Maxine Eskenazi | Michael Strube | Barbara Di Eugenio | Jason D. Williams  
Metz, France 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the SIGDIAL 2013 Conference
[W13-4000]: Maxine Eskenazi | Michael Strube | Barbara Di Eugenio | Jason D. Williams

Pdf Export Search Discourse Relations, Discourse Structure, Discourse Semantics
[W13-4001]: Bonnie Webber

Pdf Export Search Expressivity and comparison of models of discourse structure
[W13-4002]: Antoine Venant | Nicholas Asher | Philippe Muller | Pascal Denis | Stergos Afantenos

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised structured semantic inference for spoken dialog reservation tasks
[W13-4003]: Alejandra Lorenzo | Lina Rojas-Barahona | Christophe Cerisara

Pdf Export Search Toward a Better Understanding of Causality between Verbal Events: Extraction and Analysis of the Causal Power of Verb-Verb Associations
[W13-4004]: Mehwish Riaz | Roxana Girju

Pdf Export Search Training an integrated sentence planner on user dialogue
[W13-4005]: Brian McMahan | Matthew Stone

Pdf Export Search Topic Independent Identification of Agreement and Disagreement in Social Media Dialogue
[W13-4006]: Amita Misra | Marilyn Walker

Pdf Export Search Automatic Prediction of Friendship via Multi-model Dyadic Features
[W13-4007]: Zhou Yu | David Gerritsen | Amy Ogan | Alan Black | Justine Cassell

Pdf Export Search Stance Classification in Online Debates by Recognizing Users' Intentions
[W13-4008]: Sarvesh Ranade | Rajeev Sangal | Radhika Mamidi

Pdf Export Search Generating More Specific Questions for Acquiring Attributes of Unknown Concepts from Users
[W13-4009]: Tsugumi Otsuka | Kazunori Komatani | Satoshi Sato | Mikio Nakano

Pdf Export Search Modeling Collaborative Referring for Situated Referential Grounding
[W13-4010]: Changsong Liu | Rui Fang | Lanbo She | Joyce Chai

Pdf Export Search A quantitative view of feedback lexical markers in conversational French
[W13-4011]: Laurent Prévot | Brigitte Bigi | Roxane Bertrand

Pdf Export Search On the contribution of discourse structure to topic segmentation
[W13-4012]: Paula Cardoso | Maite Taboada | Thiago Pardo

Pdf Export Search Will my Spoken Dialogue System be a Slow Learner ?
[W13-4013]: Layla El Asri | Romain Laroche

Pdf Export Search Model-free POMDP optimisation of tutoring systems with echo-state networks
[W13-4014]: Lucie Daubigney | Matthieu Geist | Olivier Pietquin

Pdf Export Search Patterns of Importance Variation in Spoken Dialog
[W13-4015]: Nigel Ward | Karen Richart-Ruiz

Pdf Export Search Reinforcement Learning of Two-Issue Negotiation Dialogue Policies
[W13-4016]: Kallirroi Georgila

Pdf Export Search Dialogue Act Recognition in Synchronous and Asynchronous Conversations
[W13-4017]: Maryam Tavafi | Yashar Mehdad | Shafiq Joty | Giuseppe Carenini | Raymond Ng

Pdf Export Search Improving Interaction Quality Recognition Using Error Correction
[W13-4018]: Stefan Ultes | Wolfgang Minker

Pdf Export Search A Prolog Datamodel for State Chart XML
[W13-4019]: Stefan Radomski | Dirk Schnelle-Walka | Stephan Radeck-Arneth

Pdf Export Search Exploring Features For Localized Detection of Speech Recognition Errors
[W13-4020]: Eli Pincus | Svetlana Stoyanchev | Julia Hirschberg

Pdf Export Search Modelling Human Clarification Strategies
[W13-4021]: Svetlana Stoyanchev | Alex Liu | Julia Hirschberg

Pdf Export Search Interactive Error Resolution Strategies for Speech-to-Speech Translation Systems
[W13-4022]: Rohit Kumar | Matthew Roy | Sankaranarayanan Ananthakrishnan | Sanjika Hewavitharana | Frederick Choi

Pdf Export Search AIDA: Artificial Intelligent Dialogue Agent
[W13-4023]: Rafael E. Banchs | Ridong Jiang | Seokhwan Kim | Arthur Niswar | Kheng Hui Yeo

Pdf Export Search Demonstration of an Always-On Companion for Isolated Older Adults
[W13-4024]: Candace Sidner | Timothy Bickmore | Charles Rich | Barbara Barry | Lazlo Ring | Morteza Behrooz | Mohammad Shayganfar

Pdf Export Search A Multithreaded Conversational Interface for Pedestrian Navigation and Question Answering
[W13-4025]: Srinivasan Janarthanam | Oliver Lemon | Xingkun Liu | Phil Bartie | William Mackaness | Tiphaine Dalmas

Pdf Export Search Demonstration of the PARLANCE system: a data-driven incremental, spoken dialogue system for interactive search
[W13-4026]: Helen Hastie | Marie-Aude Aufaure | Panos Alexopoulos | Heriberto Cuayáhuitl | Nina Dethlefs | Milica Gasic | James Henderson | Oliver Lemon | Xingkun Liu | Peter Mika | Nesrine Ben Mustapha | Verena Rieser | Blaise Thomson | Pirros Tsiakoulis | Yves Vanrompay

Pdf Export Search Multi-step Natural Language Understanding
[W13-4027]: Pierrick Milhorat | Stephan Schlögl | Gérard Chollet | Jérôme Boudy

Pdf Export Search WebWOZ: A Platform for Designing and Conducting Web-based Wizard of Oz Experiments
[W13-4028]: Stephan Schlögl | Saturnino Luz | Gavin Doherty

Pdf Export Search Exploring the effects of gaze and pauses in situated human-robot interaction
[W13-4029]: Gabriel Skantze | Anna Hjalmarsson | Catharine Oertel

Pdf Export Search Interpreting Situated Dialogue Utterances: an Update Model that Uses Speech, Gaze, and Gesture Information
[W13-4030]: Casey Kennington | Spyros Kousidis | David Schlangen

Pdf Export Search Multimodality and Dialogue Act Classification in the RoboHelper Project
[W13-4031]: Lin Chen | Barbara Di Eugenio

Pdf Export Search Verbal indicators of psychological distress in interactive dialogue with a virtual human
[W13-4032]: David DeVault | Kallirroi Georgila | Ron Artstein | Fabrizio Morbini | David Traum | Stefan Scherer | Albert (Skip) Rizzo | Louis-Philippe Morency

Pdf Export Search Spoken Language Understanding for Natural Interaction
[W13-4033]: Jerome Bellegarda

Pdf Export Search Learning Dialogue Management Models for Task-Oriented Dialogue with Parallel Dialogue and Task Streams
[W13-4034]: Eun Ha | Christopher Mitchell | Kristy Boyer | James Lester

Pdf Export Search POMDP-based dialogue manager adaptation to extended domains
[W13-4035]: Milica Gasic | Catherine Breslin | Matthew Henderson | Dongho Kim | Martin Szummer | Blaise Thomson | Pirros Tsiakoulis | Steve Young

Pdf Export Search Training and evaluation of an MDP model for social multi-user human-robot interaction
[W13-4036]: Simon Keizer | Mary Ellen Foster | Oliver Lemon | Andre Gaschler | Manuel Giuliani

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Speech Dialog Strategies for Internet Applications in the Car
[W13-4037]: Hansjörg Hofmann | Ute Ehrlich | André Berton | Angela Mahr | Rafael Math | Christian Müller

Pdf Export Search Predicting Tasks in Goal-Oriented Spoken Dialog Systems using Semantic Knowledge Bases
[W13-4038]: Aasish Pappu | Alexander Rudnicky

Pdf Export Search Surface Text based Dialogue Models for Virtual Humans
[W13-4039]: Sudeep Gandhe | David Traum

Pdf Export Search Speech Reduction, Intensity, and F0 Shape are Cues to Turn-Taking
[W13-4040]: Oliver Niebuhr | Karin Görs | Evelin Graupe

Pdf Export Search Gesture Semantics Reconstruction Based on Motion Capturing and Complex Event Processing: a Circular Shape Example
[W13-4041]: Thies Pfeiffer | Florian Hofmann | Florian Hahn | Hannes Rieser | Insa Röpke

Pdf Export Search Open-ended, Extensible System Utterances Are Preferred, Even If They Require Filled Pauses
[W13-4042]: Timo Baumann | David Schlangen

Pdf Export Search A Four-Participant Group Facilitation Framework for Conversational Robots
[W13-4043]: Yoichi Matsuyama | Iwao Akiba | Akihiro Saito | Tetsunori Kobayashi

Pdf Export Search Tacit Social Contracts for Wheelchairs
[W13-4044]: Daniel Couto Vale | Vivien Mast

Pdf Export Search Laugher and Topic Transition in Multiparty Conversation
[W13-4045]: Emer Gilmartin | Francesca Bonin | Carl Vogel | Nick Campbell

Pdf Export Search IMHO: An Exploratory Study of Hedging in Web Forums
[W13-4046]: Liliana Mamani Sanchez | Carl Vogel

Pdf Export Search Impact of ASR N-Best Information on Bayesian Dialogue Act Recognition
[W13-4047]: Heriberto Cuayáhuitl | Nina Dethlefs | Helen Hastie | Oliver Lemon

Pdf Export Search Investigating speaker gaze and pointing behaviour in human-computer interaction with the collection
[W13-4048]: Spyros Kousidis | Casey Kennington | David Schlangen

Pdf Export Search In-Context Evaluation of Unsupervised Dialogue Act Models for Tutorial Dialogue
[W13-4049]: Aysu Ezen-Can | Kristy Boyer

Pdf Export Search Spoken Dialog Systems for Automated Survey Interviewing
[W13-4050]: Michael Johnston | Patrick Ehlen | Frederick G. Conrad | Michael F. Schober | Christopher Antoun | Stefanie Fail | Andrew Hupp | Lucas Vickers | Huiying Yan | Chan Zhang

Pdf Export Search Open-domain Utterance Generation for Conversational Dialogue Systems using Web-scale Dependency Structures
[W13-4051]: Hiroaki Sugiyama | Toyomi Meguro | Ryuichiro Higashinaka | Yasuhiro Minami

Pdf Export Search Evaluating State Representations for Reinforcement Learning of Turn-Taking Policies in Tutorial Dialogue
[W13-4052]: Christopher Mitchell | Kristy Boyer | James Lester

Pdf Export Search A Semi-supervised Approach for Natural Language Call Routing
[W13-4053]: Tatiana Gasanova | Eugene Zhukov | Roman Sergienko | Eugene Semenkin | Wolfgang Minker

Pdf Export Search Counseling Dialog System with 5W1H Extraction
[W13-4054]: Sangdo Han | Kyusong Lee | Donghyeon Lee | Gary Geunbae Lee

Pdf Export Search Integration and test environment for an in-vehicle dialogue system in the SIMSI project
[W13-4055]: Staffan Larsson | Sebastian Berlin | Anders Eliasson | Fredrik Kronlid

Pdf Export Search Weakly and Strongly Constrained Dialogues for Language Learning
[W13-4056]: Claire Gardent | Alejandra Lorenzo | Laura Perez-Beltrachini | Lina Rojas-Barahona

Pdf Export Search Open-Domain Information Access with Talking Robots
[W13-4057]: Kristiina Jokinen | Graham Wilcock

Pdf Export Search Demonstration of the EmoteWizard of Oz Interface for Empathic Robotic Tutors
[W13-4058]: Shweta Bhargava | Srinivasan Janarthanam | Helen Hastie | Amol Deshmukh | Ruth Aylett | Lee Corrigan | Ginevra Castellano

Pdf Export Search The Map Task Dialogue System: A Test-bed for Modelling Human-Like Dialogue
[W13-4059]: Raveesh Meena | Gabriel Skantze | Joakim Gustafson

Pdf Export Search A Robotic Agent in a Virtual Environment that Performs Situated Incremental Understanding of Navigational Utterances
[W13-4060]: Takashi Yamauchi | Mikio Nakano | Kotaro Funakoshi

Pdf Export Search Roundtable: An Online Framework for Building Web-based Conversational Agents
[W13-4061]: Eric Forbell | Nicolai Kalisch | Fabrizio Morbini | Kelly Christoffersen | Kenji Sagae | David Traum | Albert A. Rizzo

Pdf Export Search A Data-driven Model for Timing Feedback in a Map Task Dialogue System
[W13-4062]: Raveesh Meena | Gabriel Skantze | Joakim Gustafson

Pdf Export Search Continuously Predicting and Processing Barge-in During a Live Spoken Dialogue Task
[W13-4063]: Ethan Selfridge | Iker Arizmendi | Peter Heeman | Jason Williams

Pdf Export Search Which ASR should I choose for my dialogue system?
[W13-4064]: Fabrizio Morbini | Kartik Audhkhasi | Kenji Sagae | Ron Artstein | Dogan Can | Panayiotis Georgiou | Shri Narayanan | Anton Leuski | David Traum

Pdf Export Search The Dialog State Tracking Challenge
[W13-4065]: Jason Williams | Antoine Raux | Deepak Ramachandran | Alan Black

Pdf Export Search Recipe For Building Robust Spoken Dialog State Trackers: Dialog State Tracking Challenge System Description
[W13-4066]: Sungjin Lee | Maxine Eskenazi

Pdf Export Search A Simple and Generic Belief Tracking Mechanism for the Dialog State Tracking Challenge: On the believability of observed information
[W13-4067]: Zhuoran Wang | Oliver Lemon

Pdf Export Search Multi-domain learning and generalization in dialog state tracking
[W13-4068]: Jason Williams

Pdf Export Search Structured Discriminative Model For Dialog State Tracking
[W13-4069]: Sungjin Lee

Pdf Export Search Comparison of Bayesian Discriminative and Generative Models for Dialogue State Tracking
[W13-4070]: Lukas Zilka | David Marek | Matej Korvas | Filip Jurcicek

Pdf Export Search Dialog State Tracking using Conditional Random Fields
[W13-4071]: Hang Ren | Weiqun Xu | Yan Zhang | Yonghong Yan

Pdf Export Search Engineering Statistical Dialog State Trackers: A Case Study on DSTC
[W13-4072]: Daejoong Kim | Jaedeug Choi Choi | Kee-Eung Kim | Jungsu Lee | Jinho Sohn

Pdf Export Search Deep Neural Network Approach for the Dialog State Tracking Challenge
[W13-4073]: Matthew Henderson | Blaise Thomson | Steve Young