Joakim Nivre | Eva Hajičová  
WS | DepLing  
Uppsala, Sweden 
Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Dependency Linguistics (Depling 2015)
[W15-2100]: Joakim Nivre | Eva Hajičová

Pdf Export Search Invited Talk: The Case for Universal Dependencies
[W15-2101]: Christopher Manning

Pdf Export Search Invited Talk: Lexicon Embedded Syntax
[W15-2102]: Alain Polguère

Pdf Export Search Converting an English-Swedish Parallel Treebank to Universal Dependencies
[W15-2103]: Lars Ahrenberg

Pdf Export Search Targeted Paraphrasing on Deep Syntactic Layer for MT Evaluation
[W15-2104]: Petra Barančíková | Rudolf Rosa

Pdf Export Search Universal and Language-specific Dependency Relations for Analysing Romanian
[W15-2105]: Verginica Barbu Mititelu | Cătălina Mărănduc | Elena Irimia

Pdf Export Search Emotion and Inner State Adverbials in Russian
[W15-2106]: Olga Boguslavskaya | Igor Boguslavsky

Pdf Export Search Towards a multi-layered dependency annotation of Finnish
[W15-2107]: Alicia Burga | Simon Mille | Anton Granvik | Leo Wanner

Pdf Export Search A Bayesian Model for Generative Transition-based Dependency Parsing
[W15-2108]: Jan Buys | Phil Blunsom

Pdf Export Search On the relation between verb full valency and synonymy
[W15-2109]: Radek Čech | Ján Mačutek | Michaela Koščová

Pdf Export Search Classifying Syntactic Categories in the Chinese Dependency Network
[W15-2110]: Xinying Chen | Haitao Liu | Kim Gerdes

Pdf Export Search Using Parallel Texts and Lexicons for Verbal Word Sense Disambiguation
[W15-2111]: Ondřej Dušek | Eva Fučíková | Jan Hajič | Martin Popel | Jana Šindlerová | Zdeňka Urešová

Pdf Export Search Quantifying Word Order Freedom in Dependency Corpora
[W15-2112]: Richard Futrell | Kyle Mahowald | Edward Gibson

Pdf Export Search Non-constituent coordination and other coordinative constructions as Dependency Graphs
[W15-2113]: Kim Gerdes | Sylvain Kahane

Pdf Export Search The Dependency Status of Function Words: Auxiliaries
[W15-2114]: Thomas Groß | Timothy Osborne

Pdf Export Search Diachronic Trends in Word Order Freedom and Dependency Length in Dependency-Annotated Corpora of Latin and Ancient Greek
[W15-2115]: Kristina Gulordava | Paola Merlo

Pdf Export Search Reconstructions of Deletions in a Dependency-based Description of Czech: Selected Issues
[W15-2116]: Eva Hajičová | Marie Mikulová | Jarmila Panevová

Pdf Export Search Non-projectivity and processing constraints: Insights from Hindi
[W15-2117]: Samar Husain | Shravan Vasishth

Pdf Export Search From mutual dependency to multiple dimensions: remarks on the DG analysis of "functional heads" in Hungarian
[W15-2118]: András Imrényi

Pdf Export Search Mean Hierarchical Distance Augmenting Mean Dependency Distance
[W15-2119]: Yingqi Jing | Haitao Liu

Pdf Export Search Towards Cross-language Application of Dependency Grammar
[W15-2120]: Timo Järvinen | Elisabeth Bertol | Septina Larasati | Monica-Mihaela Rizea | Maria Ruiz Santabalbina | Milan Souček

Pdf Export Search Dependency-based analyses for function words – Introducing the polygraphic approach
[W15-2121]: Sylvain Kahane | Nicolas Mazziotta

Pdf Export Search At the Lexicon-Grammar Interface: The Case of Complex Predicates in the Functional Generative Description
[W15-2122]: Václava Kettnerová | Markéta Lopatková

Pdf Export Search Enhancing FreeLing Rule-Based Dependency Grammars with Subcategorization Frames
[W15-2123]: Marina Lloberes | Irene Castellón | Lluís Padró

Pdf Export Search Towards Universal Web Parsebanks
[W15-2124]: Juhani Luotolahti | Jenna Kanerva | Veronika Laippala | Sampo Pyysalo | Filip Ginter

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Two-level Dependency Representations of Argument Structure in Long-Distance Dependencies
[W15-2125]: Paola Merlo

Pdf Export Search The Subjectival Surface-Syntactic Relation in Serbian
[W15-2126]: Jasmina Milićević

Pdf Export Search A Historical Overview of the Status of Function Words in Dependency Grammar
[W15-2127]: Timothy Osborne | Daniel Maxwell

Pdf Export Search Diagnostics for Constituents: Dependency, Constituency, and the Status of Function Words
[W15-2128]: Timothy Osborne

Pdf Export Search A DG Account of the Descriptive and Resultative de-Constructions in Chinese
[W15-2129]: Timothy Osborne | Shudong Ma

Pdf Export Search A Survey of Ellipsis in Chinese
[W15-2130]: Timothy Osborne | Junying Liang

Pdf Export Search Multi-source Cross-lingual Delexicalized Parser Transfer: Prague or Stanford?
[W15-2131]: Rudolf Rosa

Pdf Export Search Secondary Connectives in the Prague Dependency Treebank
[W15-2132]: Magdaléna Rysová | Kateřina Rysová

Pdf Export Search ParsPer: A Dependency Parser for Persian
[W15-2133]: Mojgan Seraji | Bernd Bohnet | Joakim Nivre

Pdf Export Search Does Universal Dependencies need a parsing representation? An investigation of English
[W15-2134]: Natalia Silveira | Christopher Manning

Pdf rev Pdf Export Search Catena Operations for Unified Dependency Analysis
[W15-2135]: Kiril Simov | Petya Osenova

Pdf Export Search Zero Alignment of Verb Arguments in a Parallel Treebank
[W15-2136]: Jana Šindlerová | Eva Fučíková | Zdeňka Urešová

Pdf Export Search Cross-Lingual Dependency Parsing with Universal Dependencies and Predicted PoS Labels
[W15-2137]: Jörg Tiedemann

Pdf Export Search Exploring Confidence-based Self-training for Multilingual Dependency Parsing in an Under-Resourced Language Scenario
[W15-2138]: Juntao Yu | Bernd Bohnet