Natalia Grabar | Marie Dupuch | Amandine Périnet | Thierry Hamon  
Avignon, France 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Workshop on Innovative Hybrid Approaches to the Processing of Textual Data
[W12-0500]: Natalia Grabar | Marie Dupuch | Amandine Périnet | Thierry Hamon

Pdf Export Search Experiments on Hybrid Corpus-Based Sentiment Lexicon Acquisition
[W12-0501]: Goran Glavaš | Jan Šnajder | Bojana Dalbelo Bašić

Pdf Export Search A Study of Hybrid Similarity Measures for Semantic Relation Extraction
[W12-0502]: Alexander Panchenko | Olga Morozova

Pdf Export Search Hybrid Combination of Constituency and Dependency Trees into an Ensemble Dependency Parser
[W12-0503]: Nathan Green | Zdeněk Žabokrtský

Pdf Export Search Describing Video Contents in Natural Language
[W12-0504]: Muhammad Usman Ghani Khan | Yoshihiko Gotoh

Pdf Export Search An Unsupervised and Data-Driven Approach for Spell Checking in Vietnamese OCR-scanned Texts
[W12-0505]: Cong Duy Vu Hoang | Ai Ti Aw

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Natural Language Processing
[W12-0506]: Rada Mihalcea

Pdf Export Search Contrasting Objective and Subjective Portuguese Texts from Heterogeneous Sources
[W12-0507]: Michel Généreux | William Martinez

Pdf Export Search A Joint Named Entity Recognition and Entity Linking System
[W12-0508]: Rosa Stern | Benoît Sagot | Frédéric Béchet

Pdf Export Search Collaborative Annotation of Dialogue Acts: Application of a New ISO Standard to the Switchboard Corpus
[W12-0509]: Alex C. Fang | Harry Bunt | Jing Cao | Xiaoyue Liu

Pdf Export Search Coupling Knowledge-Based and Data-Driven Systems for Named Entity Recognition
[W12-0510]: Damien Nouvel | Jean-Yves Antoine | Nathalie Friburger | Arnaud Soulet

Pdf Export Search A Random Forest System Combination Approach for Error Detection in Digital Dictionaries
[W12-0511]: Michael Bloodgood | Peng Ye | Paul Rodrigues | David Zajic | David Doermann

Pdf Export Search Methods Combination and ML-based Re-ranking of Multiple Hypothesis for Question-Answering Systems
[W12-0512]: Arnaud Grappy | Brigitte Grau | Sophie Rosset

Pdf Export Search A Generalised Hybrid Architecture for NLP
[W12-0513]: Alistair Willis | Hui Yang | Anne De Roeck

Pdf Export Search Incorporating Linguistic Knowledge in Statistical Machine Translation: Translating Prepositions
[W12-0514]: Reshef Shilon | Hanna Fadida | Shuly Wintner

Pdf Export Search Combining Different Summarization Techniques for Legal Text
[W12-0515]: Filippo Galgani | Paul Compton | Achim Hoffmann