Kristy Hollingshead | Lyle Ungar  
San Diego, CA, USA 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Computational Lingusitics and Clinical Psychology
[W16-0300]: Kristy Hollingshead | Lyle Ungar

Pdf Export Search Detecting late-life depression in Alzheimer's disease through analysis of speech and language
[W16-0301]: Kathleen C. Fraser | Frank Rudzicz | Graeme Hirst

Pdf Export Search Towards Early Dementia Detection: Fusing Linguistic and Non-Linguistic Clinical Data
[W16-0302]: Joseph Bullard | Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm | Xumin Liu | Qi Yu | Rubén Proaño

Pdf Export Search Self-Reflective Sentiment Analysis
[W16-0303]: Benjamin Shickel | Martin Heesacker | Sherry Benton | Ashkan Ebadi | Paul Nickerson | Parisa Rashidi

Pdf Export Search Is Sentiment in Movies the Same as Sentiment in Psychotherapy? Comparisons Using a New Psychotherapy Sentiment Database
[W16-0304]: Michael Tanana | Aaron Dembe | Christina S. Soma | Zac Imel | David Atkins | Vivek Srikumar

Pdf Export Search Building a Motivational Interviewing Dataset
[W16-0305]: Verónica Pérez-Rosas | Rada Mihalcea | Kenneth Resnicow | Satinder Singh | Lawrence An

Pdf Export Search Crazy Mad Nutters: The Language of Mental Health
[W16-0306]: Jena D. Hwang | Kristy Hollingshead

Pdf Export Search The language of mental health problems in social media
[W16-0307]: George Gkotsis | Anika Oellrich | Tim Hubbard | Richard Dobson | Maria Liakata | Sumithra Velupillai | Rina Dutta

Pdf Export Search Exploring Autism Spectrum Disorders Using HLT
[W16-0308]: Julia Parish-Morris | Mark Liberman | Neville Ryant | Christopher Cieri | Leila Bateman | Emily Ferguson | Robert Schultz

Pdf Export Search Generating Clinically Relevant Texts: A Case Study on Life-Changing Events
[W16-0309]: Mayuresh Oak | Anil Behera | Titus Thomas | Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm | Emily Prud'hommeaux | Christopher Homan | Raymond Ptucha

Pdf Export Search Don't Let Notes Be Misunderstood: A Negation Detection Method for Assessing Risk of Suicide in Mental Health Records
[W16-0310]: George Gkotsis | Sumithra Velupillai | Anika Oellrich | Harry Dean | Maria Liakata | Rina Dutta

Pdf Export Search Exploratory Analysis of Social Media Prior to a Suicide Attempt
[W16-0311]: Glen Coppersmith | Kim Ngo | Ryan Leary | Anthony Wood

Pdf Export Search CLPsych 2016 Shared Task: Triaging content in online peer-support forums
[W16-0312]: David N. Milne | Glen Pink | Ben Hachey | Rafael A. Calvo

Pdf Export Search Data61-CSIRO systems at the CLPsych 2016 Shared Task
[W16-0313]: Sunghwan Mac Kim | Yufei Wang | Stephen Wan | Cecile Paris

Pdf Export Search Predicting Post Severity in Mental Health Forums
[W16-0314]: Shervin Malmasi | Marcos Zampieri | Mark Dras

Pdf Export Search Classifying ReachOut posts with a radial basis function SVM
[W16-0315]: Chris Brew

Pdf Export Search Triaging Mental Health Forum Posts
[W16-0316]: Arman Cohan | Sydney Young | Nazli Goharian

Pdf Export Search Mental Distress Detection and Triage in Forum Posts: The LT3 CLPsych 2016 Shared Task System
[W16-0317]: Bart Desmet | Gilles Jacobs | Véronique Hoste

Pdf Export Search Text Analysis and Automatic Triage of Posts in a Mental Health Forum
[W16-0318]: Ehsaneddin Asgari | Soroush Nasiriany | Mohammad R.K. Mofrad

Pdf Export Search The UMD CLPsych 2016 Shared Task System: Text Representation for Predicting Triage of Forum Posts about Mental Health
[W16-0319]: Meir Friedenberg | Hadi Amiri | Hal Daumé III | Philip Resnik

Pdf Export Search Using Linear Classifiers for the Automatic Triage of Posts in the 2016 CLPsych Shared Task
[W16-0320]: Juri Opitz

Pdf Export Search The GW/UMD CLPsych 2016 Shared Task System
[W16-0321]: Ayah Zirikly | Varun Kumar | Philip Resnik

Pdf Export Search Semi-supervised CLPsych 2016 Shared Task System Submission
[W16-0322]: Nicolas Rey-Villamizar | Prasha Shrestha | Thamar Solorio | Farig Sadeque | Steven Bethard | Ted Pedersen

Pdf Export Search Combining Multiple Classifiers Using Global Ranking for Post Triage
[W16-0323]: Chen-Kai Wang | Hong-Jie Dai | Chih-Wei Chen | Jitendra Jonnagaddala | Nai-Wen Chang

Pdf Export Search Classification of mental health forum posts
[W16-0324]: Glen Pink | Will Radford | Ben Hachey

Pdf Export Search Automatic Triage of Mental Health Online Forum Posts: CLPsych 2016 System Description
[W16-0325]: Hayda Almeida | Marc Queudot | Marie-Jean Meurs

Pdf Export Search Automatic Triage of Mental Health Forum Posts
[W16-0326]: Benjamin Shickel | Parisa Rashidi

Pdf Export Search Text-based experiments for Predicting mental health emergencies in online web forum posts
[W16-0327]: Hector-Hugo Franco-Penya | Liliana Mamani Sanchez