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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Society for Computation in Linguistics (SCiL) 2018
[W18-0300]: Gaja Jarosz | Brendan O’Connor | Joe Pater

Pdf Export Search Dataset Note Statistical Learning Theory and Linguistic Typology: a Learnability Perspective on OT’s Strict Domination
[W18-0301]: Émile Enguehard | Edward Flemming | Giorgio Magri

Pdf Export Search Detecting Language Impairments in Autism: A Computational Analysis of Semi-structured Conversations with Vector Semantics
[W18-0302]: Adam Goodkind | Michelle Lee | Gary E. Martin | Molly Losh | Klinton Bicknell

Pdf Export Search Grammar Size and Quantitative Restrictions on Movement
[W18-0303]: Thomas Graf

Pdf Export Search Modeling the Decline in English Passivization
[W18-0304]: Liwen Hou | David Smith

Pdf Export Search Syntactic Category Learning as Iterative Prototype-Driven Clustering
[W18-0305]: Jordan Kodner

Pdf Export Search A bidirectional mapping between English and CNF-based reasoners
[W18-0306]: Steven Abney

Pdf Export Search Formal Restrictions On Multiple Tiers
[W18-0307]: Alena Aksenova | Sanket Deshmukh

Pdf Export Search Differentiating Phrase Structure Parsing and Memory Retrieval in the Brain
[W18-0308]: Shohini Bhattasali | John Hale | Christophe Pallier | Jonathan Brennan | Wen-Ming Luh | R. Nathan Spreng

Pdf Export Search Modeling the Complexity and Descriptive Adequacy of Construction Grammars
[W18-0309]: Jonathan Dunn

Pdf Export Search Decomposing phonological transformations in serial derivations
[W18-0310]: Andrew Lamont

Pdf Export Search Phonologically Informed Edit Distance Algorithms for Word Alignment with Low-Resource Languages
[W18-0311]: Richard T. McCoy | Robert Frank

Pdf Export Search Conditions on abruptness in a gradient-ascent Maximum Entropy learner
[W18-0312]: Elliott Moreton

Pdf Export Search Using Rhetorical Topics for Automatic Summarization
[W18-0313]: Natalie M. Schrimpf

Pdf Export Search Sound Analogies with Phoneme Embeddings
[W18-0314]: Miikka P. Silfverberg | Lingshuang Mao | Mans Hulden

Pdf Export Search Imdlawn Tashlhiyt Berber Syllabification is Quantifier-Free
[W18-0315]: Kristina Strother-Garcia

Pdf Export Search Towards a Formal Description of NPI-licensing Patterns
[W18-0316]: Mai Ha Vu

Pdf Export Search The Organization of Lexicons: a Cross-Linguistic Analysis of Monosyllabic Words
[W18-0317]: Shiying Yang | Chelsea Sanker | Uriel Cohen Priva