Dina Demner-Fushman | Sophia Ananiadou | Kevin Bretonnel Cohen | John Pestian | Jun'ichi Tsujii | Bonnie Webber  
Columbus, Ohio 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Workshop on Current Trends in Biomedical Natural Language Processing
[W08-0600]: Dina Demner-Fushman | Sophia Ananiadou | Kevin Bretonnel Cohen | John Pestian | Jun'ichi Tsujii | Bonnie Webber

Pdf Export Search A Graph Kernel for Protein-Protein Interaction Extraction
[W08-0601]: Antti Airola | Sampo Pyysalo | Jari Björne | Tapio Pahikkala | Filip Ginter | Tapio Salakoski

Pdf Export Search Extracting Clinical Relationships from Patient Narratives
[W08-0602]: Angus Roberts | Robert Gaizauskas | Mark Hepple

Pdf Export Search Using Automated Feature Optimisation to Create an Adaptable Relation Extraction System
[W08-0603]: Barry Haddow

Pdf Export Search Mining the Biomedical Literature for Genic Information
[W08-0604]: Catalina O Tudor | K Vijay-Shanker | Carl J Schmidt

Pdf Export Search Accelerating the Annotation of Sparse Named Entities by Dynamic Sentence Selection
[W08-0605]: Yoshimasa Tsuruoka | Jun'ichi Tsujii | Sophia Ananiadou

Pdf Export Search The BioScope corpus: annotation for negation, uncertainty and their scope in biomedical texts
[W08-0606]: György Szarvas | Veronika Vincze | Richárd Farkas | János Csirik

Pdf Export Search Recognizing Speculative Language in Biomedical Research Articles: A Linguistically Motivated Perspective
[W08-0607]: Halil Kilicoglu | Sabine Bergler

Pdf Export Search Cascaded Classifiers for Confidence-Based Chemical Named Entity Recognition
[W08-0608]: Peter Corbett | Ann Copestake

Pdf Export Search How to Make the Most of NE Dictionaries in Statistical NER
[W08-0609]: Yutaka Sasaki | Yoshimasa Tsuruoka | John McNaught | Sophia Ananiadou

Pdf Export Search Species Disambiguation for Biomedical Term Identification
[W08-0610]: Xinglong Wang | Michael Matthews

Pdf Export Search Knowledge Sources for Word Sense Disambiguation of Biomedical Text
[W08-0611]: Mark Stevenson | Yinkun Guo | Robert Gaizauskas | David Martinez

Pdf Export Search Automatic inference of indexing rules for MEDLINE
[W08-0612]: Aurelie Neveol | Sonya Shooshan | Vincent Claveau

Pdf Export Search Prediction of Protein Sub-cellular Localization using Information from Texts and Sequences.
[W08-0613]: Hong-Woo Chun | Chisato Yamasaki | Naomi Saichi | Masayuki Tanaka | Teruyoshi Hishiki | Tadashi Imanishi | Takashi Gojobori | Jin-Dong Kim | Jun'ichi Tsujii | Toshihisa Takagi

Pdf Export Search A Pilot Annotation to Investigate Discourse Connectivity in Biomedical Text
[W08-0614]: Hong Yu | Nadya Frid | Susan McRoy | Rashmi Prasad | Alan Lee | Aravind Joshi

Pdf Export Search Conditional Random Fields and Support Vector Machines for Disorder Named Entity Recognition in Clinical Texts
[W08-0615]: Dingcheng Li | Guergana Savova | Karin Kipper-Schuler

Pdf Export Search Using Natural Language Processing to Classify Suicide Notes
[W08-0616]: John Pestian | Pawel Matykiewicz | Jacqueline Grupp-Phelan | Sarah Arszman Lavanier | Jennifer Combs | Robert Kowatch

Pdf Export Search Extracting Protein-Protein Interaction based on Discriminative Training of the Hidden Vector State Model
[W08-0617]: Deyu Zhou | Yulan He

Pdf Export Search A preliminary approach to extract drugs by combining UMLS resources and USAN naming conventions
[W08-0618]: Isabel Segura-Bedmar | Paloma Martínez | Doaa Samy

Pdf Export Search Mapping Clinical Notes to Medical Terminologies at Point of Care
[W08-0619]: Yefeng Wang | Jon Patrick

Pdf Export Search An Approach to Reducing Annotation Costs for BioNLP
[W08-0620]: Michael Bloodgood | K Vijay-Shanker

Pdf Export Search Temporal Annotation of Clinical Text
[W08-0621]: Danielle Mowery | Henk Harkema | Wendy Chapman

Pdf Export Search CBR-Tagger: a case-based reasoning approach to the gene/protein mention problem
[W08-0622]: Mariana Neves | Monica Chagoyen | José María Carazo | Alberto Pascual-Montano

Pdf Export Search Textual Information for Predicting Functional Properties of the Genes
[W08-0623]: Oana Frunza | Diana Inkpen

Pdf Export Search Determining causal and non-causal relationships in biomedical text by classifying verbs using a Naive Bayesian Classifier
[W08-0624]: Pieter van der Horn | Bart Bakker | Gijs Geleijnse | Jan Korst | Sergei Kurkin

Pdf Export Search Statistical Term Profiling for Query Pattern Mining
[W08-0625]: Paul Buitelaar | Pinar Oezden Wennerberg | Sonja Zillner

Pdf Export Search Using Language Models to Identify Language Impairment in Spanish-English Bilingual Children
[W08-0626]: Thamar Solorio | Yang Liu

Pdf Export Search Raising the Compatibility of Heterogeneous Annotations: A Case Study on
[W08-0627]: Yue Wang | Kazuhiro Yoshida | Jin-Dong Kim | Rune Saetre | Jun'ichi Tsujii

Pdf Export Search Adaptive Information Extraction for Complex Biomedical Tasks
[W08-0628]: Donghui Feng | Gully Burns | Eduard Hovy