Eneko Agirre | Johan Bos | Mona iab | Suresh Manandhar | Yuval Marton | Deniz Yuret  
7-8 June 
Montrèal, Canada 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search *SEM 2012: The First Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics – Volume 1: Proceedings of the main conference and the shared task, and Volume 2: Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation (SemEval 2012)
[S12-1000]: Eneko Agirre | Johan Bos | Mona iab | Suresh Manandhar | Yuval Marton | Deniz Yuret

Pdf Export Search Casting Implicit Role Linking as an Anaphora Resolution Task
[S12-1001]: Carina Silberer | Anette Frank

Pdf Export Search Adaptive Clustering for Coreference Resolution with Deterministic Rules and Web-Based Language Models
[S12-1002]: Razvan Bunescu

Pdf Export Search Measuring Semantic Relatedness using Multilingual Representations
[S12-1003]: Samer Hassan | Carmen Banea | Rada Mihalcea

Pdf Export Search Towards Building a Multilingual Semantic Network: Identifying Interlingual Links in Wikipedia
[S12-1004]: Bharath Dandala | Rada Mihalcea | Razvan Bunescu

Pdf Export Search Sentence Clustering via Projection over Term Clusters
[S12-1005]: Lili Kotlerman | Ido Dagan | Maya Gorodetsky | Ezra Daya

Pdf Export Search The Use of Granularity in Rhetorical Relation Prediction
[S12-1006]: Blake Howald | Martha Abramson

Pdf Export Search "Could you make me a favour and do coffee, please?": Implications for Automatic Error Correction in English and Dutch
[S12-1007]: Sophia Katrenko

Pdf Export Search Detecting Text Reuse with Modified and Weighted N-grams
[S12-1008]: Rao Muhammad Adeel Nawab | Mark Stevenson | Paul Clough

Pdf Export Search Statistical Thesaurus Construction for a Morphologically Rich Language
[S12-1009]: Chaya Liebeskind | Ido Dagan | Jonathan Schler

Pdf Export Search Sorting out the Most Confusing English Phrasal Verbs
[S12-1010]: Yuancheng Tu | Dan Roth

Pdf Export Search Learning Semantics and Selectional Preference of Adjective-Noun Pairs
[S12-1011]: Karl Moritz Hermann | Chris Dyer | Phil Blunsom | Stephen Pulman

Pdf Export Search Identifying hypernyms in distributional semantic spaces
[S12-1012]: Alessandro Lenci | Giulia Benotto

Pdf Export Search Towards a Flexible Semantics: Colour Terms in Collaborative Reference Tasks
[S12-1013]: Bert Baumgaertner | Raquel Fernandez | Matthew Stone

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Disambiguation of Image Captions
[S12-1014]: Wesley May | Sanja Fidler | Afsaneh Fazly | Sven Dickinson | Suzanne Stevenson

Pdf Export Search Lexical semantic typologies from bilingual corpora — A framework
[S12-1015]: Steffen Eger

Pdf Export Search Non-atomic Classification to Improve a Semantic Role Labeler for a Low-resource Language
[S12-1016]: Richard Johansson

Pdf Export Search Combining resources for MWE-token classification
[S12-1017]: Richard Fothergill | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Annotating Preferences in Negotiation Dialogues
[S12-1018]: Anais Cadilhac | Nicholas Asher | Farah Benamara

Pdf Export Search Selecting Corpus-Semantic Models for Neurolinguistic Decoding
[S12-1019]: Brian Murphy | Partha Talukdar | Tom Mitchell

Pdf Export Search Simple and Phrasal Implicatives
[S12-1020]: Lauri Karttunen

Pdf Export Search An Unsupervised Ranking Model for Noun-Noun Compositionality
[S12-1021]: Karl Moritz Hermann | Phil Blunsom | Stephen Pulman

Pdf Export Search Expanding the Range of Tractable Scope-Underspecified Semantic Representations
[S12-1022]: Mehdi Manshadi | James Allen

Pdf Export Search Regular polysemy: A distributional model
[S12-1023]: Gemma Boleda | Sebastian Padó | Jason Utt

Pdf Export Search Extracting a Semantic Lexicon of French Adjectives from a Large Lexicographic Dictionary
[S12-1024]: Selja Seppälä | Lucie Barque | Alexis Nasr

Pdf Export Search Modelling selectional preferences in a lexical hierarchy
[S12-1025]: Diarmuid Ó Sèaghdha | Anna Korhonen

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Induction of a Syntax-Semantics Lexicon Using Iterative Refinement
[S12-1026]: Hagen Fürstenau | Owen Rambow

Pdf Export Search An Evaluation of Graded Sense Disambiguation using Word Sense Induction
[S12-1027]: David Jurgens

Pdf Export Search Ensemble-based Semantic Lexicon Induction for Semantic Tagging
[S12-1028]: Ashequl Qadir | Ellen Riloff

Pdf Export Search An Exact Dual Decomposition Algorithm for Shallow Semantic Parsing with Constraints
[S12-1029]: Dipanjan Das | Andrè F. T. Martins | Noah A. Smith

Pdf Export Search Aligning Predicate Argument Structures in Monolingual Comparable Texts: A New Corpus for a New Task
[S12-1030]: Michael Roth | Anette Frank

Pdf Export Search The Effects of Semantic Annotations on Precision Parse Ranking
[S12-1031]: Andrew MacKinlay | Rebecca Dridan | Diana McCarthy | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search A Probabilistic Lexical Model for Ranking Textual Inferences
[S12-1032]: Eyal Shnarch | Ido Dagan | Jacob Goldberger

Pdf Export Search #Emotional Tweets
[S12-1033]: Saif Mohammad

Pdf Export Search Monolingual Distributional Similarity for Text-to-Text Generation
[S12-1034]: Juri Ganitkevitch | Benjamin Van Durme | Chris Callison-Burch

Pdf Export Search *SEM 2012 Shared Task: Resolving the Scope and Focus of Negation
[S12-1035]: Roser Morante | Eduardo Blanco

Pdf Export Search UABCoRAL: A Preliminary study for Resolving the Scope of Negation
[S12-1036]: Binod Gyawali | Thamar Solorio

Pdf Export Search UCM-I: A Rule-based Syntactic Approach for Resolving the Scope of Negation
[S12-1037]: Jorge Carrillo de Albornoz | Laura Plaza | Alberto Dìaz | Miguel Ballesteros

Pdf Export Search UCM-2: a Rule-Based Approach to Infer the Scope of Negation via Dependency Parsing
[S12-1038]: Miguel Ballesteros | Alberto Dìaz | Virginia Francisco | Pablo Gervás | Jorge Carrillo de Albornoz | Laura Plaza

Pdf Export Search UConcordia: CLaC Negation Focus Detection at *Sem 2012
[S12-1039]: Sabine Rosenberg | Sabine Bergler

Pdf Export Search UGroningen: Negation detection with Discourse Representation Structures
[S12-1040]: Valerio Basile | Johan Bos | Kilian Evang | Noortje Venhuizen

Pdf Export Search UiO1: Constituent-Based Discriminative Ranking for Negation Resolution
[S12-1041]: Jonathon Read | Erik Velldal | Lilja Øvrelid | Stephan Oepen

Pdf Export Search UiO 2: Sequence-labeling Negation Using Dependency Features
[S12-1042]: Emanuele Lapponi | Erik Velldal | Lilja Øvrelid | Jonathon Read

Pdf Export Search UMichigan: A Conditional Random Field Model for Resolving the Scope of Negation
[S12-1043]: Amjad Abu Jbara | Dragomir Radev

Pdf Export Search UWashington: Negation Resolution using Machine Learning Methods
[S12-1044]: James Paul White

Pdf Export Search FBK: Exploiting Phrasal and Contextual Clues for Negation Scope Detection
[S12-1045]: Md. Faisal Mahbub Chowdhury

Pdf Export Search SemEval-2012 Task 1: English Lexical Simplification
[S12-1046]: Lucia Specia | Sujay Kumar Jauhar | Rada Mihalcea

Pdf Export Search SemEval-2012 Task 2: Measuring Degrees of Relational Similarity
[S12-1047]: David Jurgens | Saif Mohammad | Peter Turney | Keith Holyoak

Pdf Export Search SemEval-2012 Task 3: Spatial Role Labeling
[S12-1048]: parisa kordjamshidi | steven bethard | Marie-Francine Moens

Pdf Export Search SemEval-2012 Task 4: Evaluating Chinese Word Similarity
[S12-1049]: Peng Jin | Yunfang Wu

Pdf Export Search SemEval-2012 Task 5: Chinese Semantic Dependency Parsing
[S12-1050]: Wanxiang Che | Meishan Zhang | Yanqiu Shao | Ting Liu

Pdf Export Search SemEval-2012 Task 6: A Pilot on Semantic Textual Similarity
[S12-1051]: Eneko Agirre | Daniel Cer | Mona Diab | Aitor Gonzalez-Agirre

Pdf Export Search SemEval-2012 Task 7: Choice of Plausible Alternatives: An Evaluation of Commonsense Causal Reasoning
[S12-1052]: Andrew Gordon | Zornitsa Kozareva | Melissa Roemmele

Pdf Export Search Semeval-2012 Task 8: Cross-lingual Textual Entailment for Content Synchronization
[S12-1053]: Matteo Negri | Alessandro Marchetti | Yashar Mehdad | Luisa Bentivogli | Danilo Giampiccolo

Pdf Export Search EMNLP@CPH: Is frequency all there is to simplicity?
[S12-1054]: Anders Johannsen | Hèctor Martìnez | Sigrid Klerke | Anders Søgaard

Pdf Export Search UTD: Determining Relational Similarity Using Lexical Patterns
[S12-1055]: Bryan Rink | Sanda Harabagiu

Pdf Export Search UTD-SpRL: A Joint Approach to Spatial Role Labeling
[S12-1056]: Kirk Roberts | Sanda Harabagiu

Pdf Export Search MIXCD: System Description for Evaluating Chinese Word Similarity at SemEval-2012
[S12-1057]: Yingjie Zhang | Bin Li | Xinyu Dai | Jiajun Chen

Pdf Export Search Zhijun Wu: Chinese Semantic Dependency Parsing with Third-Order Features
[S12-1058]: Zhijun Wu | Xuan Wang | Xinxin Li

Pdf Export Search UKP: Computing Semantic Textual Similarity by Combining Multiple Content Similarity Measures
[S12-1059]: Daniel Bär | Chris Biemann | Iryna Gurevych | Torsten Zesch

Pdf Export Search TakeLab: Systems for Measuring Semantic Text Similarity
[S12-1060]: Frane Šarić | Goran Glavaš | Mladen Karan | Jan Šnajder | Bojana Dalbelo Bašić

Pdf Export Search Soft Cardinality: A Parameterized Similarity Function for Text Comparison
[S12-1061]: Sergio Jimenez | Claudia Becerra | Alexander Gelbukh

Pdf Export Search UNED: Improving Text Similarity Measures without Human Assessments
[S12-1062]: Enrique Amigó | Jesus Gimenez | Julio Gonzalo | Felisa Verdejo

Pdf Export Search UTDHLT: COPACETIC System for Choosing Plausible Alternatives
[S12-1063]: Travis Goodwin | Bryan Rink | Kirk Roberts | Sanda Harabagiu

Pdf Export Search HDU: Cross-lingual Textual Entailment with SMT Features
[S12-1064]: Katharina Wäschle | Sascha Fendrich

Pdf Export Search UAlacant: Using Online Machine Translation for Cross-Lingual Textual Entailment
[S12-1065]: Miquel Esplà-Gomis | Felipe Sánchez-Martìnez | Mikel L. Forcada

Pdf Export Search UOW-SHEF: SimpLex – Lexical Simplicity Ranking based on Contextual and Psycholinguistic Features
[S12-1066]: Sujay Kumar Jauhar | Lucia Specia

Pdf Export Search SB: mmSystem - Using Decompositional Semantics for Lexical Simplification
[S12-1067]: Marilisa Amoia | Massimo Romanelli

Pdf Export Search ANNLOR: A Naïve Notation-system for Lexical Outputs Ranking
[S12-1068]: Anne-Laure Ligozat | Cyril Grouin | Anne Garcia-Fernandez | Delphine Bernhard

Pdf Export Search UNT-SimpRank: Systems for Lexical Simplification Ranking
[S12-1069]: Ravi Sinha

Pdf Export Search Duluth : Measuring Degrees of Relational Similarity with the Gloss Vector Measure of Semantic Relatedness
[S12-1070]: Ted Pedersen

Pdf Export Search BUAP: A First Approximation to Relational Similarity Measuring
[S12-1071]: Mireya Tovar | J. Alejandro Reyes | Azucena Montes | Darnes Vilariño | David Pinto | Saul León

Pdf Export Search Zhou qiaoli: A divide-and-conquer strategy for semantic dependency parsing
[S12-1072]: zhou qiaoli | zhang ling | liu fei | cai dongfeng | zhang guiping

Pdf Export Search ICT:A System Combination for Chinese Semantic Dependency Parsing
[S12-1073]: Hao Xiong | Qun Liu

Pdf Export Search NJU-Parser: Achievements on Semantic Dependency Parsing
[S12-1074]: Guangchao Tang | Bin Li | Shuaishuai Xu | Xinyu Dai | Jiajun Chen

Pdf Export Search PolyUCOMP: Combining Semantic Vectors with Skip bigrams for Semantic Textual Similarity
[S12-1075]: Jian Xu | Qin Lu | Zhengzhong Liu

Pdf Export Search ETS: Discriminative Edit Models for Paraphrase Scoring
[S12-1076]: Michael Heilman | Nitin Madnani

Pdf Export Search Sbdlrhmn: A Rule-based Human Interpretation System for Semantic Textual Similarity Task
[S12-1077]: Samir AbdelRahman | Catherine Blake

Pdf Export Search LIMSI: Learning Semantic Similarity by Selecting Random Word Subsets
[S12-1078]: Artem Sokolov

Pdf Export Search ATA-Sem: Chunk-based Determination of Semantic Text Similarity
[S12-1079]: Demetrios Glinos

Pdf Export Search IRIT: Textual Similarity Combining Conceptual Similarity with an N-Gram Comparison Method
[S12-1080]: Davide Buscaldi | Ronan Tournier | Nathalie Aussenac-Gilles | Josiane Mothe

Pdf rev Pdf Export Search DSS: Text Similarity Using Lexical Alignments of Form, Distributional Semantics and Grammatical Relations
[S12-1081]: Diana McCarthy | Spandana Gella | Siva Reddy

Pdf Export Search DeepPurple: Estimating Sentence Semantic Similarity using N-gram Regression Models and Web Snippets
[S12-1082]: NIkos Malandrakis | Elias Iosif | Alexandros Potamianos

Pdf Export Search JU_CSE_NLP: Multi-grade Classification of Semantic Similarity between Text Pairs
[S12-1083]: Snehasis Neogi | Partha Pakray | Sivaji Bandyopadhyay | Alexander Gelbukh

Pdf Export Search Tiantianzhu7:System Description of Semantic Textual Similarity (STS) in the SemEval-2012 (Task 6)
[S12-1084]: Zhu Tiantian | Lan Man

Pdf Export Search sranjans : Semantic Textual Similarity using Maximal Weighted Bipartite Graph Matching
[S12-1085]: Sumit Bhagwani | Shrutiranjan Satapathy | Harish Karnick

Pdf Export Search Weiwei: A Simple Unsupervised Latent Semantics based Approach for Sentence Similarity
[S12-1086]: Weiwei Guo | Mona Diab

Pdf Export Search UNIBA: Distributional Semantics for Textual Similarity
[S12-1087]: Annalina Caputo | Pierpaolo Basile | Giovanni Semeraro

Pdf Export Search UNITOR: Combining Semantic Text Similarity functions through SV Regression
[S12-1088]: Danilo Croce | Paolo Annesi | Valerio Storch | Roberto Basili

Pdf Export Search Saarland: Vector-based models of semantic textual similarity
[S12-1089]: Georgiana Dinu | Stefan Thater

Pdf Export Search UMCC_DLSI: Multidimensional Lexical-Semantic Textual Similarity
[S12-1090]: Antonio Fernández | Yoan Gutièrrez | Hèctor Dávila | Alexander Chávez | Andy González | Rainel Estrada | Yenier Castañeda | Sonia Vázquez | Andrès Montoyo | Rafael Muñoz

Pdf Export Search SRIUBC: Simple Similarity Features for Semantic Textual Similarity
[S12-1091]: Eric Yeh | Eneko Agirre

Pdf Export Search FBK: Machine Translation Evaluation and Word Similarity metrics for Semantic Textual Similarity
[S12-1092]: Josè Guilherme Camargo de Souza | Matteo Negri | Yashar Mehdad

Pdf Export Search FCC: Three Approaches for Semantic Textual Similarity
[S12-1093]: Maya Carrillo | Darnes Vilariño | David Pinto | Mireya Tovar | Saul León | Esteban Castillo

Pdf Export Search UNT: A Supervised Synergistic Approach to Semantic Text Similarity
[S12-1094]: Carmen Banea | Samer Hassan | Michael Mohler | Rada Mihalcea

Pdf Export Search DERI&UPM: Pushing Corpus Based Relatedness to Similarity: Shared Task System Description
[S12-1095]: Nitish Aggarwal | Kartik Asooja | Paul Buitelaar

Pdf Export Search Stanford: Probabilistic Edit Distance Metrics for STS
[S12-1096]: Mengqiu Wang | Daniel Cer

Pdf Export Search University_Of_Sheffield: Two Approaches to Semantic Text Similarity
[S12-1097]: Sam Biggins | Shaabi Mohammed | Sam Oakley | Luke Stringer | Mark Stevenson | Judita Preiss

Pdf Export Search janardhan: Semantic Textual Similarity using Universal Networking Language graph matching
[S12-1098]: Janardhan Singh | Arindam Bhattacharya | Pushpak Bhattacharyya

Pdf Export Search SAGAN: An approach to Semantic Textual Similarity based on Textual Entailment
[S12-1099]: Julio Castillo | Paula Estrella

Pdf Export Search UOW: Semantically Informed Text Similarity
[S12-1100]: Miguel Rios | Wilker Aziz | Lucia Specia

Pdf Export Search Penn: Using Word Similarities to better Estimate Sentence Similarity
[S12-1101]: Sneha Jha | Hansen A. Schwartz | Lyle Ungar

Pdf Export Search Soft Cardinality + ML: Learning Adaptive Similarity Functions for Cross-lingual Textual Entailment
[S12-1102]: Sergio Jimenez | Claudia Becerra | Alexander Gelbukh

Pdf Export Search JU_CSE_NLP: Language Independent Cross-lingual Textual Entailment System
[S12-1103]: Snehasis Neogi | Partha Pakray | Sivaji Bandyopadhyay | Alexander Gelbukh

Pdf Export Search CELI: An Experiment with Cross Language Textual Entailment
[S12-1104]: Milen Kouylekov | Luca Dini | Alessio Bosca | Marco Trevisan

Pdf Export Search FBK: Cross-Lingual Textual Entailment Without Translation
[S12-1105]: Yashar Mehdad | Matteo Negri | Jose Guilherme C. de Souza

Pdf Export Search BUAP: Lexical and Semantic Similarity for Cross-lingual Textual Entailment
[S12-1106]: Darnes Vilariño | David Pinto | Mireya Tovar | Saul León | Esteban Castillo

Pdf Export Search DirRelCond3: Detecting Textual Entailment Across Languages With Conditions On Directional Text Relatedness Scores
[S12-1107]: Alpar Perini

Pdf Export Search ICT: A Translation based Method for Cross-lingual Textual Entailment
[S12-1108]: Fandong Meng | Hao Xiong | Qun Liu

Pdf Export Search SAGAN: A Machine Translation Approach for Cross-Lingual Textual Entailment
[S12-1109]: Julio Castillo | Marina Cardenas