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Pdf Export Search Text Summarization Branches Out

Pdf Export Search Invited Lecture: Narrative Summarization

Pdf Export Search Extending Document Summarization to Information Graphics
[W04-1002]: Sandra Carberry | Stephanie Elzer | Nancy Green | Kathleen McCoy | Daniel Chester

Pdf Export Search The Effects of Human Variation in DUC Summarization Evaluation
[W04-1003]: Donna Harman | Paul Over

Pdf Export Search Paragraph-, Word- and Coherence-Based Approaches to Sentence Ranking: A Comparison of Algorithm and Human Performance
[W04-1004]: Florian Wolf | Edward Gibson

Pdf Export Search Vocabulary Usage in Newswire Summaries
[W04-1005]: Terry Copeck | Stan Szpakowicz

Pdf Export Search Legal Text Summarization by Exploration of the Thematic Structure and Argumentative Roles
[W04-1006]: Atefeh Farzindar | Guy Lapalme

Pdf Export Search A Rhetorical Status Classifier for Legal Text Summarisation
[W04-1007]: Ben Hachey | Claire Grover

Pdf Export Search Task-Focused Summarization of Email
[W04-1008]: Simon Corston-Oliver | Eric Ringger | Michael Gamon | Richard Campbell

Pdf Export Search Hybrid Text Summarization: Combining External Relevance Measures with Structural Analysis
[W04-1009]: Gian Lorenzo Thione | Martin Van den Berg | Livia Polanyi | Chris Culy

Pdf Export Search Template-Filtered Headline Summarization
[W04-1010]: Liang Zhou | Eduard Hovy

Pdf Export Search Handling Figures in Document Summarization
[W04-1011]: Robert P. Futrelle

Pdf Export Search Automatic Evaluation of Summaries Using Document Graphs
[W04-1012]: Eugen Santos Jr. | Ahmed A. Mohamed | Qunhua Zhao

Pdf Export Search ROUGE: A Package for Automatic Evaluation of Summaries
[W04-1013]: Chin-Yew Lin

Pdf Export Search Evaluation Measures Considering Sentence Concatenation for Automatic Summarization by Sentence or Word Extraction
[W04-1014]: Chiori Hori | Tsutomu Hirao | Hideki Isozaki

Pdf Export Search Sentence Compression for Automated Subtitling: A Hybrid Approach
[W04-1015]: Vincent Vandeghinste | Yi Pan

Pdf Export Search Generic Sentence Fusion is an Ill-Defined Summarization Task
[W04-1016]: Hal Daume III | Daniel Marcu

Pdf Export Search Event-Based Extractive Summarization
[W04-1017]: Elena Filatova | Vasileios Hatzivassiloglou

Pdf Export Search Chinese Text Summarization Based on Thematic Area Detection
[W04-1018]: Po Hu | Tingting He | Donghong Ji