Joel Tetreault | Jill Burstein | Claudia Leacock  
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Denver, Colorado 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Tenth Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications
[W15-0600]: Joel Tetreault | Jill Burstein | Claudia Leacock

Pdf Export Search Candidate evaluation strategies for improved difficulty prediction of language tests
[W15-0601]: Lisa Beinborn | Torsten Zesch | Iryna Gurevych

Pdf Export Search Feature selection for automated speech scoring
[W15-0602]: Anastassia Loukina | Klaus Zechner | Lei Chen | Michael Heilman

Pdf Export Search Incorporating Coherence of Topics as a Criterion in Automatic Response-to-Text Assessment of the Organization of Writing
[W15-0603]: Zahra Rahimi | Diane Litman | Elaine Wang | Richard Correnti

Pdf Export Search Automatic morphological analysis of learner Hungarian
[W15-0604]: Scott Ledbetter | Markus Dickinson

Pdf Export Search Automated Scoring of Picture-based Story Narration
[W15-0605]: Swapna Somasundaran | Chong Min Lee | Martin Chodorow | Xinhao Wang

Pdf Export Search Measuring Feature Diversity in Native Language Identification
[W15-0606]: Shervin Malmasi | Aoife Cahill

Pdf Export Search Automated Evaluation of Scientific Writing: AESW Shared Task Proposal
[W15-0607]: Vidas Daudaravicius

Pdf rev Pdf Export Search Scoring Persuasive Essays Using Opinions and their Targets
[W15-0608]: Noura Farra | Swapna Somasundaran | Jill Burstein

Pdf Export Search Towards Automatic Description of Knowledge Components
[W15-0609]: Cyril Goutte | Guillaume Durand | Serge Leger

Pdf Export Search The Impact of Training Data on Automated Short Answer Scoring Performance
[W15-0610]: Michael Heilman | Nitin Madnani

Pdf Export Search Interpreting Questions with a Log-Linear Ranking Model in a Virtual Patient Dialogue System
[W15-0611]: Evan Jaffe | Michael White | William Schuler | Eric Fosler-Lussier | Alex Rosenfeld | Douglas Danforth

Pdf Export Search Identifying Patterns For Short Answer Scoring Using Graph-based Lexico-Semantic Text Matching
[W15-0612]: Lakshmi Ramachandran | Jian Cheng | Peter Foltz

Pdf Export Search Lark Trills for Language Drills: Text-to-speech technology for language learners
[W15-0613]: Elena Volodina | Dijana Pijetlovic

Pdf Export Search The Jinan Chinese Learner Corpus
[W15-0614]: Maolin Wang | Shervin Malmasi | Mingxuan Huang

Pdf Export Search Reducing Annotation Efforts in Supervised Short Answer Scoring
[W15-0615]: Torsten Zesch | Michael Heilman | Aoife Cahill

Pdf Export Search Annotation and Classification of Argumentative Writing Revisions
[W15-0616]: Fan Zhang | Diane Litman

Pdf Export Search Embarrassed or Awkward? Ranking Emotion Synonyms for ESL Learners' Appropriate Wording
[W15-0617]: Wei-Fan Chen | MeiHua Chen | Lun-Wei Ku

Pdf Export Search RevUP: Automatic Gap-Fill Question Generation from Educational Texts
[W15-0618]: Girish Kumar | Rafael Banchs | Luis Fernando D'Haro

Pdf Export Search Preliminary Experiments on Crowdsourced Evaluation of Feedback Granularity
[W15-0619]: Nitin Madnani | Martin Chodorow | Aoife Cahill | Melissa Lopez | Yoko Futagi | Yigal Attali

Pdf Export Search Oracle and Human Baselines for Native Language Identification
[W15-0620]: Shervin Malmasi | Joel Tetreault | Mark Dras

Pdf Export Search Using PEGWriting to Support the Writing Motivation and Writing Quality of Eighth-Grade Students: A Quasi-Experimental Study
[W15-0621]: Joshua Wilson | Trish Martin

Pdf Export Search Towards Creating Pedagogic Views from Encyclopedic Resources
[W15-0622]: Ditty Mathew | Dhivya Eswaran | Sutanu Chakraborti

Pdf Export Search Judging the Quality of Automatically Generated Gap-fill Question using Active Learning
[W15-0623]: Nobal Bikram Niraula | Vasile Rus

Pdf Export Search Generating Reference Texts for Short Answer Scoring Using Graph-based Summarization
[W15-0624]: Lakshmi Ramachandran | Peter Foltz

Pdf Export Search Evaluating the performance of Automated Text Scoring systems
[W15-0625]: Helen Yannakoudakis | Ronan Cummins

Pdf Export Search Task-Independent Features for Automated Essay Grading
[W15-0626]: Torsten Zesch | Michael Wojatzki | Dirk Scholten-Akoun

Pdf Export Search Using Learner Data to Improve Error Correction in Adjective–Noun Combinations
[W15-0627]: Ekaterina Kochmar | Ted Briscoe

Pdf Export Search Using NLP to Support Scalable Assessment of Short Free Text Responses
[W15-0628]: Alistair Willis

Pdf Export Search Automatically Scoring Freshman Writing: A Preliminary Investigation
[W15-0629]: Courtney Napoles | Chris Callison-Burch