Johan Bos | Rodolfo Delmonte  
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Pdf Export Search Semantics in Text Processing. STEP 2008 Conference Proceedings
[W08-2200]: Johan Bos | Rodolfo Delmonte

Pdf Export Search A New Life for Semantic Annotations?
[W08-2201]: Harry Bunt

Pdf Export Search Combining Knowledge-based Methods and Supervised Learning for Effective Italian Word Sense Disambiguation
[W08-2202]: Pierpaolo Basile | Marco de Gemmis | Pasquale Lops | Giovanni Semeraro

Pdf Export Search Semantic Representations of Syntactically Marked Discourse Status in Crosslinguistic Perspective
[W08-2203]: Emily M. Bender | David Goss-Grubbs

Pdf Export Search High Precision Analysis of NPs with a Deep Processing Grammar
[W08-2204]: Antonio Branco | Francisco Costa

Pdf Export Search Augmenting WordNet for Deep Understanding of Text
[W08-2205]: Peter Clark | Christiane Fellbaum | Jerry R. Hobbs | Phil Harrison | William R. Murray | John Thompson

Pdf Export Search How Well Do Semantic Relatedness Measures Perform? A Meta-Study
[W08-2206]: Irene Cramer

Pdf Export Search KnowNet: A Proposal for Building Highly Connected and Dense Knowledge Bases from the Web
[W08-2207]: Montse Cuadros | German Rigau

Pdf Export Search Combining Word Sense and Usage for Modeling Frame Semantics
[W08-2208]: Diego De Cao | Danilo Croce | Marco Pennacchiotti | Roberto Basili

Pdf Export Search Answering Why-Questions in Closed Domains from a Discourse Model
[W08-2209]: Rodolfo Delmonte | Emanuele Pianta

Pdf Export Search Analyzing the Explanation Structure of Procedural Texts: Dealing with Advice and Warnings
[W08-2210]: Lionel Fontan | Patrick Saint-Dizier

Pdf Export Search From Predicting Predominant Senses to Local Context for Word Sense Disambiguation
[W08-2211]: Rob Koeling | Diana McCarthy

Pdf Export Search Automatic Fine-Grained Semantic Classification for Domain Adaptation
[W08-2212]: Maria Liakata | Stephen Pulman

Pdf Export Search Analysis of ASL Motion Capture Data towards Identification of Verb Type
[W08-2213]: Evguenia Malaia | John Borneman | Ronnie B. Wilbur

Pdf Export Search The Idiom-Reference Connection
[W08-2214]: Marjorie McShane | Sergei Nirenburg

Pdf Export Search Resolving Paraphrases to Support Modeling Language Perception in an Intelligent Agent
[W08-2215]: Sergei Nirenburg | Marjorie McShane | Stephen Beale

Pdf Export Search Everyday Language is Highly Intensional
[W08-2216]: Allan Ramsay | Debora Field

Pdf Export Search Refining the Meaning of Sense Labels in PDTB: ``Concession''
[W08-2217]: Livio Robaldo | Eleni Miltsakaki | Jerry R. Hobbs

Pdf Export Search Connective-based Local Coherence Analysis: A Lexicon for Recognizing Causal Relationships
[W08-2218]: Manfred Stede

Pdf Export Search Open Knowledge Extraction through Compositional Language Processing
[W08-2219]: Benjamin Van Durme | Lenhart Schubert

Pdf Export Search Introduction to the Shared Task on Comparing Semantic Representations
[W08-2220]: Johan Bos

Pdf Export Search Boeing's NLP System and the Challenges of Semantic Representation
[W08-2221]: Peter Clark | Phil Harrison

Pdf Export Search Wide-Coverage Semantic Analysis with Boxer
[W08-2222]: Johan Bos

Pdf Export Search Semantic and Pragmatic Computing with GETARUNS
[W08-2223]: Rodolfo Delmonte

Pdf Export Search LXGram in the Shared Task ``Comparing Semantic Representations'' of STEP 2008
[W08-2224]: Antonio Branco | Francisco Costa

Pdf Export Search Baseline Evaluation of WSD and Semantic Dependency in OntoSem
[W08-2225]: Sergei Nirenburg | Stephen Beale | Marjorie McShane

Pdf Export Search The TextCap Semantic Interpreter
[W08-2226]: Charles B. Callaway

Pdf Export Search Deep Semantic Analysis of Text
[W08-2227]: James F. Allen | Mary Swift | Will de Beaumont

Pdf Export Search Textual Entailment as an Evaluation Framework for Metaphor Resolution: A Proposal
[W08-2228]: Rodrigo Agerri | John Barnden | Mark Lee | Alan Wallington

Pdf Export Search Representing and Visualizing Calendar Expressions in Texts
[W08-2229]: Delphine Battistelli | Javier Couto | Jean-Luc Minel | Sylviane R. Schwer

Pdf Export Search Addressing the Resource Bottleneck to Create Large-Scale Annotated Texts
[W08-2230]: Jon Chamberlain | Massimo Poesio | Udo Kruschwitz

Pdf Export Search A Resource-Poor Approach for Linking Ontology Classes to Wikipedia Articles
[W08-2231]: Nils Reiter | Matthias Hartung | Anette Frank

Pdf Export Search Top-Down Cohesion Segmentation in Summarization
[W08-2232]: Doina Tatar | Andreea Diana Mihis | Gabriela Serban