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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Workshop on Multilingual Linguistic Resources

Pdf Export Search Multilinguality in ETAP-3: Reuse of Lexical Resources
[W04-2201]: Igor Boguslavsky | Leonid Iomdin | Victor Sizov

Pdf Export Search A Model for Fine-Grained Alignment of Multilingual Texts
[W04-2202]: Lea Cyrus | Hendrik Feddes

Pdf Export Search Qualitative Evaluation of Automatically Calculated Acception Based MLDB
[W04-2203]: Aree Teeraparbseree

Pdf Export Search Automatic Construction of a Transfer Dictionary Considering Directionality
[W04-2204]: Kyonghee Paik | Satoshi Shirai | Hiromi Nakaiwa

Pdf Export Search Building and Sharing Multilingual Speech Resources Using ERIM Generic Platforms
[W04-2205]: Georges Fafiotte

Pdf Export Search A Method of Creating New Bilingual Valency Entries using Alternations
[W04-2206]: Sanae Fujita | Francis Bond

Pdf Export Search Identifying Correspondences Between Words: an Approach Based on a Bilingual Syntactic Analysis of French/English Parallel Corpora
[W04-2207]: Sylwia Ozdowska

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Aligned Parallel Treebank Corpus Reflecting Contextual Information and Its Applications
[W04-2208]: Kiyotaka Uchimoto | Yujie Zhang | Kiyoshi Sudo | Masaki Murata | Satoshi Sekine | Hitoshi Isahara

Pdf Export Search JMdict: a Japanese-Multilingual Dictionary
[W04-2209]: Jim Breen

Pdf Export Search A Generic Collaborative Platform for Multilingual Lexical Database Development
[W04-2210]: Gilles Sérasset

Pdf Export Search Semi-Automatic Construction of Korean-Chinese Verb Patterns Based on Translation Equivalency
[W04-2211]: Munpyo Hong | Young-Kil Kim | Sang-Kyu Park | Young-Jik Lee

Pdf Export Search Bilingual Sign Language Dictionary to Learn the Second Sign Language without Learning a Target Spoken Language
[W04-2212]: Emiko Suzuki | Mariko Horikoshi | Kyoko Kakihana

Pdf Export Search Building Parallel Corpora for eContent Professionals
[W04-2213]: M. Gavrilidou | P. Labropoulou | E. Desipri | V. Giouli | V. Antonopoulos | S. Piperidis

Pdf Export Search Revising the Wordnet Domains Hierarchy: semantics, coverage and balancing
[W04-2214]: Luisa Bentivogli | Pamela Forner | Bernardo Magnini | Emanuele Pianta

Pdf Export Search PolyphraZ: a Tool for the Management of Parallel Corpora
[W04-2215]: Najeh Hajlaoui | Christian Boitet

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Text Induced Spelling Correction
[W04-2216]: Martin Reynaert