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Pdf Export Search Spoken Language Translation

Pdf Export Search Discourse particles and routine formulas in spoken language translation
[W97-0401]: Manfred Stede | Birte Schmitz

Pdf Export Search A Dialogue Analysis Model with Statistical Speech Act Processing for Dialogue Machine Translation
[W97-0402]: J ae-won Lee | Gil Chang Kim

Pdf Export Search Towards Translating Spoken Language Pragmatics in an Analogical Framework
[W97-0403]: Keiko Horiguchi

Pdf Export Search Correct parts extraction from speech recognition results using semantic distance calculation, and its application to speech translation
[W97-0404]: Yumi WAKITA | Jun KAWAI

Pdf Export Search A Formal Basis for Spoken Language Translation by Analogy
[W97-0405]: Keiko Horiguchi

Pdf Export Search Dealing with Multilinguality in a Spoken Language Query Translator
[W97-0406]: Pascale Fung | Bertram Shi | Dekai Wu | Lain Wai Bun | Wong Shuen Kong

Pdf Export Search Using Categories in the EUTRANS System
[W97-0407]: J. C. Amengual | J. M. Benedi | A. Castellanos | D. Llorens | E. Vidal

Pdf Export Search English-to-Mandarin Speech Translation with Head Transducers
[W97-0408]: Hiyan Alshawi

Pdf Export Search Interactive Speech Translation in the DIPLOMAT Project
[W97-0409]: Robert Frederking | Alexander Rudnicky | Christopher Hogan

Pdf Export Search Expanding the Domain of a Multi-lingual Speech-to-Speech Translation System
[W97-0410]: Alon Lavie | Lori Levin | Puming Zhan | Maite Taboada | Donna Gates | Mirella Lapata | Cortis Clark | Matthew Broadhead | Alex Waibel

Pdf Export Search Translation Methodology in the Spoken Language Translator: An Evaluation
[W97-0411]: David Carter | Ralph Becket | Manny Rayner | Robert Eklund | Catriona MacDermid | Mats Wirdn | Sabine Kirchmeier-Andersen | Christina Philp

Pdf Export Search Six Issues in Speech Translation
[W97-0412]: Mark Seligman

Pdf Export Search Combining Situated Reasoning with Semantic Transfer Minimally
[W97-0413]: Tsutomu Fujinami

Pdf Export Search A Polish-to-English Text-to-text Translation System Based on an Electronic Dictionary
[W97-0414]: Krzysztof Jassem

Pdf Export Search Spoken Language Translation with the ITSVox System
[W97-0415]: Eric Wehrli | Jean-Luc Cochard