Alberto Lavelli | Anne-Lyse Minard | Fabio Rinaldi  
Brussels, Belgium 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Ninth International Workshop on Health Text Mining and Information Analysis
[W18-5600]: Alberto Lavelli | Anne-Lyse Minard | Fabio Rinaldi

Pdf Export Search Detecting Diabetes Risk from Social Media Activity
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Pdf Export Search Treatment Side Effect Prediction from Online User-generated Content
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Pdf Export Search Supervised Machine Learning for Extractive Query Based Summarisation of Biomedical Data
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Pdf Export Search Comparing CNN and LSTM character-level embeddings in BiLSTM-CRF models for chemical and disease named entity recognition
[W18-5605]: Zenan Zhai | Dat Quoc Nguyen | Karin Verspoor

Pdf Export Search Deep learning for language understanding of mental health concepts derived from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
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Pdf Export Search Investigating the Challenges of Temporal Relation Extraction from Clinical Text
[W18-5607]: Diana Galvan | Naoaki Okazaki | Koji Matsuda | Kentaro Inui

Pdf Export Search De-identifying Free Text of Japanese Dummy Electronic Health Records
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Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Identification of Study Descriptors in Toxicology Research: An Experimental Study
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Pdf Export Search Identification of Parallel Sentences in Comparable Monolingual Corpora from Different Registers
[W18-5610]: Rémi Cardon | Natalia Grabar

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of a Prototype System that Automatically Assigns Subject Headings to Nursing Narratives Using Recurrent Neural Network
[W18-5611]: Hans Moen | Kai Hakala | Laura-Maria Peltonen | Henry Suhonen | Petri Loukasmäki | Tapio Salakoski | Filip Ginter | Sanna Salanterä

Pdf Export Search Automatically Detecting the Position and Type of Psychiatric Evaluation Report Sections
[W18-5612]: Deya Banisakher | Naphtali Rishe | Mark A. Finlayson

Pdf Export Search Iterative development of family history annotation guidelines using a synthetic corpus of clinical text
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Pdf Export Search CAS: French Corpus with Clinical Cases
[W18-5614]: Natalia Grabar | Vincent Claveau | Clément Dalloux

Pdf Export Search Analysis of Risk Factor Domains in Psychosis Patient Health Records
[W18-5615]: Eben Holderness | Nicholas Miller | Kirsten Bolton | Philip Cawkwell | Marie Meteer | James Pustejovsky | Mei Hua-Hall

Pdf Export Search Patient Risk Assessment and Warning Symptom Detection Using Deep Attention-Based Neural Networks
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Pdf Export Search Syntax-based Transfer Learning for the Task of Biomedical Relation Extraction
[W18-5617]: Joël Legrand | Yannick Toussaint | Chedy Raïssi | Adrien Coulet

Pdf Export Search In-domain Context-aware Token Embeddings Improve Biomedical Named Entity Recognition
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Pdf Export Search Self-training improves Recurrent Neural Networks performance for Temporal Relation Extraction
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Pdf Export Search Time Expressions in Mental Health Records for Symptom Onset Extraction
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Pdf Export Search Evaluation of a Sequence Tagging Tool for Biomedical Texts
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Pdf Export Search Learning to Summarize Radiology Findings
[W18-5623]: Yuhao Zhang | Daisy Yi Ding | Tianpei Qian | Christopher D. Manning | Curtis P. Langlotz