Agata Savary | Carlos Ramisch | Jena D. Hwang | Nathan Schneider | Melanie Andresen | Sameer Pradhan | Miriam R L Petruck  
WS | LAW  
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Joint Workshop on Linguistic Annotation, Multiword Expressions and Constructions (LAW-MWE-CxG-2018)
[W18-4900]: Agata Savary | Carlos Ramisch | Jena D. Hwang | Nathan Schneider | Melanie Andresen | Sameer Pradhan | Miriam R L Petruck

Pdf Export Search Annotation Schemes for Surface Construction Labeling
[W18-4901]: Lori Levin

Pdf Export Search From Lexical Functional Grammar to Enhanced Universal Dependencies
[W18-4902]: Adam Przepiórkowski | Agnieszka Patejuk

Pdf Export Search Leaving no token behind: comprehensive (and delicious) annotation of MWEs and supersenses
[W18-4903]: Nathan Schneider

Pdf Export Search Processing MWEs: Neurocognitive Bases of Verbal MWEs and Lexical Cohesiveness within MWEs
[W18-4904]: Shohini Bhattasali | Murielle Fabre | John Hale

Pdf Export Search The Interplay of Form and Meaning in Complex Medical Terms: Evidence from a Clinical Corpus
[W18-4905]: Leonie Grön | Ann Bertels | Heylen Kris

Pdf Export Search Discourse and Lexicons: Lexemes, MWEs, Grammatical Constructions and Compositional Word Combinations to Signal Discourse Relations
[W18-4906]: Laurence Danlos

Pdf Export Search From Chinese Word Segmentation to Extraction of Constructions: Two Sides of the Same Algorithmic Coin
[W18-4907]: Jean-Pierre Colson

Pdf Export Search Fixed Similes: Measuring aspects of the relation between MWE idiomatic semantics and syntactic flexibility
[W18-4908]: Stella Markantonatou | Panagiotis Kouris | Yanis Maistros

Pdf Export Search Fine-Grained Termhood Prediction for German Compound Terms Using Neural Networks
[W18-4909]: Anna Hätty | Sabine Schulte im Walde

Pdf Export Search Towards a Computational Lexicon for Moroccan Darija: Words, Idioms, and Constructions
[W18-4910]: Jamal Laoudi | Claire Bonial | Lucia Donatelli | Stephen Tratz | Clare Voss

Pdf Export Search Verbal Multiword Expressions in Basque Corpora
[W18-4911]: Uxoa Iñurrieta | Itziar Aduriz | Ainara Estarrona | Itziar Gonzalez-Dios | Antton Gurrutxaga | Ruben Urizar | Iñaki Alegria

Pdf Export Search Annotation of Tense and Aspect Semantics for Sentential AMR
[W18-4912]: Lucia Donatelli | Michael Regan | William Croft | Nathan Schneider

Pdf Export Search A Syntax-Based Scheme for the Annotation and Segmentation of German Spoken Language Interactions
[W18-4913]: Swantje Westpfahl | Jan Gorisch

Pdf Export Search An Annotated Corpus of Picture Stories Retold by Language Learners
[W18-4914]: Christine Köhn | Arne Köhn

Pdf Export Search Developing and Evaluating Annotation Procedures for Twitter Data during Hazard Events
[W18-4915]: Kevin Stowe | Martha Palmer | Jennings Anderson | Marina Kogan | Leysia Palen | Kenneth M. Anderson | Rebecca Morss | Julie Demuth | Heather Lazrus

Pdf Export Search A Treebank for the Healthcare Domain
[W18-4916]: Nganthoibi Oinam | Diwakar Mishra | Pinal Patel | Narayan Choudhary | Hitesh Desai

Pdf Export Search The RST Spanish-Chinese Treebank
[W18-4917]: Shuyuan Cao | Iria da Cunha | Mikel Iruskieta

Pdf Export Search All Roads Lead to UD: Converting Stanford and Penn Parses to English Universal Dependencies with Multilayer Annotations
[W18-4918]: Siyao Peng | Amir Zeldes

Pdf Export Search The Other Side of the Coin: Unsupervised Disambiguation of Potentially Idiomatic Expressions by Contrasting Senses
[W18-4919]: Hessel Haagsma | Malvina Nissim | Johan Bos

Pdf Export Search Do Character-Level Neural Network Language Models Capture Knowledge of Multiword Expression Compositionality?
[W18-4920]: Ali Hakimi Parizi | Paul Cook

Pdf Export Search Constructing an Annotated Corpus of Verbal MWEs for English
[W18-4921]: Abigail Walsh | Claire Bonial | Kristina Geeraert | John P. McCrae | Nathan Schneider | Clarissa Somers

Pdf Export Search Cooperating Tools for MWE Lexicon Management and Corpus Annotation
[W18-4922]: Yuji Matsumoto | Akihiko Kato | Hiroyuki Shindo | Toshio Morita

Pdf Export Search "Fingers in the Nose": Evaluating Speakers’ Identification of Multi-Word Expressions Using a Slightly Gamified Crowdsourcing Platform
[W18-4923]: Karën Fort | Bruno Guillaume | Matthieu Constant | Nicolas Lefèbvre | Yann-Alan Pilatte

Pdf Export Search Improving Domain Independent Question Parsing with Synthetic Treebanks
[W18-4924]: Halim-Antoine Boukaram | Nizar Habash | Micheline Ziadee | Majd Sakr

Pdf Export Search Edition 1.1 of the PARSEME Shared Task on Automatic Identification of Verbal Multiword Expressions
[W18-4925]: Carlos Ramisch | Silvio Ricardo Cordeiro | Agata Savary | Veronika Vincze | Verginica Barbu Mititelu | Archna Bhatia | Maja Buljan | Marie Candito | Polona Gantar | Voula Giouli | Tunga Güngör | Abdelati Hawwari | Uxoa Iñurrieta | Jolanta Kovalevskaitė | Simon Krek | Timm Lichte | Chaya Liebeskind | Johanna Monti | Carla Parra Escartín | Behrang QasemiZadeh | Renata Ramisch | Nathan Schneider | Ivelina Stoyanova | Ashwini Vaidya | Abigail Walsh

Pdf Export Search CRF-Seq and CRF-DepTree at PARSEME Shared Task 2018: Detecting Verbal MWEs using Sequential and Dependency-Based Approaches
[W18-4926]: Erwan Moreau | Ashjan Alsulaimani | Alfredo Maldonado | Carl Vogel

Pdf Export Search Deep-BGT at PARSEME Shared Task 2018: Bidirectional LSTM-CRF Model for Verbal Multiword Expression Identification
[W18-4927]: Gözde Berk | Berna Erden | Tunga Güngör

Pdf Export Search GBD-NER at PARSEME Shared Task 2018: Multi-Word Expression Detection Using Bidirectional Long-Short-Term Memory Networks and Graph-Based Decoding
[W18-4928]: Tiberiu Boroș | Ruxandra Burtica

Pdf Export Search Mumpitz at PARSEME Shared Task 2018: A Bidirectional LSTM for the Identification of Verbal Multiword Expressions
[W18-4929]: Rafael Ehren | Timm Lichte | Younes Samih

Pdf Export Search TRAPACC and TRAPACCS at PARSEME Shared Task 2018: Neural Transition Tagging of Verbal Multiword Expressions
[W18-4930]: Regina Stodden | Behrang QasemiZadeh | Laura Kallmeyer

Pdf Export Search TRAVERSAL at PARSEME Shared Task 2018: Identification of Verbal Multiword Expressions Using a Discriminative Tree-Structured Model
[W18-4931]: Jakub Waszczuk

Pdf Export Search VarIDE at PARSEME Shared Task 2018: Are Variants Really as Alike as Two Peas in a Pod?
[W18-4932]: Caroline Pasquer | Carlos Ramisch | Agata Savary | Jean-Yves Antoine

Pdf Export Search Veyn at PARSEME Shared Task 2018: Recurrent Neural Networks for VMWE Identification
[W18-4933]: Nicolas Zampieri | Manon Scholivet | Carlos Ramisch | Benoit Favre