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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Society for Computation in Linguistics (SCiL) 2019
[W19-0100]: Gaja Jarosz | Max Nelson | Brendan O'Connor | Joe Pater

Pdf Export Search Can Entropy Explain Successor Surprisal Effects in Reading?
[W19-0101]: Marten van Schijndel | Tal Linzen

Pdf Export Search RedTyp: A Database of Reduplication with Computational Models
[W19-0102]: Hossep Dolatian | Jeffrey Heinz

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Learning of Cross-Lingual Symbol Embeddings Without Parallel Data
[W19-0103]: Mark Granroth-Wilding | Hannu Toivonen

Pdf Export Search Q-Theory Representations are Logically Equivalent to Autosegmental Representations
[W19-0104]: Nick Danis | Adam Jardine

Pdf Export Search Modeling Clausal Complementation for a Grammar Engineering Resource
[W19-0105]: Olga Zamaraeva | Kristen Howell | Emily M. Bender

Pdf Export Search Do RNNs learn human-like abstract word order preferences?
[W19-0106]: Richard Futrell | Roger P. Levy

Pdf Export Search Segmentation and UR Acquisition with UR Constraints
[W19-0107]: Max Nelson

Pdf Export Search Constraint breeding during on-line incremental learning
[W19-0108]: Elliot Moreton

Pdf Export Search An Incremental Iterated Response Model of Pragmatics
[W19-0109]: Reuben Cohn-Gordon | Noah Goodman | Christopher Potts

Pdf Export Search Learning Exceptionality and Variation with Lexically Scaled MaxEnt
[W19-0110]: Coral Hughto | Andrew Lamont | Brandon Prickett | Gaja Jarosz

Pdf Export Search Learning complex inflectional paradigms through blended gradient inputs
[W19-0111]: Eric R. Rosen

Pdf Export Search Jabberwocky Parsing: Dependency Parsing with Lexical Noise
[W19-0112]: Jungo Kasai | Robert Frank

Pdf Export Search Learnability and Overgeneration in Computational Syntax
[W19-0113]: Yiding Hao

Pdf Export Search A Conceptual Spaces Model of Socially Motivated Language Change
[W19-0114]: Heather Burnett | Olivier Bonami

Pdf Export Search Identifying Participation of Individual Verbs or VerbNet Classes in the Causative Alternation
[W19-0115]: Esther Seyffarth

Pdf Export Search Using Sentiment Induction to Understand Variation in Gendered Online Communities
[W19-0116]: Lucy Li | Julia Mendelsohn

Pdf Export Search On the difficulty of a distributional semantics of spoken language
[W19-0117]: Grzegorz Chrupała | Lieke Gelderloos | Ákos Kádár | Afra Alishahi

Pdf Export Search Distributional Effects of Gender Contrasts Across Categories
[W19-0118]: Timothee Mickus | Olivier Bonami | Denis Paperno

Pdf Export Search Guess Who's Coming (and Who's Going): Bringing Perspective to the Rational Speech Acts Framework
[W19-0119]: Carolyn Jane Anderson | Brian W. Dillon

Pdf Export Search The organization of sound inventories: A study on obstruent gaps
[W19-0120]: Sheng-Fu Wang

Pdf Export Search C-Command Dependencies as TSL String Constraints
[W19-0121]: Thomas Graf | Nazila Shafiei

Pdf Export Search Modeling the Acquisition of Words with Multiple Meanings
[W19-0122]: Libby Barak | Sammy Floyd | Adele Goldberg

Pdf Export Search Evaluation Order Effects in Dynamic Continuized CCG: From Negative Polarity Items to Balanced Punctuation
[W19-0123]: Michael White

Pdf Export Search Abstract Meaning Representation for Human-Robot Dialogue
[W19-0124]: Claire N. Bonial | Lucia Donatelli | Jessica Ervin | Clare R. Voss

Pdf Export Search A Logical and Computational Methodology for Exploring Systems of Phonotactic Constraints
[W19-0125]: Dakotah Lambert | James Rogers

Pdf Export Search Augmentic Compositional Models for Knowledge Base Completion Using Gradient Representations
[W19-0126]: Matthias R. Lalisse | Paul Smolensky

Pdf Export Search Case assignment in TSL syntax: a case study
[W19-0127]: Mai Ha Vu | Nazila Shafiei | Thomas Graf

Pdf Export Search On Evaluating the Generalization of LSTM Models in Formal Languages
[W19-0128]: Mirac Suzgun | Yonatan Belinkov | Stuart M. Shieber

Pdf Export Search Verb Argument Structure Alternations in Word and Sentence Embeddings
[W19-0129]: Katharina Kann | Alex Warstadt | Adina Williams | Samuel R. Bowman