James Fan | Raphael Hoffman | Aditya Kalyanpur | Sebastian Riedel | Fabian Suchanek | Partha Pratim Talukdar  
Montrèal, Canada 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Joint Workshop on Automatic Knowledge Base Construction and Web-scale Knowledge Extraction (AKBC-WEKEX)
[W12-3000]: James Fan | Raphael Hoffman | Aditya Kalyanpur | Sebastian Riedel | Fabian Suchanek | Partha Pratim Talukdar

Pdf Export Search Towards Distributed MCMC Inference in Probabilistic Knowledge Bases
[W12-3001]: Mathias Niepert | Christian Meilicke | Heiner Stuckenschmidt

Pdf Export Search Collectively Representing Semi-Structured Data from the Web
[W12-3002]: Bhavana Dalvi | William Cohen | Jamie Callan

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Content Discovery from Concise Summaries
[W12-3003]: Horacio Saggion

Pdf Export Search Automatic Evaluation of Relation Extraction Systems on Large-scale
[W12-3004]: Mirko Bronzi | Zhaochen Guo | Filipe Mesquita | Denilson Barbosa | Paolo Merialdo

Pdf Export Search Relabeling Distantly Supervised Training Data for Temporal Knowledge Base Population
[W12-3005]: Suzanne Tamang | Heng Ji

Pdf Export Search Web Based Collection and Comparison of Cognitive Properties in English and Chinese
[W12-3006]: Bin Li | Jiajun Chen | Yingjie Zhang

Pdf Export Search Population of a Knowledge Base for News Metadata from Unstructured Text and Web Data
[W12-3007]: Rosa Stern | Benoît Sagot

Pdf Export Search Real-time Population of Knowledge Bases: Opportunities and Challenges
[W12-3008]: Ndapandula Nakashole | Gerhard Weikum

Pdf Export Search Adding Distributional Semantics to Knowledge Base Entities through Web-scale Entity Linking
[W12-3009]: Matt Gardner

Pdf Export Search KrakeN: N-ary Facts in Open Information Extraction
[W12-3010]: Alan Akbik | Alexander Löser

Pdf Export Search Structural Linguistics and Unsupervised Information Extraction
[W12-3011]: Ralph Grishman

Pdf Export Search A Context-Aware Approach to Entity Linking
[W12-3012]: Veselin Stoyanov | James Mayfield | Tan Xu | Douglas Oard | Dawn Lawrie | Tim Oates | Tim Finin

Pdf Export Search Evaluating the Quality of a Knowledge Base Populated from Text
[W12-3013]: James Mayfield | Tim Finin

Pdf Export Search Constructing a Textual KB from a Biology TextBook
[W12-3014]: Peter Clark | Phil Harrison | Niranjan Balasubramanian | Oren Etzioni

Pdf Export Search Knowledge Extraction and Joint Inference Using Tractable Markov Logic
[W12-3015]: Chloè Kiddon | Pedro Domingos

Pdf Export Search Entity Linking at Web Scale
[W12-3016]: Thomas Lin | Mausam | Oren Etzioni

Pdf Export Search Human-Machine Cooperation: Supporting User Corrections to Automatically Constructed KBs
[W12-3017]: Michael Wick | Karl Schultz | Andrew McCallum

Pdf Export Search Annotated Gigaword
[W12-3018]: Courtney Napoles | Matthew Gormley | Benjamin Van Durme

Pdf Export Search Rel-grams: A Probabilistic Model of Relations in Text
[W12-3019]: Niranjan Balasubramanian | Stephen Soderland | Mausam | Oren Etzioni

Pdf Export Search Automatic Knowledge Base Construction using Probabilistic Extraction, Deductive Reasoning, and Human Feedback
[W12-3020]: Daisy Zhe Wang | Yang Chen | Sean Goldberg | Christan Grant | Kun Li

Pdf Export Search Monte Carlo MCMC: Efficient Inference by Sampling Factors
[W12-3021]: Sameer Singh | Michael Wick | Andrew McCallum

Pdf Export Search Probabilistic Databases of Universal Schema
[W12-3022]: Limin Yao | Sebastian Riedel | Andrew McCallum

Pdf Export Search Using Textual Patterns to Learn Expected Event Frequencies
[W12-3023]: Jonathan Gordon | Lenhart Schubert