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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Workshop on Enhancing and Using Electronic Dictionaries

Pdf Export Search Multiple Indexing in an Electronic Kanji Dictionary
[W04-2101]: Jim Breen

Pdf Export Search Design of a Lexical Database for Sanskrit
[W04-2102]: Gérard Huet

Pdf Export Search Linguistic Preprocessing for Distributional Classification of Words
[W04-2103]: Viktor Pekar

Pdf Export Search Standards going concrete : from LMF to Morphalou
[W04-2104]: Laurent Romary | Susanne Salmon-Alt | Gil Francopoulo

Pdf Export Search Word Lookup on the Basis of Associations : from an Idea to a Roadmap
[W04-2105]: Michael Zock | Slaven Bilac

Pdf Export Search Building a Graphetic Dictionary for Japanese kanji - Character Look-up Based on Brush Strokes or Stroke Groups, and the Display of Kanji as Path Data
[W04-2106]: Ulrich Apel | Julien Quint

Pdf Export Search A Computerized Dictionary : Le trésor de la langue française informatisé (TLFi)
[W04-2107]: Pascale Bernard | Jacques Dendien | Jean-Marie Pierrel

Pdf Export Search Dictionaries Merger for Text Expansion in Question Answering
[W04-2108]: Bernard Jacquemin

Pdf Export Search A Corpus-based Lexical Resource of German Idioms
[W04-2109]: Gerald Neumann | Christiane Fellbaum | Alexander Geyken | Axel Herold | Christiane Hümmer | Fabian Körner | Undine Kramer | Kerstin Krell | Alexey Sokirko | Diana Stantcheva | Ekatherini Stathi

Pdf Export Search A Very Large Dictionary with Paradigmatic, Syntagmatic, and Paronymic
[W04-2110]: Igor Bolshakov | Alexander Gelbukh

Pdf Export Search Concordance of Snippet
[W04-2111]: Elzbieta Dura

Pdf Export Search R{j} : English - Serbo-Croatian Electronic Dictionary
[W04-2112]: Vlado Keselj | Tanja Keselj | Larisa Zlatic

Pdf Export Search Morphological Interfaces to Dictionaries
[W04-2113]: Michael Maxwell | William Poser

Pdf Export Search Rebuilding the Oxford Dictionary of English as a Semantic Network
[W04-2114]: James McCracken

Pdf Export Search Multiword Lexical Acquisition and Dictionary Formalization
[W04-2115]: Cristina Mota | Paula Carvalho | Elisabete Ranchhod

Pdf Export Search Empirical Acquisition of Differentiating Relations from Definitions
[W04-2116]: Tom O'Hara | Janyce Wiebe

Pdf Export Search Language Resources for a Network-based Dictionary
[W04-2117]: Veit Reuer

Pdf Export Search Identification, Quantitative Description, and Preliminary Distributional Analysis of German Particle Verbs
[W04-2118]: Sabine Schulte im Walde

Pdf Export Search Application Adaptive Electronic Dictionary with Intelligent Interface
[W04-2119]: Svetlana Sheremetyeva