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Pdf Export Search Referring Phenomena in a Multimedia Context and their Computational Treatment

Pdf Export Search Integration and Synchronization of Input Modes during Multimodal Human-Computer Interaction
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Pdf Export Search Referring in Multimodal Systems: The Importance of User Expertise and System Features
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Pdf Export Search Hypertext and Deixis
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[W97-1406]: Michael Streit

Pdf Export Search Scene Direction Based Reference In Drama Scenes
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Pdf Export Search Generating Referential Descriptions in Multimedia Environments
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Pdf Export Search Exploiting Image Descriptions for the Generation of Referring Expressions
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Pdf Export Search Referring to Displays in Multimodal Interfaces
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Pdf Export Search A Syndetic Approach to Referring Phenomena in Multimodal Interaction
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Pdf Export Search The CARTOON project : Towards Integration of Multimodal and Linguistic Analysis for Cartographic Applications
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Pdf Export Search Recognition of referring expressions
[W97-1416]: Stig W. Jorgensen

Pdf Export Search Information on the ACL Special Interest Group on Multimedia Language Processing