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Pdf Export Search Sixth Workshop on Very Large Corpora

Pdf Export Search Bayesian Stratified Sampling to Assess Corpus Utility
[W98-1101]: Judith Hochberg | Clint Scovel | Timothy Thomas | Sam Hall

Pdf Export Search Encoding Linguistic Corpora
[W98-1102]: Nancy ID

Pdf Export Search Using a Probabilistic Translation Model for Cross-Language Information Retrieval
[W98-1103]: Jian-Yun Nie | Pierre Isabelle | George Foster

Pdf Export Search Using Suffix Arrays to Compute Term Frequency and Document Frequency for All Substrings in a Corpus
[W98-1104]: Mikio Yamamoto | Kenneth W. Church

Pdf Export Search Semantic Tagging using a Probabilistic Context Free Grammar
[W98-1105]: Michael Collins | Scott Miller

Pdf Export Search An Empirical Approach to Conceptual Case Frame Acquisition
[W98-1106]: Ellen Riloff | Mark Schmelzenbach

Pdf Export Search Semantic Lexicon Acquisition for Learning Natural Language Interfaces
[W98-1107]: Cynthia A. Thompson | Raymond J. Mooney

Pdf Export Search The Effect of Topological Structure on Hierarchical Text Categorization
[W98-1108]: Stephen D'Alessio | Keith Murray | Robert Schiaffino | Aaron Kershenbaum

Pdf Export Search Refining the Automatic Identification of Conceptual Relations in Large-scale Corpora
[W98-1109]: Alex Collier | Mike Pacey | Antoinette Renouf

Pdf Export Search Generalized unknown morpheme guessing for hybrid POS tagging of Korean
[W98-1110]: Jeongwon Cha | Geunbae Lee | Jong-Hyeok Lee

Pdf Export Search Language Identification With Confidence Limits
[W98-1111]: David Elworthy

Pdf Export Search Aligning tagged bitexts
[W98-1112]: Raquel Martinez | Joseba Abaitua | Arantza Casillas

Pdf Export Search Towards Unsupervised Extraction of Verb Paradigms from Large Corpora
[W98-1113]: Cornelia H. Parkes | Alexander M. Malek | Mitchell P. Marcus

Pdf Export Search Can Subcategorisation Probabilities Help a Statistical Parser
[W98-1114]: John Carroll | Guido Minnen | Ted Briscoe

Pdf Export Search Edge-Based Best-First Chart Parsing
[W98-1115]: Eugene Charniak | Sharon Goldwater | Mark Johnson

Pdf Export Search What grammars tell us about corpora: the case of reduced relative clauses
[W98-1116]: Paola Merlo | Suzanne Stevenson

Pdf Export Search A Maximum-Entropy Partial Parser for Unrestricted Text
[W98-1117]: Wojciech Skut | Thorsten Brants

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Diverse Knowledge Sources via Maximum Entropy in Named Entity Recognition
[W98-1118]: Andrew Borthwick | John Sterling | Eugene Agichtein | Ralph Grishman

Pdf Export Search A Statistical Approach to Anaphora Resolution
[W98-1119]: Niyu Ge | John Hale | Eugene Charniak

Pdf Export Search A Decision Tree Method for Finding and Classifying Names in Japanese Texts
[W98-1120]: Satoshi Sekine | Ralph Grishman | Hiroyuki Shinnou

Pdf Export Search POS Tagging versus Classes in Language Modeling
[W98-1121]: Peter A. Heeman

Pdf Export Search Automatic Acquisition of Phrase Grammars for Stochastic Language Modeling
[W98-1122]: Giuseppe Riccardi | Srinivas Bangalore

Pdf Export Search Linear Segmentation and Segment Significance
[W98-1123]: Min-Yen Kan | Judith L. Klavans | Kathleen R. McKeown

Pdf Export Search Improving summarization through rhetorical parsing tuning
[W98-1124]: Daniel Marc

Pdf Export Search Discourse Parsing: A Decision Tree Approach
[W98-1125]: Tadashi Nomoto | Yuji Matsumoto

Pdf Export Search Mapping Collocational Properties into Machine Learning Features
[W98-1126]: Janyce M. Wiebet | Kenneth J. McKeever | Rebecca F. Bruce