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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Third SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue

Pdf Export Search Synchronization in an Asynchronous Agent-based architecture for Dialogue Systems
[W02-0201]: Nate Blaylock | James Allen | George Ferguson

Pdf Export Search The Prosodic Transcription of a Corpus of Hong Kong English - Collection Criteria,Transcription System and Preliminary Findings
[W02-0202]: Shiao Ying | Sharon Chu

Pdf Export Search Non-Sentential Utterances in Dialogue: A: Corpus-Based Study
[W02-0203]: Raquel Fernandez | Jonathan Ginzburg

Pdf Export Search A Semantic Account of Adverbials as Discourse Connectives
[W02-0204]: Kate Forbes | Bonnie Webber

Pdf Export Search MUP - The UIC Standoff Markup Tool
[W02-0205]: Michael Glass | Barbara Di Eugenio

Pdf Export Search An Experiment to evaluate the effectiveness of cross-media cues in computer media
[W02-0206]: Nancy Green

Pdf Export Search Annotating the Semantic Consistency of Speech Recognition Hypotheses
[W02-0207]: Iryna Gurevych | Robert Porzel | Michael Strube

Pdf Export Search DialogueView - An Annotation Tool for Dialogue
[W02-0208]: Peter A. Heeman | Fan Yang | Susan E. Strayer

Pdf Export Search A Flexible Framework for Developing Mixed-Initiative Dialog Systems
[W02-0209]: Judith Hochberg | Nanda Kambhatla | Salim Roukos

Pdf Export Search Adaptive Dialogue Systems - Interaction with Interact
[W02-0210]: Kristiina Jokinen | Antti Kerminen | Tommi Lagus | Jukka Kuusisto | Graham Wilcock | Markku Turunen | Jaakko Hakulinen | Krista Jauhiainen

Pdf Export Search Discourse Processing for Explanatory Essays in Tutorial Applications
[W02-0211]: Pamela W. Jordan | Kurt VanLehn

Pdf Export Search Conditional responses in information-seeking dialogues
[W02-0212]: Elena Karagjosova | Ivana Kruijff-Korbayova

Pdf Export Search Dialogue Act Recognition with Bayesian Networks for Dutch Dialogues
[W02-0213]: Simon Keizer | Rieks op den Akker | Anton Nijholt

Pdf Export Search Topic Identification in Natural Language Dialogues Using Neural Networks
[W02-0214]: Krista Lagus | Jukka Kuusisto

Pdf Export Search Issues under negotiation
[W02-0215]: Staffan Larsson

Pdf Export Search Multi-tasking and Collaborative Activities in Dialogue Systems
[W02-0216]: Oliver Lemon | Alexander Gruenstein | Alexis Battle | Stanley Peters

Pdf Export Search Probabilistic Dialogue Modelling
[W02-0217]: Oliver Lemon | Prashant Parikh | Stanley Peters

Pdf Export Search Dialogue Macrogame Theory
[W02-0218]: William Mann

Pdf Export Search A new Taxonomy for the Quality of Telephone Services Based on Spoken Dialogue Systems
[W02-0219]: Sebastian Möller

Pdf Export Search Towards Context-adaptive Utterance Interpretation
[W02-0220]: Robert Porzel | Iryna Gurevych

Pdf Export Search Training a Dialogue Act Tagger for Human-human and Human-computer Travel dialogues
[W02-0221]: Rashmi Prasad | Marilyn Walker

Pdf Export Search Processing Unknown Words in a Dialogue System
[W02-0222]: Matthew Purver

Pdf Export Search A Dialog Architecture for Military Story Capture
[W02-0223]: Ronnie Smith | Brian Manning | Jon Rogers | Brian Adams | Mujibur Abdul | Amaury Alvarez

Pdf Export Search Grounding styles of aged dyads - an exploratory study
[W02-0224]: Atsue Takeoka | Atsushi Shimojima

Pdf Export Search Rare Dialogue Acts in Oncology Consultations
[W02-0225]: Mary McGee Wood | Richard Craggs | Ian Fletcher | Peter Maguire

Pdf Export Search Bridging the Gap between Dialogue management and dialogue models
[W02-0226]: Weiqun Xu | Bo Xu | Taiyi Huang | Hairong Xia

Pdf Export Search A Minimum Message Length Approach for Argument Interpretation
[W02-0227]: Ingrid Zukerman | Sarah George