Nizar Habash | Mona Diab | Kareem Darwish | Wassim El-Hajj | Hend Al-Khalifa | Houda Bouamor | Nadi Tomeh | Mahmoud El-Haj  
Valencia, Spain 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Third Arabic Natural Language Processing Workshop
[W17-1300]: Nizar Habash | Mona Diab | Kareem Darwish | Wassim El-Hajj | Hend Al-Khalifa | Houda Bouamor | Nadi Tomeh | Mahmoud El-Haj

Pdf Export Search Identification of Languages in Algerian Arabic Multilingual Documents
[W17-1301]: Wafia Adouane | Simon Dobnik

Pdf Export Search Arabic Diacritization: Stats, Rules, and Hacks
[W17-1302]: Kareem Darwish | Hamdy Mubarak | Ahmed Abdelali

Pdf Export Search Semantic Similarity of Arabic Sentences with Word Embeddings
[W17-1303]: El Moatez Billah Nagoudi | Didier Schwab

Pdf Export Search Morphological Analysis for the Maltese Language: The challenges of a hybrid system
[W17-1304]: Claudia Borg | Albert Gatt

Pdf Export Search A Morphological Analyzer for Gulf Arabic Verbs
[W17-1305]: Salam Khalifa | Sara Hassan | Nizar Habash

Pdf Export Search A Neural Architecture for Dialectal Arabic Segmentation
[W17-1306]: Younes Samih | Mohammed Attia | Mohamed Eldesouki | Ahmed Abdelali | Hamdy Mubarak | Laura Kallmeyer | Kareem Darwish

Pdf Export Search Sentiment Analysis of Tunisian Dialects: Linguistic Ressources and Experiments
[W17-1307]: Salima Medhaffar | Fethi Bougares | Yannick Estève | Lamia Hadrich-Belguith

Pdf Export Search CAT: Credibility Analysis of Arabic Content on Twitter
[W17-1308]: Rim El Ballouli | Wassim El-Hajj | Ahmad Ghandour | Shady Elbassuoni | Hazem Hajj | Khaled Shaban

Pdf Export Search A New Error Annotation for Dyslexic texts in Arabic
[W17-1309]: Maha Alamri | William J. Teahan

Pdf Export Search An Unsupervised Speaker Clustering Technique based on SOM and I-vectors for Speech Recognition Systems
[W17-1310]: Hany Ahmed | Mohamed Elaraby | Abdullah M. Mousa | Mostafa Elhosiny | Sherif Abdou | Mohsen Rashwan

Pdf Export Search SHAKKIL: An Automatic Diacritization System for Modern Standard Arabic Texts
[W17-1311]: Amany Fashwan | Sameh Alansary

Pdf Export Search Arabic Tweets Treebanking and Parsing: A Bootstrapping Approach
[W17-1312]: Fahad Albogamy | Allan Ramsay | Hanady Ahmed

Pdf Export Search Identifying Effective Translations for Cross-lingual Arabic-to-English User-generated Speech Search
[W17-1313]: Ahmad Khwileh | Haithem Afli | Gareth Jones | Andy Way

Pdf Export Search A Characterization Study of Arabic Twitter Data with a Benchmarking for State-of-the-Art Opinion Mining Models
[W17-1314]: Ramy Baly | Gilbert Badaro | Georges El-Khoury | Rawan Moukalled | Rita Aoun | Hazem Hajj | Wassim El-Hajj | Nizar Habash | Khaled Shaban

Pdf Export Search Robust Dictionary Lookup in Multiple Noisy Orthographies
[W17-1315]: Lingliang Zhang | Nizar Habash | Godfried Toussaint

Pdf Export Search Arabic POS Tagging: Don't Abandon Feature Engineering Just Yet
[W17-1316]: Kareem Darwish | Hamdy Mubarak | Ahmed Abdelali | Mohamed Eldesouki

Pdf Export Search Toward a Web-based Speech Corpus for Algerian Dialectal Arabic Varieties
[W17-1317]: Soumia Bougrine | Aicha Chorana | Abdallah Lakhdari | Hadda Cherroun

Pdf Export Search Not All Segments are Created Equal: Syntactically Motivated Sentiment Analysis in Lexical Space
[W17-1318]: Muhammad Abdul-Mageed

Pdf Export Search An enhanced automatic speech recognition system for Arabic
[W17-1319]: Mohamed Amine Menacer | Odile Mella | Dominique Fohr | Denis Jouvet | David Langlois | Kamel Smaili

Pdf Export Search Universal Dependencies for Arabic
[W17-1320]: Dima Taji | Nizar Habash | Daniel Zeman

Pdf Export Search A Layered Language Model based Hybrid Approach to Automatic Full Diacritization of Arabic
[W17-1321]: Mohamed Al-Badrashiny | Abdelati Hawwari | Mona Diab

Pdf Export Search Arabic Textual Entailment with Word Embeddings
[W17-1322]: Nada Almarwani | Mona Diab