | Bente Maegaard

Pdf Export Search Cypriot Speech Database: Data Collection and Greek to Cypriot Dialect Adaptation
[L04-1325]: Nikos Fakotakis

Pdf Export Search Automatic Extraction of Syntactic Semantic Patterns for Multilingual Resources
[L04-1326]: Borja Navarro | Manuel Palomar | Patricio Martínez-Barco

Pdf Export Search The Integral Dictionary: An Ontological Resource for the Semantic Web: Integration of EuroWordNet, Balkanet, TID, and SUMO
[L04-1327]: Dominique Dutoit | Pierre Nugues | Patrick de Torcy

Pdf Export Search Categorizing Web Pages as a Preprocessing Step for Information Extraction
[L04-1328]: Viktor Pekar | Richard Evans | Ruslan Mitkov

Pdf Export Search A Framework for Data-driven Video-realistic Audio-visual Speech-synthesis
[L04-1329]: Christian Weiss

Pdf Export Search Corpus Based Enrichment of GermaNet Verb Frames
[L04-1330]: Manuela Kunze | Dietmar Rösner

Pdf Export Search Semi-automatic Acquisition of Command Grammar
[L04-1331]: Thierry Poibeau | Bénédicte Goujon

Pdf Export Search Towards a Language Infrastructure for the Semantic Web
[L04-1332]: Thierry Declerck | Paul Buitelaar | Nicoletta Calzolari | Alessandro Lenci

Pdf Export Search Conversational Telephone Speech Corpus Collection for the NIST Speaker Recognition Evaluation 2004
[L04-1333]: Alvin Martin | David Miller | Mark Przybocki | Joseph Campbell | Hirotaka Nakasone

Pdf Export Search Augmenting Manual Dictionaries for Statistical Machine Translation Systems
[L04-1334]: Stephan Vogel | Christian Monson

Pdf Export Search Linguistic Corpus Search
[L04-1335]: Christian Biemann | Uwe Quasthoff | Christian Wolff

Pdf Export Search ENABLER Thematic Network of National Projects: Technical, Strategic and Political Issues of LRs
[L04-1336]: Nicoletta Calzolari | Khalid Choukri | Maria Gavrilidou | Bente Maegaard | Paola Baroni | Hanne Fersøe | Alessandro Lenci | Valérie Mapelli | Monica Monachini | Stelios Piperidis

Pdf Export Search The Influence of the Labeller’s Regional Background on Phonetic Transcriptions: Implications for the Evaluation of Spoken Language Resources
[L04-1337]: Evie Coussé | Steven Gillis | Hanne Kloots | Marc Swerts

Pdf Export Search Evaluation Resources for Concept-based Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval in the Medical Domain
[L04-1338]: Paul Buitelaar | Diana Steffen | Martin Volk | Dominic Widdows | Bogdan Sacaleanu | Špela Vintar | Stanley Peters | Hans Uszkoreit

Pdf Export Search Automatic Acquisition of Paradigmatic Relations Using Iterated Co-occurrences
[L04-1339]: Chris Biemann | Stefan Bordag | Uwe Quasthoff

Pdf Export Search Towards Ontology Engineering Based on Linguistic Analysis
[L04-1340]: Paul Buitelaar | Daniel Olejnik | Mihaela Hutanu | Alexander Schutz | Thierry Declerck | Michael Sintek

Pdf Export Search OrienTel - Telephony Databases Across Northern Africa and the Middle East
[L04-1341]: Dorota Iskra | Rainer Siemund | Jamal Borno | Asuncion Moreno | Ossama Emam | Khalid Choukri | Oren Gedge | Herbert Tropf | Albino Nogueiras | Imed Zitouni | Anastasios Tsopanoglou | Nikos Fakotakis

Pdf Export Search ELRA Validation Methodology and Standard Promotion for Linguistic Resources
[L04-1342]: Hanne Fersøe | Monica Monachini

Pdf Export Search The AAC [Austrian Academy Corpus] – An Enterprise to Develop Large Electronic Text Corpora
[L04-1343]: Hanno Biber | Evelyn Breiteneder

Pdf Export Search Improving Automatic Phonetic Transcription of Spontaneous Speech Through Variant-Based Pronunciation Variation Modelling
[L04-1344]: Diana Binnenpoorte | Catia Cucchiarini | Helmer Strik | Lou Boves

Pdf Export Search A General-Purpose, Off-the-shelf Anaphora Resolution Module: Implementation and Preliminary Evaluation
[L04-1345]: Massimo Poesio | Mijail A. Kabadjov

Pdf Export Search Building a Conceptual Graph Bank for Chinese Language
[L04-1346]: Donghong Ji | Li Tang | Lingpeng Yang

Pdf Export Search Enriching a French Treebank
[L04-1347]: Anne Abeillé | Nicolas Barrier

Pdf Export Search French-English Multi-word Term Alignment Based on Lexical Context Analysis
[L04-1348]: Béatrice Daille | Samuel Dufour-Kowalski | Emmanuel Morin

Pdf Export Search An Argumentative Annotation Schema for Meeting Discussions
[L04-1349]: Vincenzo Pallotta | Hatem Ghorbel | Patrick Ruch | Giovanni Coray

Pdf Export Search A morphological Analyzer for Standard Albanian
[L04-1350]: Jochen Trommer | Dalina Kallulli

Pdf Export Search Generating an Arabic Full-form Lexicon for Bidirectional Morphology Lookup
[L04-1351]: Abdelhadi Soudi | Andreas Eisele

Pdf Export Search Orthographic and Phonetic Annotation of Very Large Czech Corpora with Quality Assessment
[L04-1352]: Petr Pollák | Jan Černocký

Pdf Export Search INQUER: A WordNet-based Question-Answering Application
[L04-1353]: Catarina Ribeiro | Ricardo Santos | João Correia | Rui Pedro Chaves | Palmira Marrafa

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Solutions for the Rapid Development of State-of-the-Art POS Taggers for Portuguese
[L04-1354]: António Branco | João Silva

Pdf Export Search A High Quality Partial Parser for Annotating German Text Corpora
[L04-1355]: Stefan Klatt

Pdf Export Search Bayesian Semantics Incorporation to Web Content for Natural Language Information Retrieval
[L04-1356]: Manolis Maragoudakis | Nikos Fakotakis

Pdf Export Search Usability Evaluation of Spoken Dialogue Systems
[L04-1357]: Lars Bo Larsen

Pdf Export Search Enriching EWN with Syntagmatic Information by Means of WSD
[L04-1358]: Iulia Nica | Mª Antònia Martí | Andrés Montoyo | Sonia Vázquez

Pdf Export Search Proper Names and Polysemy: From a Lexicographic Experience
[L04-1359]: Rita Marinelli

Pdf Export Search Tools for Upgrading Printed Dictionaries by Means of Corpus-based Lexical Acquisition
[L04-1360]: Ulrich Heid | Bettina Säuberlich | Esther Debus-Gregor | Werner Scholze-Stubenrecht

Pdf Export Search Extraction of Polish Named-Entities
[L04-1361]: Jakub Piskorski

Pdf Export Search Automatic Acquisition of Sense Examples Using ExRetriever
[L04-1362]: Juan Fernández | Mauro Castillo | German Rigau | Jordi Atserias | Jordi Turmo

Pdf Export Search Combining Heterogeneous Lexical Resources
[L04-1363]: Cvetana Krstev | Duško Vitas | Ranka Stankoviæ | Ivan Obradoviæ | Gordana Pavloviæ-Lažetiæ

Pdf Export Search Spoken and Written Language Resources for Vietnamese
[L04-1364]: Viet-Bac Le | Do-Dat Tran | Eric Castelli | Laurent Besacier | Jean-François Serignat

Pdf Export Search Building and Using a Corpus of Shallow Dialogue Annotated Meetings
[L04-1365]: Andrei Popescu-Belis | Maria Georgescul | Alexander Clark | Susan Armstrong

Pdf Export Search XTERM: A Flexible Standard-Compliant XML-Based Termbase Management System
[L04-1366]: Lorenzo Piccioni | Eros Zanchetta

Pdf Export Search Word Sense Disambiguation Using Random Indexing
[L04-1367]: Márton Miháltz

Pdf Export Search Querying Both Time-aligned and Hierarchical Corpora with NXT Search
[L04-1368]: Ulrich Heid | Holger Voormann | Jan-Torsten Milde | Ulrike Gut | Katrin Erk | Sebastian Padó

Pdf Export Search Bypassing Greeklish!
[L04-1369]: A. Chalamandaris | P. Tsiakoulis | S. Raptis | G. Giannopoulos | G. Carayannis

Pdf Export Search Semi-Automatic UNL Dictionary Generation Using WordNet.PT
[L04-1370]: Catarina Ribeiro | Ricardo Santos | Rui Pedro Chaves | Palmira Marrafa

Pdf Export Search Bootstrapping a Database of German Multi-word Expressions
[L04-1371]: Alexander Geyken

Pdf Export Search A Practical Comparison of Different Filters Used in Automatic Term Extraction
[L04-1372]: Le An Ha

Pdf Export Search SVMTool: A general POS Tagger Generator Based on Support Vector Machines
[L04-1373]: Jesús Giménez | Lluís Màrquez

Pdf Export Search A Multi-Modal Documentation System for Warao
[L04-1374]: Stefanie Herrmann | Hartmut Keck | Stephan Kepser

Pdf Export Search The DeepThought Core Architecture Framework
[L04-1375]: Ulrich Callmeier | Andreas Eisele | Ulrich Schäfer | Melanie Siegel

Pdf Export Search Towards the Meaning Top Ontology: Sources of Ontological Meaning
[L04-1376]: Jordi Atserias | Salvador Climent | German Rigau

Pdf Export Search An Environment for Dialogue Corpora Collection (ENDIACC)
[L04-1377]: Zygmunt Vetulani

Pdf Export Search Development of Resources for a Bilingual Automatic Index System of Broadcast News in Basque and Spanish
[L04-1378]: G. Bordel | A. Ezeiza | K. Lopez de Ipina | M. Méndez | M. Peñagarikano | T. Rico | C. Tovar | E. Zulueta

Pdf Export Search An Acoustic Corpus Contemplating Regional Variation for Studies of European Portuguese Nasals
[L04-1379]: António Teixeira | Liliana Ferreira | Lurdes Moutinho | Rosa Lídia Coimbra | Raquel Lisboa

Pdf Export Search Experiments on Building Language Resources for Multi-Modal Dialogue Systems
[L04-1380]: Laurent Romary | Amalia Todirascu | David Langlois

Pdf Export Search Callisto: A Configurable Annotation Workbench
[L04-1381]: David Day | Chad McHenry | Robyn Kozierok | Laurel Riek

Pdf Export Search The Effect of Text Difficulty on Machine Translation Performance - A Pilot Study with ILR-Rated Texts in Spanish, Farsi, Arabic, Russian and Korean
[L04-1382]: Ray Clifford | Neil Granoien | Douglas Jones | Wade Shen | Clifford Weinstein

Pdf Export Search An Annotated German-Language Medical Text Corpus as Language Resource
[L04-1383]: Joachim Wermter | Udo Hahn

Pdf Export Search Application of the BLEU Method for Evaluating Free-text Answers in an E-learning Environment
[L04-1384]: Diana Pérez | Enrique Alfonseca | Pilar Rodríguez

Pdf Export Search Extraction of Hyperonymy of Adjectives from Large Corpora by Using the Neural Network Model
[L04-1385]: Kyoko Kanzaki | Qing Ma | Eiko Yamamoto | Masaki Murata | Hitoshi Isahara

Pdf Export Search The Penn Discourse Treebank
[L04-1386]: Eleni Miltsakaki | Rashmi Prasad | Aravind Joshi | Bonnie Webber

Pdf Export Search Using the Web as a Corpus for the Syntactic-Based Collocation Identification
[L04-1387]: Violeta Seretan | Luka Nerima | Eric Wehrli

Pdf Export Search Automatic Methods to Supplement Broad-Coverage Subcategorization Lexicons
[L04-1388]: Michael Schiehlen | Kristina Spranger

Pdf Export Search A Large-Scale Resource for Storing and Recognizing Technical Terminology
[L04-1389]: Henk Harkema | Robert Gaizauskas | Mark Hepple | Neil Davis | Yikun Guo | Angus Roberts | Ian Roberts

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of a Multimodal Dialogue System for Small-screen Devices
[L04-1390]: Holmer Hemsen

Pdf Export Search Web Services for Language Resources and Language Technology Applications
[L04-1391]: Christian Biemann | Stefan Bordag | Uwe Quasthoff | Christian Wolff

Pdf Export Search Development of New Telephone Speech Databases for French: the NEOLOGOS Project
[L04-1392]: Elisabeth Pinto | Delphine Charlet | Hélène François | Djamel Mostefa | Olivier Boëffard | Dominique Fohr | Odile Mella | Frédéric Bimbot | Khalid Choukri | Yann Philip | Francis Charpentier

Pdf Export Search Top Ontology as a Tool for Semantic Role Tagging
[L04-1393]: Karel Pala | Pavel Smrz

Pdf Export Search A Suite of Tools for Marking Up Textual Data for Temporal Text Mining Scenarios
[L04-1394]: Argyrios Vasilakopoulos | Michele Bersani | William J. Black

Pdf Export Search Frequent Term Distribution Measures for Dataset Profiling
[L04-1395]: Anne De Roeck | Avik Sarkar | Paul Garthwaite

Pdf Export Search Issues in Annotation of the Czech Spontaneous Speech Corpus in the MALACH project
[L04-1396]: Josef Psutka | Pavel Ircing | Jan Hajič | Vlasta Radová | Josef V. Psutka | William J. Byrne | Samuel Gustman

Pdf Export Search Ontology Evaluation Functionalities of RDF(S),DAML+OIL, and OWL Parsers and Ontology Platforms
[L04-1397]: Asunción Gómez-Pérez | M. Carmen Suárez-Figueroa

Pdf Export Search Word Association Norms as a Unique Supplement of Traditional Language Resources
[L04-1398]: Anna Sinopalnikova | Pavel Smrz

Pdf Export Search Towards a Dynamic Lexicon: Predicting the Syntactic Argument Structure of Complex Verbs
[L04-1399]: Nadine Aldinger

Pdf Export Search Semantic Annotating of Czech Corpus via WSD
[L04-1400]: Robert Král

Pdf Export Search Using the NITE XML Toolkit on the Switchboard Corpus to Study Syntactic Choice: a Case Study
[L04-1401]: Jean Carletta | Shipra Dingare | Malvina Nissim | Tatiana Nikitina

Pdf Export Search An Annotation Scheme for Information Status in Dialogue
[L04-1402]: Malvina Nissim | Shipra Dingare | Jean Carletta | Mark Steedman

Pdf Export Search Speech Recognition Simulation and its Application for Wizard-of-Oz Experiments
[L04-1403]: Alex Trutnev | Antoine Ronzenknop | Martin Rajman

Pdf Export Search Language Modeling Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks
[L04-1404]: Murat Deviren | Khalid Daoudi | Kamel Smaïli

Pdf Export Search Pumping Documents Through a Domain and Genre Classification Pipeline
[L04-1405]: Udo Hahn | Joachim Wermter

Pdf Export Search A Hybrid Strategy For Regular Grammar Parsing
[L04-1406]: Kiril Simov | Petya Osenova

Pdf Export Search Cross-Language Acquisition of Semantic Models for Verbal Predicates
[L04-1407]: Jordi Atserias | Bernardo Magnini | Octavian Popescu | Eneko Agirre | Aitziber Atutxa | German Rigau | John Carroll | Rob Koeling

Pdf Export Search MED-TYP: A Typological Database for Mediterranean Languages
[L04-1408]: Andrea Sansò

Pdf Export Search A graphical Tool for Handling Rule Grammars in Java Speech Grammar Format
[L04-1409]: Kallirroi Georgila | Nikos Fakotakis | George Kokkinakis

Pdf Export Search A Flexible Language Acquisition Tool Kit for Natural Language Processing
[L04-1410]: Svetlana Sheremetyeva

Pdf Export Search The Effect of Bias on an Automatically-built Word Sense Corpus
[L04-1411]: David Martínez | Eneko Agirre

Pdf Export Search Bilingual Connections for Trilingual Corpora: An XML Approach
[L04-1412]: Victoria Arranz | Núria Castell | Josep Maria Crego | Jesús Giménez | Adrià de Gispert | Patrik Lambert

Pdf Export Search CoGesT: a Formal Transcription System for Conversational Gesture
[L04-1413]: Thorsten Trippel | Dafydd Gibbon | Alexandra Thies | Jan-Torsten Milde | Karin Looks | Benjamin Hell | Ulrike Gut

Pdf Export Search Memory-based Classification of Proper Names in Norwegian
[L04-1414]: Anders Nøklestad

Pdf Export Search Comparative Evaluations in the Domain of Automatic Speech Recognition
[L04-1415]: Alex Trutnev | Martin Rajman

Pdf Export Search Consistent Storage of Metadata in Inference Lexica: the MetaLex Approach
[L04-1416]: Thorsten Trippel | Felix Sasaki | Dafydd Gibbon

Pdf Export Search Applying a Part-of-Speech Tagger to Postal Address Detection on the Web
[L04-1417]: Nuno Cavalheiro Marques | Sérgio Gonçalves

Pdf Export Search Unifying Lexicons in view of a Phonological and Morphological Lexical DB
[L04-1418]: Monica Monachini | Federico Calzolari | Michele Mammini | Sergio Rossi | Marisa Ulivieri

Pdf Export Search Toward an Annotation Software for Video of Sign Language, Including Image Processing Tools and Signing Space Modelling
[L04-1419]: A. Braffort | A. Choisier | C. Collet | P. Dalle | F. Gianni | F. Lenseigne | J. Segouat

Pdf Export Search Building Distributed Language Resources By Grid Computing
[L04-1420]: Fabio Tamburini

Pdf Export Search Mapping Dependency Structures to Phrase Structures and the Automatic Acquisition of Mapping Rules
[L04-1421]: Bernd Bohnet | Halyna Seniv

Pdf Export Search A Framework for Temporal Resolution
[L04-1422]: Georgiana Puşcaşu

Pdf Export Search EGRAM – A Grammar Development Environment and its Usage for Language Generation
[L04-1423]: Stephan Busemann

Pdf Export Search Large Scale Experiments for Semantic Labeling of Noun Phrases in Raw Text
[L04-1424]: Louise Guthrie | Roberto Basili | Fabio Zanzotto | Kalina Bontcheva | Hamish Cunningham | David Guthrie | Jia Cui | Marco Cammisa | Jerry Cheng-Chieh Liu | Cassia Farria Martin | Kristiyan Haralambiev | Martin Holub | Klaus Macherey | Fredrick Jelinek

Pdf Export Search Exploring Portability of Syntactic Information from English to Basque
[L04-1425]: Eneko Agirre | Aitziber Atutxa | Koldo Gojenola | Kepa Sarasola

Pdf Export Search Spanish WordNet 1.6: Porting the Spanish Wordnet Across Princeton Versions
[L04-1426]: Jordi Atserias | Luís Villarejo | German Rigau

Pdf Export Search An Annotated Corpus of Tutorial Dialogs on Mathematical Theorem Proving
[L04-1427]: Magdalena Wolska | Bao Quoc Vo | Dimitra Tsovaltzi | Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová | Elena Karagjosova | Helmut Horacek | Armin Fiedler | Christoph Benzmüller

Pdf Export Search Automatic Keyword Extraction from Spoken Text. A Comparison of Two Lexical Resources: EDR and WordNet
[L04-1428]: Lonneke van der Plas | Vincenzo Pallotta | Martin Rajman | Hatem Ghorbel

Pdf Export Search Pronominal Anaphora Resolution for Unrestricted Text
[L04-1429]: Anna Kupść | Teruko Mitamura | Benjamin Van Durme | Eric Nyberg

Pdf Export Search The ESTER Evaluation Campaign for the Rich Transcription of French Broadcast News
[L04-1430]: G. Gravier | J-F. Bonastre | E. Geoffrois | S. Galliano | K. Mc Tait | K. Choukri

Pdf Export Search Steps Towards Semantically Annotated Language Resources
[L04-1431]: Manfred Klenner | Fabio Rinaldi | Michael Hess

Pdf Export Search Designing a Realistic Evaluation of an End-to-end Interactive Question Answering System
[L04-1432]: Nina Wacholder | Sharon Small | Bing Bai | Diane Kelly | Robert Rittman | Sean Ryan | Robert Salkin | Peng Song | Ying Sun | Liu Ting | Paul Kantor | Tomek Strzalkowski

Pdf Export Search Semi-Automatic Construction of a Question Treebank
[L04-1433]: Karin Müller

Pdf Export Search Calibrating Resource-light Automatic MT Evaluation: a Cheap Approach to Ranking MT Systems by the Usability of Their Output
[L04-1434]: Bogdan Babych | Debbie Elliott | Anthony Hartley

Pdf Export Search Multimodal, Multilingual Resources in the Subtitling Process
[L04-1435]: Stelios Piperidis | Iason Demiros | Prokopis Prokopidis | Peter Vanroose | Anja Hoethker | Walter Daelemans | Elsa Sklavounou | Manos Konstantinou | Yannis Karavidas

Pdf Export Search Perceptual Evaluation of Quality Deterioration Owing to Prosody Modification
[L04-1436]: Kazuki Adachi | Tomoki Toda | Hiromichi Kawanami | Hiroshi Saruwatari | Kiyohiro Shikano

Pdf Export Search Integration of Russian Language Resources
[L04-1437]: Serge A. Yablonsky

Pdf Export Search A2Q: An Agent-based Architecure for Multilingual Q&A
[L04-1438]: Roberto Basili | Nicola Lorusso | Maria Teresa Pazienza | Fabio Massimo Zanzotto

Pdf Export Search OntoTag's Linguistic Ontologies: Enhancing Higher Level and Semantic Web Annotations
[L04-1439]: Guadalupe Aguado de Cea | Inmaculada Álvarez-de-Mon | Antonio Pareja-Lora

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Language Resources for Semantic Web Annotations
[L04-1440]: Kaarel Kaljurand | Fabio Rinaldi | James Dowdall | Michael Hess

Pdf Export Search Towards an International Standard on Feature Structure Representation
[L04-1441]: Kiyong Lee | Lou Burnard | Laurent Romary | Eric de la Clergerie | Thierry Declerck | Syd Bauman | Harry Bunt | Lionel Clément | Tomaž Erjavec | Azim Roussanaly | Claude Roux

Pdf Export Search The Translation Correction Tool: English-Spanish User Studies
[L04-1442]: Ariadna Font Llitjós | Jaime Carbonell

Pdf Export Search A Labelled Corpus for Prepositional Phrase Attachment
[L04-1443]: Brian Mitchell | Robert Gaizauskas

Pdf Export Search Comparing the Ambiguity Reduction Abilities of Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars
[L04-1444]: Gabriel Infante-Lopez | Maarten de Rijke

Pdf Export Search NameNet: a Self-Improving Resource for Name Classification
[L04-1445]: Paul Morarescu | Sanda Harabagiu

Pdf Export Search Image-Language Multimodal Corpora: Needs, Lacunae and an AI Synergy for Annotation
[L04-1446]: Katerina Pastra | Yorick Wilks

Pdf Export Search Detecting Errors in English Article Usage with a Maximum Entropy Classifier Trained on a Large, Diverse Corpus
[L04-1447]: Na-Rae Han | Martin Chodorow | Claudia Leacock

Pdf Export Search The Core of the Czech Derivational Dictionary
[L04-1448]: Radek Sedláček

Pdf Export Search Automatic Sentence Simplification for Subtitling in Dutch and English
[L04-1449]: Walter Daelemans | Anja Höthker | Erik Tjong Kim Sang

Pdf Export Search Enriching a Thai Lexical Database with Selectional Preferences
[L04-1450]: Canasai Kruengkrai | Thatsanee Charoenporn | Virach Sornlertlamvanich | Hitoshi Isahara

Pdf Export Search Results of the 2003 Topic Detection and Tracking Evaluation
[L04-1451]: Jonathan G. Fiscus

Pdf Export Search Parsing Ungrammatical Input: an Evaluation Procedure
[L04-1452]: Jennifer Foster

Pdf Export Search An Automatic Method for Constructing Domain-Specific Ontology Resources
[L04-1453]: Melania Degeratu | Vasileios Hatzivassiloglou

Pdf Export Search A Lexicon Module for a Grammar Development Environment
[L04-1454]: Ann Copestake | Fabre Lambeau | Benjamin Waldron | Francis Bond | Dan Flickinger | Stephan Oepen

Pdf Export Search Modelling Legitimate Translation Variation for Automatic Evaluation of MT Quality
[L04-1455]: Bogdan Babych | Anthony Hartley

Pdf Export Search Semantic Mark-up of Italian Legal Texts Through NLP-based Techniques
[L04-1456]: Roberto Bartolini | Alessandro Lenci | Simonetta Montemagni | Vito Pirrelli | Claudia Soria

Pdf Export Search Morphology Based Automatic Acquisition of Large-coverage Lexica
[L04-1457]: Lionel Clément | Benoît Sagot | Bernard Lang

Pdf Export Search Towards Intelligent Written Cultural Heritage Processing - Lexical processing
[L04-1458]: Kiril Ribarov

Pdf Export Search Developing Language Resources for a Transnational Digital Government System
[L04-1459]: Violetta Cavalli-Sforza | Jaime G. Carbonell | Peter J. Jansen

Pdf Export Search Semi-automatic Syntactic and Semantic Corpus Annotation with a Deep Parser
[L04-1460]: Mary D. Swift | Myroslava O. Dzikovska | Joel R. Tetreault | James F. Allen

Pdf Export Search Collecting and Sharing Bilingual Spontaneous Speech Corpora: the ChinFaDial Experiment
[L04-1461]: Georges Fafiotte | Christian Boitet | Mark Seligman | Zong Chengqing

Pdf Export Search Can Anaphoric Definite Descriptions be Replaced by Pronouns?
[L04-1462]: Judita Preiss | Caroline Gasperin | Ted Briscoe

Pdf Export Search Hybrid Constraints for Robust Parsing: First Experiments and Evaluation
[L04-1463]: Roberto Bartolini | Alessandro Lenci | Simonetta Montemagni | Vito Pirrelli

Pdf Export Search E-Wiz: a Trapper Protocol for Hunting the Expressive Speech Corpora in Lab
[L04-1464]: Véronique Aubergé | Nicolas Audibert | Albert Rilliard

Pdf Export Search Agreement in Human Factoid Annotation for Summarization Evaluation
[L04-1465]: Simone Teufel | Hans van Halteren

Pdf Export Search Evaluating an Authentic Audio-Visual Expressive Speech Corpus
[L04-1466]: Albert Rilliard | Véronique Aubergé | Nicolas Audibert

Pdf Export Search The Italian NESPOLE! Corpus: a Multilingual Database with Interlingua Annotation in Tourism and Medical Domains
[L04-1467]: Nadia Mana | Roldano Cattoni | Emanuele Pianta | Franca Rossi | Fabio Pianesi | Susanne Burger

Pdf Export Search Linguistic Miner: An Italian Linguistic Knowledge System
[L04-1468]: Eugenio Picchi | Maria Luigia Ceccotti | Sebastiana Cucurullo | Manuela Sassi | Eva Sassolini

Pdf Export Search Metaphors in Wordnets: From Theory to Practice
[L04-1469]: Antonietta Alonge | Birte Lönneker

Pdf Export Search Standardization in Multimodal Content Representation: Some Methodological Issues
[L04-1470]: Harry Bunt | Laurent Romary

Pdf Export Search A Similarity Measure for Unsupervised Semantic Disambiguation
[L04-1471]: Roberto Basili | Marco Cammisa | Fabio Massimo Zanzotto

Pdf Export Search Usability Evaluation of Multimodal and Domain-Oriented Spoken Language Dialogue Systems
[L04-1472]: Laila Dybkjær | Niels Ole Bernsen | Wolfgang Minker

Pdf Export Search Using WordNet to Measure Semantic Orientations of Adjectives
[L04-1473]: Jaap Kamps | Maarten Marx | Robert J. Mokken | Maarten de Rijke

Pdf Export Search MT Goes Farming: Comparing Two Machine Translation Approaches on a New Domain
[L04-1474]: Per Weijnitz | Eva Forsbom | Ebba Gustavii | Eva Pettersson | Jörg Tiedemann

Pdf Export Search VOXMEX Speech Database: Design of a Phonetically Balanced Corpus
[L04-1475]: Esmeralda Uraga | César Gamboa

Pdf Export Search Data Driven Ontology Evaluation
[L04-1476]: Christopher Brewster | Harith Alani | Srinandan Dasmahapatra | Yorick Wilks

Pdf Export Search Embedding IMDI Metadata into a Large Phonetic Corpus
[L04-1477]: Oliver Schonefeld | Jan-Torsten Milde

Pdf Export Search Using Semantic Language Resources to Support Textual Inference for Question Answering
[L04-1478]: Francesca Bertagna

Pdf Export Search An Information Repository Model for Advanced Question Answering Systems
[L04-1479]: Vasco Calais Pedro | Jeongwoo Ko | Eric Nyberg | Teruko Mitamura

Pdf Export Search Content Interoperability of Lexical Resources: Open Issues and "MILE" Perspectives
[L04-1480]: Francesca Bertagna | Alessandro Lenci | Monica Monachini | Nicoletta Calzolari

Pdf Export Search Prague Czech-English Dependency Treebank. Syntactically Annotated Resources for Machine Translation
[L04-1481]: Martin Čmejrek | Jan Cuřín | Jiří Havelka | Jan Hajič | Vladislav Kuboň

Pdf Export Search Data Collection and Analysis of Mapudungun Morphology for Spelling Correction
[L04-1482]: Christian Monson | Lori Levin | Rodolfo Vega | Ralf Brown | Ariadna Font Llitjos | Alon Lavie | Jaime Carbonell | Eliseo Cañulef | Rosendo Huisca

Pdf Export Search An Efficient Word Confidence Measure Using Likelihood Ratio Scores
[L04-1483]: Arlindo O. Veiga | Fernando S. Perdigão

Pdf Export Search Adding Syntactic Annotations to Transcripts of Parent-Child Dialogs
[L04-1484]: Kenji Sagae | Brian MacWhinney | Alon Lavie

Pdf Export Search Distributional Consistency: As a General Method for Defining a Core Lexicon
[L04-1485]: Huarui Zhang | Churen Huang | Shiwen Yu

Pdf Export Search Computing Reliability for Coreference Annotation
[L04-1486]: Rebecca J. Passonneau

Pdf Export Search Publicly Available Topic Signatures for all WordNet Nominal Senses
[L04-1487]: Eneko Agirre | Oier Lopez de Lacalle

Pdf Export Search Road-testing the English Resource Grammar Over the British National Corpus
[L04-1488]: Timothy Baldwin | Emily M. Bender | Dan Flickinger | Ara Kim | Stephan Oepen

Pdf Export Search Interpreting BLEU/NIST Scores: How Much Improvement do We Need to Have a Better System?
[L04-1489]: Ying Zhang | Stephan Vogel | Alex Waibel

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Anchor Text as a Lexical Resource
[L04-1490]: Peter Anick

Pdf Export Search MEAD - A Platform for Multidocument Multilingual Text Summarization
[L04-1491]: Dragomir Radev | Timothy Allison | Sasha Blair-Goldensohn | John Blitzer | Arda Çelebi | Stanko Dimitrov | Elliott Drabek | Ali Hakim | Wai Lam | Danyu Liu | Jahna Otterbacher | Hong Qi | Horacio Saggion | Simone Teufel | Michael Topper | Adam Winkel | Zhu Zhang

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Transcription and Annotation Tools for a Multi-modal, Multi-party Dialogue Corpus
[L04-1492]: Saurabh Garg | Bilyana Martinovski | Susan Robinson | Jens Stephan | Joel Tetreault | David R. Traum

Pdf Export Search Current Projects in Languages of Military Interest at the Defense Language Institute
[L04-1493]: Michael Emonts

Pdf Export Search A Multilingual Database of Idioms
[L04-1494]: Aline Villavicencio | Timothy Baldwin | Benjamin Waldron

Pdf Export Search Annotation Tools for Large-Scale Corpus Development: Using AGTK at the Linguistic Data Consortium
[L04-1495]: Kazuaki Maeda | Stephanie Strassel

Pdf Export Search Linguistic Resources for Effective, Affordable, Reusable Speech-to-Text
[L04-1496]: Stephanie Strassel

Pdf Export Search Building part-of-speech Corpora Through Histogram Hopping
[L04-1497]: Marc Vilain

Pdf Export Search An Emerging Transcontinental Collaborative Research and Education Agenda in Human Language Technologies
[L04-1498]: Gregory Ernest Monaco | Abdelhadi Soudi

Pdf Export Search Issues in Corpus Development for Multi-party Multi-modal Task-oriented Dialogue
[L04-1499]: Susan Robinson | Bilyana Martinovski | Saurabh Garg | Jens Stephan | David Traum

Pdf Export Search The Fisher Corpus: a Resource for the Next Generations of Speech-to-Text
[L04-1500]: Christopher Cieri | David Miller | Kevin Walker

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Multi-party Virtual Reality Dialogue Interaction
[L04-1501]: David R. Traum | Susan Robinson | Jens Stephan

Pdf Export Search The Mixer Corpus of Multilingual, Multichannel Speaker Recognition Data
[L04-1502]: Christopher Cieri | Joseph P. Campbell | Hirotaka Nakasone | David Miller | Kevin Walker

Pdf Export Search Building a Large Grammar for Italian
[L04-1503]: Alessandro Mazzei | Vincenzo Lombardo

Pdf Export Search Japanese MULTEXT: a Prosodic Corpus
[L04-1504]: Kitazawa Shigeyoshi | Kiriyama Shinya | Itoh Toshihiko | Nick Campbell

Pdf Export Search The OLISSIPO and LECTIO Projects
[L04-1505]: Giuseppe Cappeli | Paulo Alberto

Pdf Export Search A Public Reference Implementation of the RAP Anaphora Resolution Algorithm
[L04-1506]: Long Qiu | Min-Yen Kan | Tat-Seng Chua

Pdf Export Search NLP-enhanced Content Filtering Within the POESIA Project
[L04-1507]: Mark Hepple | Neil Ireson | Paolo Allegrini | Simone Marchi | Simonetta Montemagni | Jose Maria Gomez Hidalgo

Pdf Export Search WinPitch Corpus, a Text to Speech Alignment Tool for Multimodal Corpora
[L04-1508]: Philippe Martin

Pdf Export Search The Statistical Analysis of Morphosyntactic Distributions
[L04-1509]: Stefan Evert

Pdf Export Search CHeM: A System for the Automatic Analysis of e-mails in the Restoration and Conservation Domain
[L04-1510]: Luciana Bordoni | Leonardo Pasqualini | Filippo Sciarrone

Pdf Export Search Resources for Place Name Analysis
[L04-1511]: Robert Irie | Beth Sundheim

Pdf Export Search NEMLAR - An Arabic Language Resources Project
[L04-1512]: Bente Maegaard

Pdf Export Search Korean-Chinese-Japanese Multilingual Wordnet with Shared Semantic Hierarchy
[L04-1513]: Key-Sun Choi | Hee-Sook Bae | Wonseok Kang | Juho Lee | Eunhe Kim | Hekyeong Kim | Donghee Kim | Youngbin Song | Hyosik Shin

Pdf Export Search Intranet Try To Find Project (ITTF): An Approach for the Search of Relevant Information Inside an Organization
[L04-1514]: Christophe Jouis | Jean-Marie Ferru

Pdf Export Search A Progress Report from the Linguistic Data Consortium: Recent Activities in Resource Creation and Distribution and the Development of Tools and Standards
[L04-1515]: Christopher Cieri | Mark Liberman

Pdf Export Search Recent Activities within the European Language Resources Association: Issues on Sharing Language Resources and Evaluation
[L04-1516]: Khalid Choukri

Pdf Export Search EVALDA-CESART Project: Terminological Resources Acquisition Tools Evaluation Campaign
[L04-1517]: Widad Mustafa El Hadi | Ismail Timimi | Marianne Dabbadie

Pdf Export Search From Weaver to the ALPAC Report
[L04-1518]: Gabriella Pardelli | Manuela Sassi | Sara Goggi

Pdf Export Search The Verb in the Terminological Collocations. Contribution to the Development of a Morphological Analyser: MorphoCom
[L04-1519]: Rute Costa | Raquel Silva

Pdf Export Search Cluster Analysis and Classification of Named Entities
[L04-1520]: Joaquim F. Ferreira da Silva | Zornitsa Kozareva | José Gabriel Pereira Lopes

Pdf Export Search Network of Data Centres (NetDC): BNSC - An Arabic Broadcast News Speech Corpus
[L04-1521]: Khalid Choukri | Mahtab Nikkhou | Niklas Paulsson

Pdf Export Search Technolangue: A Permanent Evaluation and Information Infrastructure
[L04-1522]: Valérie Mapelli | Maria Nava | Sylvain Surcin | Djamel Mostefa | Khalid Choukri

Pdf Export Search Extending Wordnets To Implicit Information
[L04-1523]: Palmira Marrafa

Pdf Export Search Russian Information Retrieval Evaluation Seminar
[L04-1524]: Boris Dobrov | Igor Kuralenok | Natalia Loukachevitch | Igor Nekrestyanov | Ilya Segalovich